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Atticus has been found.  Atticus is a young Manchester who went missing in the Didsbury area of Manchester on the 4th July.  There were one or two sightings of him in the first week or two and then nothing for months.  All the lost dog organisations flooded the area with pictures and appeals.  Friends and family searched.  Then on the 1st December a man took a Manchester into a local branch of the PDSA to get him microchipped.  The inestimably good and efficient PDSA staff first scanned him for an existing microchip before implanting one.  They found that he already had one and that he had been reported missing.  The man who had brought him in said that he had bought him from another man in the pub. He is now back home with his owner Gabrielle.  He recognised her immediately when she went to collect him.   Lesley Olbison broadcast the good news on the BMTC Facebook page and it must have nearly choked up the system because at the last count 84 messages have arrived from all over the world and there are many more on the World Wide MT site and even the ETT site. 

This will probably be the last Breed Notes that I write.  I took over from the late George Candling in 1985.  He said that I must try to write something every week as the Breed Notes were about the only way apart from the show ring that fanciers of the breed kept in touch and heard about the breed.  That was the days before the internet and email, which makes me feel ancient.  I hope that I have done that.  Sue Pinkham has kindly agreed to take over from me.  Thank you to everyone who reads the Notes and has sent in news over the years.  Thank you too to Dog World for allowing me to have the space on your pages.

[Tony - I am attaching Breed Notes. In them you will see that I am giving up writing the Notes Thank you so much for allowing me to use your page to publish them. It makes writing them worth while because so many people all over the world see them.

I hope that Sue will continue to post hers to you. that is of course if you would like that.Ella.]

{Terrier World would like to thank Ella for the interesting well written Notes that have been my pleasure to publish. Thirty years is a long time as a Breed Writer. In the time that Ella has been sending Terrier World her notes I have always found them informative and enlightening. Moreover, there was always an image attached to go with her Notes. Well done Ella and thank you for all of your contributions.}

Manchester Terrier

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BREED NOTES – 29TH November 2015.

Manchesters have had some lovely wins in the show ring both here and abroad. Ike van de Posthoornwieke handled by Ruud Bergstom went BOB at the National Terrier speciality in Germany and then he went on to be BIS, out of an entry of 215 dogs entered. The breed judge was Peter Harsanyi from Hungary and then a panel of three judges chose BIS, from Austria and Hungary. That is a pretty fantastic win by any standards, but on the Continent the breed is even less well known than it is here it is a triumph.

There was a good entry for Lesley Olbinson (Carapast) at West Midland Terrier and out of them all she made the Harrison’s Magpiebank Ash BOB and Doreen Barlow’s Nighfury Bold Venture was BP. Nightfury was BP again the next day at Lancashire County Show and PG4. The breed judge was Nigel Keats.

Jane Ferguson’s Finn (Ch Felfree Rocket) had a successful weekend going BOB at both Reading and Guilford shows; G4 at Reading and G1 at Guilford.

There is another picture of Paul Bundy and his MTs in the DOG WORLD Companion supplement this week. All publicity gratefully received.

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BREED NOTES – 22ND November 2015.

The BMTC Health Committee has a new member, Carly Priestman.  Carly is a Veterinary Nurse in a practise down in Surry so she should bring a lot of practical experience to the team.  Further to the recent publication 'Population analysis of the Manchester Terrier breed' by the Kennel Club. The Health Committee would like to draw your attention to an informative page on The KC website (please click on the link below), which might shed a little light on the above report. The Chairman, Jackie Brown, will be releasing a HC statement shortly, as previously promised.

Chrissie Bynam has had MTs for many years but she has abandoned us and bought herself a Tibetan Terrier.  Her MT, Didge, is taking the new pup with a pinch of salt and Chrissie says it is a mid life crisis.

In Holland Vilma van Vessem is arranging a Strandwandering for MTs.  That is a walk on the beach and from the pictures from last year’s event it was a great success, with lots of people and dogs.  Come on MT folk we have miles and miles of beaches, a get together would be wonderful.  It is out of the holiday season so we would not upset the tourists.
Chichester and DCS are scheduling, for the first time, Manchester Terrier classes at their January 2016 Open Show held in Bognor Regis, West Sussex.

Manchester Terriers

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Liz Stedman has been telling me that the MT team has not qualified to go to Crufts in the Obreedience final.  The heats were wildly uneven in numbers; one heat and only one entry, the others had about six and the one that our team competed in had 15.  They were the only terrier entry across all the heats.  It is a shame.

On page 25 of Dog World this week is a picture of Paul Bundy and his Manchesters  at the National Pet Show; lovely to see.
There are lots of wins at shows this weekend.  Doreen Barlows Nightfury Bold Venture was BP and them went on to be 3rd in the Puppy Group at Hyde And DCS Open show.  Tom Harrisons ‘Blue’ was Best Puppy and another Group 3 at Bolsover show and this was his and Tom’s first show.  Sorry I do not know his KC name

Then Jane Ferguson’s Ch Felfree Rocket was BOB and Group one at Camberley & Dist show. 
Liz Stedman’s Perry [Mansiya Dare to be Different] is now a very proud Grade 6 agility dog.

Sue Pinkham has started to train her Lexi at Talking Dogs Scentwork and she has won her Stage 1 certificate.  She had to search for a catnip scent marker indoors, among jumbled chairs and boxes with an audience of about 20.  The trainer is Pam Mackinnon who works Customs dogs.  I think that this is the first time an MT has started to train for this discipline.

Manchester Terrier

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Mick Oxley had to leave the Club Championship show early as he had heard from Gill that their Danny was very ill.  This is Mick’s story of what happened.  “Just a quick thank you for the piece about Danny {Ch Digelsa Dictator] in your
Breed Notes. He had been off for a couple of weeks but all the tests came back ok.  He had an x-ray the day before the show and the vet found a tumour which unfortunately had started bleeding.
We thought that we had the weekend for cuddles and to say goodbye but unfortunately it wasn’t to be.
He is the only one who was ever allowed to go upstairs and he slept beside me every night, to say we are devastated is an understatement, he was only eleven.

Just a few weeks earlier I had entered him for the club show in the over 10 veteran class and he was in peak condition, I thought that I was going to be so proud showing him off.”
Dictator was born on the 21st March 2005.   His sire was Ch Galchris Millennium Falcon and his dam Digelsa Dynasty.  He won his title in the 2007’s

When I was young and slender there was a quiet girl, even more slender and even younger than me, who showed and bred Manchesters and then for some reason left the breed.  When I saw the name Susan O’Boyle in a show catalogue a few months ago I thought that it must be the same Susan.  It was too much of a co-incident to have two Susan O’Boyles in the same breed, but I did not recognise her.  My apologies to Su, she is the young slender girl from all those years ago.    Su bred from Eaglespur lines and Churnet, but I believe that she has none of her original dogs left now.  

There was a small entry for our judge Jackie Shore at Coventry [Foleshill] show.  It was their 90th Anniversary show, with lots of goodies being given free and some people dressed in costume of the Roaring 20s.  She made my Sophyla Sam Brown JW ShCM BOB; beautifully handled for me by Mary Small who is one of his favourite people.  RBOB was the Adams/Harrison Eaglespur Prince Charming, who is charming. Sam won a splendid rosette and a Dog World Diary.
Mark Walshaws Talanors Diamond N Dreams was BOB and BIS 3 at Manchester & District Sporting Terrier and Doreen Barlows Nightfury Bold Venture won BP. 

While we were showing the BMTC held their annual Breed Seminar.  It was a great success according to those who went to learn and Carol Wicker thanks all who organised the day and took part. “Just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who contributed to the seminar today.  Had some lovely feedback from the candidates saying how well it organised was, how friendly and helpful everyone was, how yummy the food was and that they all felt they had learned a great deal about the breed.”

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Terry and Delia Hemsells Inca has died. She was 13 and a dearly loved dog.  They bred her [Tetani Princess of Darkness] from their T Daughter of Darkness by Gill Reeves Mimbre Marauder of Harkeats.  Originally she was owned by them in partnership with Zena Wallace.  When Zena died she came back to live with them. Messages of sympathy have come in from all over the world for their loss.
Judy Thurlow organises and sets up the MT Breed Stand at Discover Dogs for us at the October show.  This is her report of the first stand at Excel, “Well, finally home after a busy weekend at Discover Dogs.
Each time I man a breed stand I am amazed at how many more people know about the breed and have come specifically for MT cuddles and to find out more about them. This is a testament to the many more breed stands club members run at the various country shows, pet shows and doggy days. It was also nice that many came to tell us about their Manchesters, one family even came back on Sunday with their Rosettia youngster to meet us.

