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Kerry Blue KBTC Of E Open November 11

KC Breed Standard

KBTC Of E Open November 11



Kerry Blue Terrier Club of England Open Show 5th November 2011
Monkton Recreation Centre, Pinfold Lane, Penkridge, Staffordshire.

BD & BIS Linsdell Kebulak Jailhouse Rock
RBD & RBIS Clarke-O’Neill, Lemracdream the Navigator
BB Dale & Cooper Lynsto Sapphire Blu
RBB BPIS Rasmay, Irisblu Boston Rose at Torum

Many thanks to the committee who invited me to judge, and the exhibitors who entered and travelled to the show, which I know these days is a great expense especially for an open show. Also thank you to Angela Johnston who kept me right with faultless stewarding skills.

New members D/B (1:1)

1st O’Rourke Kebulak Rockin Robin, Dog 21mths Nice head with lovely ear carriage, good length of neck leading to well placed shoulders. Tail on top and carried well, Coat silky with some colour beginning to show, movement initially a bit erratic but did settle and was better in later classes.

Veteran D/B (2:1)

1st Adamsons Adabelle Blue Laurel, Dog 7.5 yrs nice coat adn colour, his ear carriage not his fortune, however a happy boy today his tail never stopped wagging on the move, nice steady pace and movement.

Junior Dog (1:1)

1st Clarke-O’Neill, Lemracdream the Navigator, 13mths, neat head, with great expression, leading into a nice neck and shoulders, short back with good rib, tail carried on top. Moved a bit close behind. RBD, RBIS today lost out on maturity and rear movement on the day.

PostGrad Dog (2:1)

1st O’Rourke Kebulak Rockin Robin

Limit Dog (3:2)

1st Linsdell Kebulak Jailhouse Rock, 21mths Great coat and colour, lovely head with neat earsand keen expression, balanced overall, moved well when settled . BD, BIS.

2nd Adamsons Adabelle Blue Laurel

Open Dog (2:1)

1st Carvey and Davani Ch Arkarma Pinball Wizard at Philwyre, 6yrs, up to size for me, nice coat and colour, nice head, but didn’t use ears at all on the move. Nice neck and shoulders, good rib, moved ok both ways.

Minor Puppy Bitch (1:1)

1st Rasmay, Irisblu Boston Rose at Torum at 8.5mths. A bit giddy on the move but did settle, lovely head and ears which made her expression, nice dentition, good neck and shoulders, tail carried well, lovely silky coat. RBB, BPB, BPIS

Post Grad Bitch(1:1)

1st Dale & Cooper Lynsto Sapphire Blu, 20mths, nice head but her expression spoiled by ear carriage, need to be closer to her head , nice neck and shoulders into a short back, tail carriage ok but could be used better on the move. BB purely on maturity on the day. BOS.

Louise Neen

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