I had some amazing helpers this year who worked tirelessly promoting the breed, thanks go to Ollie, Gypsy, Daisy, Obi, Matilda, Halo, Merlin, Perry, Lexi, Billy, Binky, Dante and Troy. You were all stars!! And thank you all for bringing your owners with you to chat about you all day!! They are Carly PriestmanCarole Brown Barry Sara and Amy (who also helped me set up and pack down!), Liz StedmanDebbie Wagstaff and Andrew,Sue PinkhamSonia Owczarek, Dave Chapman and Linda Shaw.
And final thanks to my daughter Lisa who stayed home puppy-sitting all weekend allowing me to go off and do this, I really do enjoy it”
This is Dave Chapmans account of the day; ”Linda Shaw and I, together with our Manchesters, Dante and Troy, arrived at the ExCel Centre at around midday for our stint on the BMTC stand. It was busy and straight away we were met by serious enquirers on a fact-finding mission, before we’d hardly got our rucksacks off.  It felt good to be extolling the virtues of our wonderful breed to people with a genuine interest in the Manchester Terrier, with a view to ownership and joining our ranks. We were very well-represented on the stand by faces old and new and at one time I counted eight Manchester Terriers. Judy wowed the crowds with a demonstration of her Gypsy going through her dancing routine, clearly amazing some visitors by the versatility of the breed. All our four-legged ambassadors behaved impeccably and impressed the visitors with their sociable nature. All in all, it was a very worthwhile day raising the profile of our breed to so many.  Great thanks are due to Judy for her tireless organisation and to the many members who gave up their time to make Discover Dogs so worthwhile for the Manchester Terrier.  We travelled by rail to the event and it was Troy and Dante’s first experience of the Underground, escalators and the DLR . . . but hey! They’re Manchester Terriers, so they took it all in their stride.”  Thanks from the rest of us to you all too.

Our thanks go too to Vicki Bundy and her family for setting up the breed Stand at the Three Counties Autumn Show.  It was another huge success for the breed with a continuous stream of visitors.
At Devon and Cornwall Terrier Bethany Crawley handled Wendy Hiller’s Limoncello Celia Beaux to BP in B.  Our Judge that day was Janet Alford.  This was the pup’s first show and she went like a seasoned show dog.  Bethany’s pair was Best Brace too.
Nicola Jeynes Dodger has come home from a gv agility show literally covered in red rosettes.  He is 11 now but Nicola says that she has to sprint round the courses to keep up with him.
At Midland Counties our Judge was Colin Powell and his BOB was the Carter/Harrison Ch Digelsa Declaration with the BCC going to the Dale/Saxton/Emrick Rattustrap Imperial Red.  Best Puppy once again was the Walshaws Talanors Diamonds N Dream avec Janmark.  The RCCs went to the Knights Ch Westbank Blue Diamond for Talanors and the Oxley’s Ch Digelsa De Ja Vu JW ShCM.

Manchester Terriers

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Carol Dunford was the judge at the BMTC ch show last weekend and here are some of her thoughts on the entry: “I enjoyed going over your super Manchesters, placed or not you go home with your best pal. The level of competition in some of the classes was very high, and on another day the results could be different again, I judge on the day. This is not the easiest breed to show, sometimes they are on the ball, but they can behave like spoilt children and refuse to look alert or happy with proceedings. To our newcomers, do not give up, try and find a show training class. The KC site will tell you where. We all started off as newcomers and it took years to be anything like professional. I do hope we will see you again at our open show next year, or perhaps at some of the open shows nearer to your home. Again many thanks for the wonderful entry. I had a tough but interesting time sorting them out.”

Our chairman, Mick Oxley, had to leave the show early. He had a phone call from Gill to tell him that their dog Danny was very ill. Poor dog had to be put to sleep that afternoon. It must have been an agonising journey all the way back to Sheffield knowing he was so ill.

Helen Fletcher’s Joemario Just a Dash is cutting a dash at both Rally and Agility. Helen has given up the show ring, despite Shimmy doing well as a puppy and now concentrates on the agility competitions with her dogs. Shimmy started rally obedience shows in April; this was just something to do before she was ready to compete in Agility. Helen now has the Rally bug, to go with the Agility bug, so the other dogs have been press ganged into Rally too.

Shimmy started her agility career at Dog Vegas late May Bank holiday where she was only entered in jumping classes (she hadn’t quite conquered the seesaw in training), and she came second in one of the classes. She has had a continuous succession of wins both in jumping and agility all through the year in venues as far apart as the Wirral down to Blenheim; steadily progressing to grade 5 in both disciplines. As Helen says, “What a star, she tries so hard to please, and of course she thoroughly enjoys our little hobbies of Rally and Agility.”

Discover Dogs has moved to the Excel Centre in London. Our stand there was organised by Judy Thurlow. It was a corner stand and from the pictures on the club’s Facebook page elegant, with pictures and cut outs of the breed and plenty of kind people taking their MTs to meet the public. The new venue seems to have the thumbs up from everybody. The parking is easier and it is easier to get to. I hope to have a full report next week.

The Fergusons’ Ch Felfree Rocket visited the Isle of Wight show, going BOB and G1. He is making the show his fiefdom. I don’t know whether anyone went to Birmingham Gundog and Terrier show in Coventry. The entry across all the terrier breeds was poor. The entry was affected by several breed shows on the same day and of course Discover Dogs.

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Stewart Morris’s Terworth Barley Sugar at Brookstream has died.  She was born on the 26th March 2000, so she was a very old lady when she died.  She was bred by Mrs. Hunter from Eaglespur Cinquefoil and Ch Brookstream Blueprint.  She is the dam of many of Stewarts beautiful Calastoa MTs.  It looks as though Mrs. Hunter only bred two litters and did not go on and breed from Cinquefoils progeny, which is a pity as we really need to have some modern input from the Eaglespur lines.  We send lots of sympathy to Stewart; it is hard to lose such a beautiful old dog. 

The BMTC Club Championship show was held on the 10th October and the Judge this year was Carol Dunford of the Quixol MTs.  Her principal winners were the bitch the Symington’s Talanors Secret Treat [Ch Westbank Blue Diamond for Talanors X Ch Talanors Trick N Treat] bitch CC and BOB.  The dog CC went to the Norris’s Ch Brookstream Louis de Blue [Ch B Bowmore X B Be My Baby] and that, I think, is his 9th CC.  BP was very thrilling, a new owner and new breeders, Doreen Barlow’s Nightfury Bold Venture [Mansiya Word to the Wise at Calastoa X Calastoa’s Lady Look] bred by the Henderson/Greatorex team.  Best Veteran was the Goodwin’s Ch Digelsa Dionysus.  Jenny Hough’s Barleydust Harvest Moon won the Dog RCC  out of the Graduate dog class and the Palmer’s Ch Egloshayle Sea Lily the BRCC.  By all accounts it was a very successful show with lots of people new to the breed showing and being successful in their classes.  Thanks to them for their enthusiasm for the breed and for showing it off.  Some other Vulnerable Breeds get much more national publicity for their breeds, but are envious of the new people who are attracted to MTs.  They are the future of the breed.  Thank you too to the Committee and Officers of the BMTC for such a good, well run show.

A few of us went all the way to Builth and showed at SWKA.  It is such a shame that the two shows clash.  I was explaining to one of the Stewards that they would never get a good entry of MTs as the shows dates clashed.  He said that we should hold the Club show at SWKA.  I never did manage to make him understand that our Club shows were a social event as much as a show and non showing people would not be able to get themselves and their dogs into SKWA.  As much as I dislike the club show venue and the journey there, getting to Builth is as bad; though a bit more scenic.   Our retired Assistant Secretary, Vince Edwards, was our Judge and he made my Sophyla Sam Brown BD and the Jones family’s Barleydust Fayre Day the BB. 

The Rowbotham’s Calastoa Amber Gambler had a splendid day at Bolton Limit show, going BOB and RBIS.  The Judge was Mrs J Neeld.  I hope that is all correct as my writing is getting unreadable.

At the Northern Terrier Club show Mark Walshaw’s Talanors Diamond N Dreams at Janmark was RBIS.  I think that the show was the day after the Club s how, that is dedication.

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Sue Pinkham and lots of MT fanciers went to the Midland Game Fair to show off our breed. This is her report; “We had another very successful weekend at the Midlands Game Fair. Thanks go to all the dogs that represented our breed so well and their handlers for their time and energy. The dogs were so well behaved and enjoyed all the attention. In a very enclosed, humid and crowded area they allowed hundreds of strangers to make the first approach, stroke them and feed them. We should all be very proud of them.
Over the two days the breed stand was manned by Billy with Sonia Owczarek; Lexi with me; Mr Darcy with Lesley and Elsie Olbinson; Syd with Mandy Churms; Izzy and Suzie with Alison and Delia Jones; Itsy-Bitsy, Morticia and Romeo with Susan and Martin O’Boyle; and Sophie and Ash with Ann and Chris Harrison.

We have done this show for a number of years now and the breed is increasingly being recognised. We had lots of repeat visits and lots of new visitors who were seriously interested in the breed. A number of farmers spent time talking to Alison and Delia about life on the farm with a Manchester. We also had a number of Manchester Terrier owners visiting us sharing their experience of the breed.
The only disappointment at the weekend was the cancellation of the parade both days that showcase the breeds because other events had overrun.

This was the first time that Sonia, me and the dogs stayed over in a caravan. What a big learning curve that was. So glad we remembered a torch, could not work out the lights at all on the first night. And we won't mention the lack of electricity for Sonia's hair dryer and straightener. With the help of Ann and Chris we thoroughly enjoyed our first experience of 'camping' although I have needed two days of total rest to recover.” Thanks to everyone for all the work they do for the breed at these shows. It is the best publicity that we could have.

At Bedford show we had classes for MTs, the judge was Robert Brewster, BOB and TG4 was the Ferguson’s Ch Felfree Rocket ShCM and RBOB was Liz Stedman’s Mansiya If You Dare. Sam showed off his new figure to no avail, despite being beautifully handled again by Robyn. Robyn also handled If You Dare to RBOB for Liz. She is a brilliant handler, standing in for the challenge despite never having met the young dog before. Rocket was BAVNSC Terrier at Portsmouth and Southsea show and TG1.

Manchester Terrier Asleep

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A young MT dog called Atticus is missing and has been for several weeks up in the Bootle area.  He somehow strayed from his home.  An MT was seen with a young girl in a park up there, and there have been other sightings too, but he is still missing.  All the wonderful organisations who try to find stray dogs have been helping, but to no avail.  We send much sympathy to his owners and hope that he will be found soon.  Take heart, Pay Grant found her dog after she had been missing for months.

I have heard a truly shocking story of an MT in Glasgow who was going to be dumped because her owner ‘could not be bothered with her’ and the poor thing is in whelp.  Thanks to the power of Facebook and kind people she has been taken in and will be looked after.  The owner was so crooked that he handed over the dog in a park in Dundee.  I wondered when I heard of her whether she really is an MT, as so many black and tan dogs are called a Manchester when they are black and tan mongrels.   The pictures of her confirm that she is indeed an MT and a rather nice one.  Somebody must know if they sold her to man living in Glasgow.   There are not too many MTs bred each year and somebody must have sold this dog to him, though of course could not have known that it would go so disastrously wrong.  Many heartfelt thanks to everyone who went to her help and are looking after her now.
Liz Hammett sold one of her puppies to a couple and their family in 2013.  Unfortunately their young boy, who loved Oscar to bits, developed a very bad allergic skin problem to him.   It affected his immune system and he was very poorly, having to have hospital treatment.

“We had Oscar back for their holidays and also a 6 week period, to see if the lad improved, which he did.  They were devastated and asked if I could find him another home.  To cut a long, sad, story short, Oscar has stayed with us and settled very quickly with his Mum, Tess and his Dalmatian friends.  I started training classes last September 2014, with him and we have quite a close bond now.   He started classes not being able to concentrate and being very sociable, just wanted to play with all the other dogs. (i.e. disrupting the class)  He has progressed so well, that I felt able to enter him for his KC. Good Citizen Dog Scheme, Bronze and Silver tests in August, and he passed both on the same day.  I hope to get him through to Gold next year.  I’ve started Agility lessons with him now that he’s got a bit more training behind him.   Gosh, he’s a fast learner, really enjoys it and can’t wait for his turn”.  Liz recons that MTs are so intelligent it is well worth having a go at training them if you have the patience and strength.

There was a rather thin entry of 16 at Richmond show for out Judge Sherrill Goodwin.  The Carter/Harrison Ch Diglesa Declaration won BOB and the DCC.  The CC winner in bitches was the Saxon/Dale/Emrick Rattustrap Imperial Red.  The Dog RCC and BP went to Walshaws Talanors Diamonds N Dreams avec Janmark and the bitch to Sharpe’s Rosettia High Hopes. For once at this show the weather was good!

Manchester Terrier

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I am starting the Notes this week with a reminder from Terry Hemsell to call him if your dog has gone BOB at an Open Show this year.   Terry compiles the list of winners for the Year Book.  It seems to me to be unfair to expect him to ring you, think of his telephone bills.  He is conscientious and does not want to leave any of your wins out of the list.  His telephone number is in the Year book or you could email me and I will pass on the message.

The winners at Birmingham show were, dog CC and BOB Carter and Harrison’s Ch Digelsa Declaration [Ch Westbank Blue Diamond for Talanors X Ch Digelsa De Ja Vu JW ShCM] and the bitch CC to his litter sister, owned by Scanlans, Diglesa Dixy Chick at Pentyclen].  The RCCs went to the Harrison’s Magpiebank Ash [Nz Ch Lindhorne Spellbound X Sophyla Sophie] and the bitch to Saxon/Dale/Emrick Rattustrap Imperial Red [R Black Sheep X Egloshayle Sea Sprite of R].   Best Puppy once again was the Walshaws Talanors Diamonds N Dreams avec Janmark [Ch Westbank Blue Diamond for T X Ch T Taylor Made Treat].  Best Veteran was the Goodwin’s Ch Digelsa Dionysus [Ch Calastoa Star Light X Ch C Dynasty].  The Judge this year was Max King. 

We started showing at the horrible hour of 9 am, much too early and a long long wait for those of us who entered Stakes classes as well.  We were in the main hall which was nice as it was a lot warmer for us and the dogs than the outside rings, had a green carpet and a generous sized ring.  The benching was horrible, the last line of benches hard up against the wall, and with a big terrier breed adjacent with all their pens, cages and trimming tables.  We could not move or even get our dogs off the benches without a struggle and a bit of pushing and shoving.  Why are we benched at the edges of shows?  MT people use their benches unlike some other breeds who use the trimming areas or just set up islands of cages elsewhere.  There was not one single empty bench in our aisle. It was the same last year.

Dave Chapman and his Troy once again represented MTs at the Vulnerable Native Breeds stand at the Firle show and Horse show in Sussex.  This year he was helped by Linda Shaw and Dante. The weather was perfect and there were a lot of visitors to the stand.   Both dogs were relaxed and showed how friendly and endearing the breed were both in the marquee and whilst out stretching their legs. Visitors enjoyed seeing this vulnerable breed with quite a few treats being nibbled by the boys whilst questions were directed to the owners. The MT's showed their handsome appeal and hopefully a few more people went home keen to consider offering a home to this loveable breed, or at least knowing the difference between a Dobi & a MT!  Thanks to both of them and Troy and Dante for representing the breed.  There are not many MTs down in that part of the UK so showing off the breed there is invaluable.  Horsey people too, Manchesters and horses go well together.  Think of all those rats in the stables and barns.

Manchester Working On The Computer
Working On The Computer (Or is this a new method to stimulate hair growth?)

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The Breed Record Supplement for the 2nd quarter 2015, April to June, has 44 Manchester Terriers registered out of 9 litters.  The total for the two months this year is exactly the same as 2014, 90.  All the litters were from a different sire, which is the right way to go.  There is one export, to Switzerland.  Four dogs were tested for vWD, three clear and one was a Carrier.
The BMTC has another DNA test for the breed, this time for kidney function.  All the available test kits were used up at the Fun Weekend, but Estelle Saxton, the Secretary of the Health Committee is ordering another batch and those will be sent to everyone who has asked for them.
Gerrit Mengerink has compiled a list of all the character traits that make a Manchester a Manchester.  She invited MT owners from all over the world to submit their ‘findings’ and this is the final list - It’s a Manchester Terrier Thing:
  1. BLANKET - The Blanket thing.
  2. SUNBATHING – Sunbathing, looking for [and finding] the tiniest ray of sun.
  3. LOYALTY – Loyal to known persons and animals.  New folks on the block are studied carefully before being accepted.  Or not.
  4. CUDDLES – Lots of cuddles and kisses if the MT feels like it.
  5. SPEED – Fast, very fast running with their tails tucked in – Cases of over steer when back catches up with front.
  6. INTELLIGENCE – Super intelligent.  They make you do things you didn’t want to.
  7. NOSE – Burrowing nose under duvet, then half an hour later sticking nose out gasping for air
  8. FIND SLEEPING SPOT – Walking round in circle to get comfy and then suddenly flopping to ground.
  9. POLICE OFFICER – Walking on the streets as if they owned the place and then everyone [especially every dog] should have MTs permission to move around.
  10.  TOY KILLING – Try killing toy and suddenly let go.  Need a crash helmet when toy suddenly flies through the house.

Manuela Schickling has created a web site for the 2016 Happening that she is organising in Frankfurt am Mein. 
It is  If you go to the site you will find details of the venue and the proposed program.

Jane Ferguson and her Fin [Ch Felfree Rocket ShCM] go on their winning ways, this time RBIS at Salisbury Open Show.  Three different Judges thought he was the winning dog, David Williams doing the breed classes, John Scanlan the Group and Malcolm Trevis BIS.

Manchester Terriers

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Manuala Schickling is pleased to announce that the 2016 Manchester Terrier Happening will be held in Germany, in Frankfurt am Main, from June 3 for the weekend. There will of course be full details of the venue etc nearer the date. Manuela is looking forward to welcoming you all.

Peter Bakewell judged Manchesters at WKC. DCC and BOB was the Knights’ Ch Westbank Blue Diamond for Talanors.

BCC, her third, was the Scanlans’ Diglesa Dixie Chick at Pantycleyn, so she is now a champion, as is her litter brother Carter and Harrisons’ Ch Digelsa Declaration, who was RDCC.

RBCC went to Peacham’s Felfree Touch Of Glam for Manrio. BP was once again the Walshaws’ Talanors Diamonds N Dreams avec Janmark and BV was Janet Forshaw’s Gloryline Lady Jane Grey.

Ch Felfree Rocket does it again. He won BNSC terrier, G1 and then BIS at the Kent County Show. Handled as ever and owned by Jane Ferguson. That is his fourth BIS this year. The judges were breed, Andrew Dodsworth and group and BIS, Tim Bell.

A nice man from the local council came to do a house survey. I, of course, put Sam on a lead. Then he said those words that makes every MT owners heart sink: “It is okay, I am good with dogs.” I kept Sam on the lead and thought, well you might be, but a Manchester is a bit different. The whole time he was here, Sam sat on his bench in the window, where he supervises the local cats, pigeons, squirrels and the postman. His tail was neatly folded round his feet, his ears in the correct ‘Standard’ position and he watched every movement that man made.

Ordinary people do not understand that an MT makes up its own mind as to whether a stranger is okay and this one, in Sam’s estimation, was not. However hard the poor bloke tried, he was not going to be won over.

Manchester Terrier And Owner

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The BMTC Fun Weekend was held at its usual venue at the Rugby Club in Witney on the 8/9th August.  The weather was perfect and it was voted one of the best ever.  The club is blessed with an exceptional team of helpers who make a unique event for the breed’s fanciers.  Thanks to them all and thank you to the blokes who run the Club.  The food is excellent, 50 people sitting down to dinner on Saturday night, a barbeque at lunchtime, plenty of lavatories and showers and a well mown, flat arena.  The dogs and owners tried their hand at agility, racing and several daft competitions.  As you know we seldom see other MTs during the rest of the year and a field full of them is exciting for the owners and for the dogs. Thank you to everyone who organised the two days and to everyone who came with their Manchesters and joined in the fun with such gusto.  

There was a Limit Show too and these are the results:-

BEST PUPPY Wildhust's The Black Pirateer.  BEST DOG
Wicker's Mimbre Mister Solo.  RESERVE BEST DOG
Stedman's Mansiya Dare to be Different.  BEST BITCH and BIS
Saville's Querceti Isadora for Dobermatian.  RESERVE BEST BITCH
Warm & Riley's Rattustrap Raven.  RESERVE BIS and  BEST VETERAN
Wicker's Mimbre Mister Solo.  BEST BRACE Stedman's Mansiya Dare to be Different & Mansiya If you Dare.  The judges were Jean Geraghty and Bethany Crawley.

Linda Saxton has sent me news of the breed in Australia.  “Manchesters in the Australian State of Victoria are becoming more and more popular in the performance circuit, a highlight so far being their success in the discipline of Rally Obedience. In May 2 Manchesters - Aust Ch Dixiedaly Jack Black and Aust Ch Dixiedaly Savvy Gal - both gained their Rally Novice (RN) titles. Last weekend 2 more Manchesters - Aust Ch Kazkei Pink Zephyr AD CCD JDX and Aust Ch Dixiedaly Jesse James also gained their Rally Novice (RN) titles. That's 4 Manchesters to gain this title in the State within 3 months.   Go the Manchesters”

Also in Australia in Sydney there has been a weekend of meeting the breeds, like our Discover Dogs.  MTs had a stand.  It all went very successfully and a few more people know about the breed down there.

In the Dog World this week among the pictures of Paignton is a picture of an MT hurtling over an Agility jump.  It is Chrissie Bynam’s Didge.  What a pity she and Chrissie are not named.

Manchester Terrier Agility

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Sue Pinkam and Sonia Owczarek organized the breed stand for us at Stoneleigh Park Pet Show. This is Sue’s report on the weekend. “I have just about recovered from a very busy 2 days at Stoneleigh Pet Show. Such a well run show aimed at families. We had lots of visitors, although the majority had not heard of a Manchester before, some were coming back to visit again and a few who were seriously interested in the breed.

The puppies and dogs were fantastic, so well behaved and enjoying all the attention. Handlers were OK as well.

Our Saturday team was Sara & Mia with Vicky Bundy and Paul Bundy and children Owen and Felicity. The children kept the visitors entertained. They were in the puppy pen playing with blow up fleas.

Syd and Poppy Churms brought Mandy Churms with them. Billy was with Sonia Owczarek and of cause Lexi with me.

On Sunday Lexi and Billy made a return visit with a whole group of new friends, Troy with Dave Chapman. Itsy-Bitsy and Morticia (5mths) and Romeo with Susan and Martin O'Boyle; finally Hope and Ruby with Vicki and Laura Sharpe.

On Saturday Lexi and I along with other dogs did an appearance with Richard Curtis who was demonstrating heel work to music and on Sunday Ruby and Laura joined him. He recognised the breed and commented on the tricks they were doing.
I met up with the people from Harvey's Army who helped in the search for Lexi. They were there collecting signatures; it was all a bit emotional.
Thanks everyone for your time and help.”

This was a weekend for showing off the breed. Ann and Chris Harrison yet again organised the stand at the CLA Game Fair for us and this is Ann’s report; “This weekend the CLA Game Fair took place at Harewood House in
Yorkshire and once again the BMTC had a Breed Stand in the Terrier Pavilion. This year we were located alongside the Gundogs so we had a lot of knowledgeable working dog people coming to meet them, although unfortunately the mini Dobe comments were rife! A lot of people were coming to meet the breed for the 3rd or 4th time, some had older dogs and were looking for a possible replacement, others were bringing spouses and family for a look after they had 'found' the breed. It is most encouraging to see the research some people will do, and great fun trying to work out if an MT could be the dog for them.

The Terrier Tent was also next to the Hook Norton Bar, Coffee and Donut outlet and a Crispy Duck Wrap stand.....such hardship!
We do try to make the occasion a jolly affair with everyone 'mucking in' and as usual some of us stayed in caravans/tent for the 3 days
while others were able to join us for the day. The Team this year were: Celia and Paul Standring with Annie and Evie; Judy Thurlow with Ollie, Gypsy and Kita; Nigel Keates with Mabel and young Betty who was attending this kind of function for the first time and was just
amazing; Vicky, Mark, Dylan and Charlie Crawford with Millie, Dee Dee and Tara-the-proof-they-get-on-with-other-breeds-like-Labradors; Martin Kirkbride with Bob, Tiggy and Fy Meistress and me and Chris with Sophie and Ash.

We have returned tired but happy knowing that we have educated a few more dog-people and the dogs have charmed a great many more!”

And now it is mine and Sam’s turn; we were invited to the Young Handlers Weekend in Lincolnshire, organized by Georgie and Jane Ferguson and their Committee of Lyn Withyman, Rachel Busby, Clare Tinegate and Kirsty O’Connor. Sam was invited because one of the young handlers did not have a dog of her own to handle and both of her big sisters were going with their dogs. I hitched a ride with him as his minder. It was a splendid week of lessons in all grades of ring handling, agility, heelwork to music, Good Citizens and obedience. Sam’s small handler was Freya Fishman and he and she accumulated more points over all the competitions than either of her sisters. Freya managed to teach him the rudiments of Agility in three days. He was one very tired dog by the time we came home. The people who worry about the young people of today should have come to the camp. There were 35 children from about 8 to 16 all friends and not a mobile phone or an I Pad to be seen. It was at times riotous fun and all the dogs were charming too. The camp site was beautiful and so was the weather. It was my first time in Lincolnshire; it is flat, very flat!

What a social week the breed is having. It is much better for getting the breed better known than a year’s worth of showing.
Liz Stedman would love to get a team of Manchesters together to compete in the KC Obedience Team Competition at the qualifying heat at Stoneleigh on 7 November. All the information is on the Kennel Club website. Qualifying teams comprising 4 dogs of the same breed go through to the final at Crufts 2016. Please send Liz a private email if you are interested.

Manchester Terrier Having A Sleep

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Betty Purkis who has the Chilsam MTs rang to say that her Chilsam Pretty Polly [Vivo Volcano from Chilsam X Eaglespur Red Maple at C] has died she was born on the 29th April 2003 and is the last of the Chilsam MTs. Betty says that she has been in the breed for 40 years and that the house is not the same without a Manchester. We were reminiscing about the good old days and remembering Phil Margiotta and Rhalou Kirby Peace. Betty’s son was a Keeper on Rhalou’s estate. Lots of people have sent their condolence and remember her Vizlas, particularly Chilsam Shropshire Lad who was one of the top winning Vizlas in his day. There is much sympathy to Betty from all of us in the breed.

Some thrilling wins at Paignton show where our Judge was Jane Lilley. Bethany Crawley’s home bred Marlablue in a Twirl has won her first CC and BOB. The dog CC went to the Knight’s Ch Westbank Blue Diamond for Talanors. The RCC’s were won by Lesley Olbisons Paucelin Andonis by Carapast and the Dunfords Ch Paucelin Armana at Quixol. Best Puppy was once again the Walshaws Talanors Diamonds N Dreams avec Janmark. Then even more wonderful wins, he was Terrier Puppy Group 1. The Judge was Meg Purnell Carpenter. He then entered the Dog World Puppy Stakes and out of an entry of 20 with no absentees he won that too. The Judge was Stuart Hall.

I was looking through the report of Blackpool show and there was a Manchester Terrier. The Carter/Harrison Digelsa Declaration was Terrier Group 3. The Judge was Tom Mather.

Oscar Aged 16
Oscar aged 16 Years Young

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Liz Stedman took her Perry [Mansiya Dare to be Different] to a weekend of Agility competitions. “Just come back from a brilliant weekend in Suffolk. The annual Weeting Steam Rally hosts a 3 day agility competition for all heights and grades of dogs. There are 7 qualifying classes, each class/dog start off with 25 points with any faults being deducted. A joker can be played in any of the classes which give treble points for agility or double for jumping. I left Perry's until the last agility class when I knew I was in with a chance of getting 2nd place in the Medium category. I was very keen & ridiculously nervous about getting a clear round which we did. His rival had faults in their last round which meant we had a run off for 1st place. This time it was against the clock which Perry won. The large dog also had the same number of points so he had to do a timed run in order to declare best overall dog.
Not knowing the final results, I had to wait for the presentations later in the afternoon on the Sunday. Perry won Medium (18 dogs) he also beat all the other categories i.e. Large, Small & Veteran (approx 80 dogs in total).”

Chris Garrett and her Inka [Calot Gozova JW/AWG] went to an Agility show in Motcombe and Inka won the Senior Steeplechase class for the higher grade dogs. This qualifies her for the FAB finals in August. Chris says that she is still running as well as ever even though she is now 10. The win was poignant as it was the first anniversary of Gordon’s death and Inka was the apple of his eye.
Alan Norcross was giving his first set of tickets for MTs at Leeds Show. He made the Carter/Harrison Digelsa Declaration BOB and the

BCC was won by the Rattustrap teams Rattustrap Imperial Red. The RCCs went to the Knight’s Ch. Blue Diamond for Talanors and the Dunford’s Ch Paucelin Armana for Quixol. Best Puppy was the Walshaw’s Talanors Diamonds N Dreams avec Janmark and Best Veteran was another Talanors, Trick N Treat. I hope that the weather was better than it was here!

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There is to be classes again at the West Country Dog Club at its show on the Aug 31. The classes are sponsored and will now be judged by John Scanlon, in place of the advertised judge, Anthony Arundel. The venue is Thornbury Leisure Centre. This is a nice friendly show where we used to have classes, so it is good to see them back.

Sarah Laurence went down to Cornwall for a holiday; she of course took the dogs with her and went to a show or two. At Stithyans her Am/Can Ch Jetcity Cat Woman Sings The Blues to Mansiya was BOB and G3.

The Ferguson’s Ch Felfree Rocket was BNSC, G1 and then RBIS at Romford show. The judges were group, Jayne Alpe and BIS Francis Richards.

Sue Smith judged at Wombwell show, making her BOB the Knight’s Ch Westbank Blue Diamond for Talanors and BP the Sharpe’s Rosettia High Hopes. They both won their respective groups under Colin Woodward and then Blue Diamond was third BIS with our Jean Marshall judging.

What a wonderful weekend of successes for the breed.

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Judith Woods writes a regular column in The Telegraph and often mentions her Manchester, Daisy, in her column. Daisy was not the easiest of MTs to live with and recently died aged seven of chronic kidney failure (note to the recently formed BMTC health committee – another one to add to the list of MTs dying of kidney failure). Despite all this Judith had bought two more MTs, Otto and Mabel, who are litter brother and sister. Judith describes the Manchester as a “quirky, rare British breed that they have grown to love.” When I am asked to write about the breed I often say that they are an addiction, from which you seldom recover. It looks as though Judith and her husband have succumbed. There is a picture of her and the two new additions on the sofa together.

There were classes again at the East of England show, without CCs of course. The entry was affected by absentees, but out of those who made it to the ring, BOB was the Fergusons’ Ch Felfree Rocket and RBOB was Ann Hebb’s Paucelin Falster. There were no puppies entered.

Our judge was Rachel Leeson. Rachel used to own MTs and was at one time the club’s assistant secretary. Rocket was in the last six for the terrier group too. The judge was Jack Watson.

Christy Straughan came to the show to see other MTs, as like all of us she seldom, if ever, sees any others than hers. She thanks everyone there who made her welcome.

Christine Parry is hoping to become an MT owner and laments that she had never seen one round and about so to speak. Then, while on holiday in Austria she saw two. The club site and now our Facebook page is doing wonderful things to get the breed known outside the rather shut showing scene, that was, when I first came into the breed, the only place where they were on show; people enjoying the gossip and above all the pictures of MTs on there.

Helen Fletcher’s Joemario Just a Dash has at her first attempt won grade 3 agility and is now qualified for grade 4. Helen is so proud of her. She’s a clever girl.

At Evesham there was a decent entry for David Manito. Rocket was BOB and G2 under Jane Withers.

Pauline Smith and Beverley O’Neill have not shown for a long time – welcome back. Mrs Adams entered her Eaglespur Prince Charming, but missed her class. He was also entered for two stakes classes, but I never did locate the BIS ring to find out how they did. It is great to see the Eaglespur affix in the show ring again. Enid Teague-Knight is now in partnership with Ann Colley and her daughter. The Eaglespur kennel has a huge gene pool that has been closed to us for too long.

In Germany at a terrier show another Eaglespur dog had a successful weekend – Ruud Bergstöm was showing Eaglespur Hanna Lynn who won the CAC. I Am Ike van de Posthoornwieke was BOB and then third BIS.

Ingrid Carstensen has bought two Mabel Bonnets for her Binta and Daisy for the very cold winters in Switzerland. They are becoming the must have winter outfit for MTs.

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THE 24TH annual Happening was held this year in Hoenderloo in Holland, organised by Sandi and Auk Krijgsveld of the Thunder Dragon MTs. There were 59 entries and the judges this year were Dexter Hockley and Mick Oxley. After two days of various competitions, including a quiz about the breed, racing, where Thunder Dragon Axel came first, running the 50 meters in only 3.82 seconds, a wheelbarrow race, obstacle race and a helmet and spoon race[!], clog shooting, dressing up and conformation the overall winner was Judy Thurlow’s Erkenwyne Lady Guinevere JW from the UK.

BD from the conformation classes was Grete Nyhuis de Haan’s I Am Ike van Posthoornwieke, handled by Ruud Bergstrom. BVD was Guard Gino von Mainhattan, best veteran bitch was Black Bandits Hopefull Harriet, best baby bitch was I am Metheora. Apart from a short shower the weather was good and everyone agreed that it was a wonderful occasion, meeting old friends, making new ones and seeing so many Manchester Terriers at one time. That is a rare luxury even in the UK and even more so in Europe where the breed is spread even more thinly than it is here. The 2016 Happening is to be held in Frankfurt. Many thanks to the Kirjgsvelds and all their helpers for organising the weekend.

Dave Chapman asks if “there is anyone who would be able to join me in running the breed presentation stand for Manchester Terriers at the Firle Country Show on Sunday 30th August? It’s at Firle in East Sussex, clearly signed just off the A27, in a beautiful country park and we have a stand in the Endangered Breeds marquee, which features about a dozen breeds (last year we were next to the Lancashire Heelers). It would be nice for members of the public to have more than just one example of the breed to view, so please, is there someone who can spare some time on that Sunday to do their bit and help promote our wonderful breed?” Dave’s contact details are in the yearbook.

Windsor dog show was fine and warm, but not the sweltering heat of the previous day. There was a good entry for Ken Bartlett, our judge and out of them he made the Fergusons’ Ch Felfree Rocket ShCM BOB and gave BB to the Walshaws’ Ch Digelsa Diva avec Janmark and BP to their Talanors Diamonds N Dreams.

The puppy was in the last six for the puppy group, judged by Paul Eardly. The entry of 24 was higher than some of the other terrier entries who had tickets. It is such a pity that we no longer have tickets there. It was a long wait to go into the ring and thank you to our cheerful and efficient Stewards, Messers Patterson and Smith who kept things moving along nicely. The Groups were very late, I did not get home until 7pm and I live about 20 minutes from the show ground.

Liz Stedman’s Perry (Mansiya Dare to be Different) is doing well at agility, age has steadied him. He was first in grade 5 jumping and the only one not to be eliminated; held in the sweltering heat at Wellingborough.

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Blackpool show was held at its new venue and MTs had a new Judge, Moray Armstrong, giving his first set of tickets in the breed.   His BOB was Ch Westbank Blue Diamond at Talanors, owned by the Knights.  The BCC went to the Dale/Saxton Ch Rattustrap Top Totty, the RCCs were won by the Norris’s Brookstream Louis de Blue and Sue Smiths Simjest Kiara’s Candy Girl.  The Walshaws puppy, Talanors Diamonds N Dreams at Janmark continued his winning ways by going BP.  The new venue seems to have met with approval by most people, despite the weather.

At the Derbyshire County show, Wilma, Ch Digelsa Diva avec Janmark, won the Open class then BOB  AVNSC, the Judge was Maude Hawks.  Then Wilma handled by Jan was foot perfect & was awarded RBIS, Judge Lee Cox.
At the Boston & District Premiere Open Show Rattustrap Imperial Red was awarded BOB from a good MT entry, Then Group 1, Judge Mr Paul Harding.

Bolly is 14 months old and owned by Estella Saxton, Phil Dale and Jo Ann Emrick
This is the weekend of the European Happening, held in Holland this year and organised by Auk and Sandi Krijgsveld of the Thunder Dragon MTs.   I have not had a report from there yet, but I hope that the weather is better than it has been here.
Nicola Janes took her old man, Dodger, to the Bromyard Gala Companion Dog show and he was BIS; winning for himself a huge hamper of food and treats.  He had to share his spoils with his little friend, Maisie, who only managed a 4th, out of 5.  Nicola says that showing Maisie was ‘interesting’. 

A Manchester is being trained to be a boar hunter; there seems no end to this breeds versatility.  A big hessian sack is stuffed with cotton material and dragged over the floor at speed.  The dog has to run, catch the bag and then wait until the human hunters catch up with him.  The MT caught the bag, gave it a good shake until it was well and truly ‘dead’.  Then he did it again and again until his people caught him and pulled him off.  Perhaps it is just as well it was not a boar.  Mind you he did enjoy the chase and kill.
In Holland a puppy socialisation class has been set up like a children’s nursery class.  There are boxes of coloured balls for them to lark around in, a slide and lots of other toys.  It certainly is more entertaining than the puppy classes I have taken my pups too; sitting around the Vet’s waiting room in a circle and letting the pups get to know each other.  It never really works because terriers play differently to other dogs and the evening always ended with the CKCS being scooped up and held while the MTs and Cairns etc ran riot.

Manchester Terriers

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Pay Grant farms in Wiltshire and has MTs who are farm dogs and her house dogs too. Her second MT, Jody went missing seven months ago. She has not been seen since and even more worryingly she was in season. The good news is that she has been found and she and Pay are together again.

There was a nationwide search for her to no avail, then out of the blue Pay got a phone call from a vet 70 miles away saying he had Jody and the person who had been looking after her. Pay Grant says she was lost for words when she received a phone call on Saturday morning from Croft Veterinary Centre in Brackley, Northamptonshire, telling her that her Manchester Terrier Jody had been found.

Jody was taken to the vets to get her microchip read. She was living with a young man and his girlfriend. The man walked out one day leaving the dog behind and his girlfriend did not want Jody and took her to her mothers. The mother was worried that the dog may have been stolen and took her to the vet to find out.

Mrs Grant said: “I thought I was never going to see her again. She is very happy to be home and went absolutely ballistic with joy. She is now investigating all the smells and things. I was overcome with tears. She is my day and night companion, head dish washer and co-driver.”

Jody, who is now four, went missing on Nov 12, 2014 when Mrs Grant was near Fifield Bavant helping put up some electric fencing. “I let her out with the other dogs and after about ten minutes I realised she was not with me and thought she was chasing pheasants.” After she did not appear when she was called, Mrs Grant spent hours searching for her and contacted councils and vets to see if she had been found. “We were convinced someone had picked her up and hoped she would be handed in, but we heard nothing. I was worried she had got into the hands of a puppy farmer.”

Ann Harrison is looking for volunteers for the breed stand at the CLA Game Fair this year: “Manchester Terriers have a large stand, and we do need dogs who are happy to meet and greet the general public (especially children). Ideally they should get on with other Manchesters as we have quite a few on display at a time. We restrict everyone to half day duties as it is usually at a very hot time of year, and the crowds are huge! The owners will be asked lots of questions and should be happy to offer information along BMTC guidelines as well as from a pet-owning point of view. The dates are July 31-Aug 2. This year it is being held at Harewood House near Leeds.” Ann’s email address is in the Yearbook.

Mark Walshaw took his puppy Talanors Diamonds N Dreams avec Janmark to Border Union where he won BPNSC and PG1.

Bethany Crawley who has the Marlablue MTs has had another judging triumph. At Yeovil open show the SBT she gave PG1 to went on to BPIS. That is the second time this year her choice has been BIS, the first on was the Ferguson’s Ch Felfree Rocket

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British Manchester Terrier Club has formed a Health Committee,  Mick Oxley write  “The Manchester Terrier has always been seen as a breed with little or no significant health issues, and thankfully genetic disorders are also few, to our knowledge.  Awareness of vWD and proactive breeders carrying out DNA screening tests ensures the condition remains under control.
To ensure the breed remains relatively healthy, the committee of the BMTC has made the decision to form a Breed Health Committee. The purpose of the Health Committee will be to monitor the results of any breed specific health surveys, to liaise with the Kennel Club, the Animal Health Trust, other experts in related areas of veterinary science, genetics etc., and to set up a dialogue with other breed clubs both in the UK and worldwide.”

The Health Committee will be chaired by Jackie Brown, the Secretary is Estella Saxton.  On the Committee are Mick Oxley, Carol Dunford and Jean Geraghty.  Regular (quarterly) reports will be sent to the General Committee in order to give updates to the members.
At the 2015 World Show in Milan the BOB was from Germany, Andrea Barkowskys Black Bandits Rylee.  She then went BOB again the next day and is now an Italian Youth Champion and a World Youth Champion. The BOS was from Poland, Izabela Gwardyńska’s Black & Bright Cosa Nostra.  The Judge was Dan Ericsson.

There have been some wonderful wins at Open shows in the UK too.  Jane Fergusons Ch Felfree Rocket ShCM was Best in Show at Poole Open Show.  That is his third BIS this year; the Judges this time were Mrs Mooney, breed and Group and Mrs Warrington BIS.  At Newmarket Show Carol Wicker’s Mimbre Bombette was BOB.  RBOB was Jamie Reads Erkenwyne Go for Broke.  Jamie has suffered a lot from nerves in the show ring, but this week he relaxed and enjoyed himself.  I am sure that the dogs go better for a relaxed handler.
Then Sandra Sharples took her Jasper, Talanors Taylored Diamonds, to Honley show.  It was her and his first show and he went BOB, BP and Group 4 and Puppy Group 2.  Now that is a dazzling start to their showing career.

Ell Eva.
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At Three Counties it was sunny and warm. I don’t think that anyone used their benches except to collect their ring numbers. We all sat about near the ring on the grass, ate local strawberries and cherries and gossiped. There was a nice entry for Mike Vickers to go over considering it was a mid-week show and no CCs on offer.

The Ferguson’s Ch Felfree Rocket was BD and BOB and Dale and Saxton’s Ch Rattustrap Top Totty was BB.

The reserves went to my Sophyla Sam Brown and the Peacham’s Felfree A Touch of Glam for Manrio. BP was Val Sharpe’s Rosettia High Hopes.

Mike Vickers breeds and shows trimmed terriers and we were anxious as to whether he might be a bit heavy handed with our single coated dogs, but he handled them gently and briefly. After all you can see all the good points and the faults; you don’t have to man-handle them like so many do. Thank you from us all to him. The Pynes and Lawrence Boggis were showing for the first time for ages. It was good to see them again.

Mark Walshaw had a great day today at Ripon show. His Talanors Diamonds N' dreams avec Janmark was BPNSC and also beat the adults to BOB. Then in a terrier group of 14 took G2 and PG1 under Gary Lewthwaite. In the main ring he showed very well and was rewarded with BPIS. The judge was Frank Whyte. All that and he won £85, crystal engraved whiskey glasses and dog food.

In Finland a Manchester Terrier meeting was organised by Heidi Niemelä where 33 MTs attended. Heidi thinks that it is the biggest event ever held for the breed in Finland. There was a lure coursing competition during the day. One of the MTs called Roope completed the 80 metre course in just 7.05 seconds (25.38 mph), which seems to me to be an astonishingly quick time. There is a video of them all chasing the lure and golly can they run, ears flat to their heads, only coming forward when the lure stops and they can pounce and worry it.

The companion show season has started and MTs have had some nice wins. Chris Boot took his Phoebe to the local Harlington village carnival where she won the best small dog class and then RBIS. Not to be outdone Linda Shaw and Dante went to the Holyport Fair where he was second in the best conditioned dog. Linda was proud of him when an autistic boy who is normally afraid of dogs was able to stroke him and feed him treats. This is the sort of publicity that is vital to our breed – ordinary people outside the showing world seeing the breed at its best.

Aprille Wildhurst was walking her Archie yesterday in Nottingham and overheard a woman saying to a friend: “Oh no, not more Dobermanns.” When Aprille said that he was not a Dobe the reply was “I should know love, I’ve got three.” Aprille politely responded “He is a Manchester Terrier, love”. Game, set and match to her and Archie. Portia Elizabeth reckons she has the ultimate Dobermann/MT story. On her way into Crufts somebody stopped her and said: “Is that a Dobermann? I have one.” As Portia says, this was Crufts!

Ella Eva
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IAN BEALES has died after a long and brave battle with cancer. Ian was the BMTC chairman for many years and with his wife Brenda bred the Brenandi MTs. He came into the breed in about 1980, but resigned from the chairmanship and judging, showing and breeding MT some time ago. His daughter, Joanne, used to handle her parents dogs and did some judging too. All of us who knew Ian will send sympathy to Brenda and his daughters. My office is still stuck on the attic steps so I cannot find any details of the dogs they bred, but there were many champions.

There was a half way decent entry at Southern Counties show and we were judged outside which was a luxury. It was a long wait though, after over 160 Pugs. Our judge Howard Ogden, judged both breeds and made his MT BOB the Ferguson’s Ch Felfree Rocket ShCM BOB and he was pulled out in the last six for the terrier group; judged by Johan Juslin. Then the Walshaws’ Talanors Diamonds N Dreams went BP and PG4.

It was all worth a very long, rather cold, windy wait. Because Mark was showing in the Bedlington ring, Dreams was handled by Georgie Ferguson. He is such a happy, confident young dog that he was not fazed at all by the change of handler. Mark’s wife brought the dogs to the ringside and then they were handed over to other people to handle. The poor Steward was confused as people brought dogs into the ring without ring numbers to hand them over to others who were waiting for the critiques to be written. I think that he washed his hands of us and allowed us to sort ourselves out! The icing on the cake for me was that Sam won his Good Citizen bronze award. The first time we tried was a fiasco as he left the down stay to play with the Tibetan Terrier bitches showing in the next ring. It was a long old day with tortuous journeys to the show ground as the junction of the M4 to the show ground was closed.

Ella Eva
07581 780786


We had an exciting day at Bath show as far as Manchester Terriers were concerned. The weather could have been better, but by Bath standards it was not too bad. Our Judge was Albert Wight and his BOB and the bitch ticket went to the Saxton/Dale Ch Rattustrap Top Totty JW ShCM [Ch Diglesa Diamond Geezer at Lizelms ShCM X Egloshayle Sea Sprite of R] and the dog ticket went to Gill Buxtons Ch Millacome Made in Heaven ShCM [Ch & Int Ch Talanors Hellova Treat for Sipowitz X Talanors Magic Moments for M]. The RCCs were won by the Dunford/Akrigg Ch Paucelin Armana by Quixol [Ch Brookstream Marcus Banks JW ShCM X Q Black Bryonia] and the Harrisons Magpiebank Ash [Nz Ch Lindhorne Spellbound X Sophyla Sophie]. The Best Puppy was exciting; Mark Walshaws Talanors Diamonds N Dreams avec Janmark [Ch Westbank Blue Diamond for T X Ch T Taylor Made Treat] won. He then went on to win his Puppy Dog of the Year class and then was top puppy of the day in the Gundog and Terrier section. None of us can remember an MT winning in this competition before. They have to return on Monday to compete in the final. All our fingers are crossed for them. He was 4th in the Terrier Puppy Group too. I can only remember one other dog to getting placed in the Puppy Group and that was another Talanors, Int Ch & Ch T Hellova Treat for Sipowitz.
Linda Shaw and her Dante went to Paws in the Park and this is her account of the weekend.

[“Paws in the Park - Ardingly 16 & 17 May - The newbie's! My first trip with Dante to a full on weekend Dog Show with that fun element which allows you to try different things out. Not sure who was more excited, Dante or me! Of course there is always that trepidation that having a 13 month old MT on a weekend out camping could all be too much for us both, but I was amazed with how well we both coped.
First Trial - me putting up a tent on my own! I lasted all of about 2 minutes before a kind camping neighbour helped me!
Second Trial - Keeping Dante in his cage in the car whilst I am sorted out the tent for weekend;. My little boy was great and I really learnt that he can be very well behaved in a cage and it is more me being impatient than him!

Third Trial - Cooking on a camping stove with a dog that is drawn to food.

Fourth Trial - Sharing a sleeping bag with an MT. So glad I brought some duvets. Dante sneaked head first into my sleeping bag, I felt like a dart in a dart board. Me being the soft touch left Dante with the sleeping bag and me with the duvets!
Enough of the trials, let’s talk about the experience. With camping the great thing was that you could take the dogs for a run around on the race course first thing in morning and the evening. Wow what a beautiful sight seeing all the different breeds having fun and owners enjoying the great weather and a chinwag whilst walking round. Oh yes; clean toilets and toilet paper; a must for making the event a plus!
Entered Dante in the yearlings in the ring. Think he got bored & I definitely should have thought more about what judges are looking for. Dante was a bit twitchy with having his back end felt, but was fine with his mouth being checked. Unfortunately did not get in top 6.
Terrier Racing - It was getting pretty hot by this time and I think he was in awe of the terriers barking. Spent more time trying to see where I was than chasing a lure. It does look fun and if Dante got the idea I am sure he would fly in front of other terriers.
Agility - I think this was both our favourites, he just wanted to go round the course and took it in his stride. Slight hiccup when Dante got out of his collar when helper tried to hold him prior to going through tunnel. I learnt that all I needed to do was guide him through the tunnel. His recall was great though.

Fly ball - Mmmm, don't think I chose to do this at the right time; in the afternoon when Dante tired and it was busy. Though I warned helpers that he can be flighty if he doesn't know the person, I don't think they were expecting him to leg it at such speed outside the ring! He went for a gallop around the cross country course. A search & rescue person got him back pretty quickly...with food of course!
Cross County course - Need I say more; I did not attempt but Dante did! Might need to get my fitness level up for this, but would personally prefer to do on a bike!
Aqua jump - Not Dante's thing; he prances round puddles, let alone jumping at full pelt into a pool! Other dogs look like they were loving it.

So that was all on the first day! One tired MT who didn't get a chance to get to the ring for 'most handsome dog'. He was wiped out in the tent for an afternoon snooze. Note to one's self; don't squeeze everything into one day!
The Highlight: After searching for another MT, on the second day Dante & I got our wish. Such a joy to see the two dogs playing in the exercise area. Dante 13 months vs Morrissey 2 years old, who belongs to Helen Pais. We enjoyed swapping stories. Think we all felt that if we could it would be a must to have two MTs; so wonderful to see them playing with their own kind and they play unlike any other breed.

I am so proud to have a gorgeous MT dog. A breed that people are unfamiliar with, but instantly want to ask questions about them. Handsome was a word I often heard people call Dante: dam such a shame I missed that one in the ring!”]

Manchester Terriers

Ella Eva
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BREED NOTES – 17th MAY 2015.

At SKC our Judge was Andrew Brace and he gave the dog CC and BOB to the Harrison’s Magpiebank Ash [Nz Ch Lindhorne Spellbound X Sophyla Sophie] and that is his first after several RCCs.  The BCC went to the Symington’s Talanors Secret Treat.  The RCCs were won by the Walshaws Talanors Diamonds N’ Dreams avec Janmark and to the Oxley’s Ch Digelsa De Ja Vu JW ShCM.  I am sorry that I only have the sire and dams of the BOB dog, but that is the only one that I know by heart.  My office is once again in chaos; most of it stacked on the attic stairs and I am typing on a wobbly picnic table.  There was an entry of 17 dogs for Andrew to go over.  So far I have not heard what the weather was like or the organization.  Accounts from other breeds was that it was chaotic with judges being given too many breeds to judge, consequently them having to scoot into the Group ring late.  The catalogues sold out long before those who ordered them could collect theirs and the rings and benches were substandard. 

Here are some thoughts on toplines from Amanda Kelly in Canada.  Amanda breeds and shows Manchester Terriers.  “I think one of the issues with incorrect topline is that it is in the topline that you "see". The topline isn't always just about the topline. If the rear angles aren't correct, the dog might be high in the rear, for example, which isn't a problem of the back or any of the pieces making up the topline itself but rather the structure underneath. If the shoulders are upright it shows in the topline. Front to rear angulations imbalances often show in the moving topline as the dogs work to compensate. And then there are all the elements of the topline itself that could have a fault -- a tilted pelvis, for example, a steep croup, a bad tailset, a dog that is too short in body for its height, a ribcage that is too long or short, a loin that is too long. All of these things have different but notable effects on how the moving topline looks, where the rise appears to start, where it ends, etc. Most single structural faults will impact the moving topline somewhere and in some way...and yet, they are still just single faults. So, to say breeders don’t care isn’t necessarily fair. The reality is that there isn’t a perfect dog out there and all of them are going to have faults and some of those faults are going to be structural. Which ones you can forgive and for what reason is a personal choice and emphasis in the context of everyone individual breeding program”

Helen Fletcher has been showing her Shimmy [Joemario Just a Day] in both Rally obedience and Agility; she has qualified out of Level 1 in the former and had several 2nd and 3rds. 
Another Joemario dog, Joemario Made of Jazz, has been show with great success in Ireland by Pat Thomas and is now an
International Ch. 

Manchester Terriers Asleep

Ella Eva
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We had another Champion made up at Birmingham national.  The Walshaws Digelsa Diva Avec Janmark JW ShCM [Ch Westbank Blue Diamond for Talanors X Ch D Double Entendre] won the BCC.  The Walshaw team also won BP with their young dog Talanors Diamonds N Dreams Avec J [Ch Westbank Blue Diamond for T X T Taylor Made Treat].  Best Bitch Puppy was Kath Noden’s Joemario Ice Ice Baby.  The dog CC went to the Carter’s Digelsa Declaration [Ch Westbank Blue Diamond for Talanors X Ch D De Ja Vu JW ShCM] and he went BOB too.   The RCCs were won by the Knight’s Ch Westbank Blue Diamond for Talanors [T Smart Treat at W X T Star Trick at W] and the BRCC to Peacham’s Felfree Touch of Glam for Manrio [Ch Mansiya Word to the Wise at Calastoa X Ch Mansiya Casting Circles with F].  Our Judge was Martin Phillips.
Fay Fitch’s Westwytch Calico Cadeau was Best Veteran and he was fourth in the Veteran Stakes class too out of an entry of 18.  He won Fay some money as well.  William Jones was second in the YKC Members Handling 6-11.  Well done to him as it is not easy to handle a Manchester even for us oldies who have been practising for a long time!  The Fergusons Ch Felfree Rocket ShCM was third in the YKC Members Stakes Terrier class.

We were benched and showed in the Argyll hall.  It has a very low ceiling and the noise was terrible, but all the new pups coped very well.  The weather was pretty awful too, but as we were inside it was not too bad. Let’s hope that the weather is kind to Bath show this year and we can show outside on the grass.

Gerrit Mengernik has set up a map of the whereabouts of Manchester Terriers all over the world.  So far she has 262 different locations.  There do not seem to be any on the African and South American continents; nor New Zealand either though I am sure that the breed is known there.  If you go to the web site of The Manchester Terrier Lovers Worldwide you can join, log on and see the map.  The site also has lovely pictures of MTs from all over the world on a daily basis.  It is a good way to get your MT ‘fix’.  It is a good, friendly site too, no nasty comments, nobody banging their own drum; just lovely pictures of MTs doing MT things.

Manchester Agility

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The now, annual St Georges Day parade took place in Manchester city streets on the 24th April.  This is Ann Harrison’s account of the day.  Manchester Terriers were once again invited to take part in the parade.

“What a day, wall to wall sunshine, not too hot and the crowds out in force.  The 2 hours seemed to fly by this time.  Perhaps we were
having too much fun! 32 adults and children, 19 Manchesters and 2 honorary MTs took part in the parade which started in Miles Platting and followed a route that took us along to Piccadilly Gardens and back.  It was lovely to meet new owners and their dogs and hear their stories.  The beauty of the Parade is that you have nothing to do but stroll gently along chatting Manchester Terrier to all the people with you.  We also have the time to chat to the crowds and let them meet the dogs, which goes down a treat with everyone; a special 'thank you' to Val the photographer. I am sure everyone has their own story of the day, but one image will stay with me for a long time. On the way back from Piccadilly Gardens, the route follows the main Oldham Road which is a dual carriageway.  At one point we turn right, crossing the oncoming carriageway, for which all the traffic is of course stopped for us.  Just as the Manchester Terrier contingent were about to cross a gentleman ran out from the crowd, his pockets full of gravy bones, declaring that he just HAD to feed the wonderful dogs. Manchesters, of course, won't accept food from strangers.  Not.  I was at the front at the time and managed to drag Sophie away after she had consumed about 3 biscuits, as all the officials (Marshalls, Police, St John’s Ambulance, and a lot of other ladies and gentlemen bedecked in high viz, not to mention the patient motorists) were waiting for us to cross.  I turned around to see if everyone was following to see a static mound of about 10 black and tan eating machines that were thoroughly enjoying an unexpected bonanza - they were going nowhere!!!

The roll call of all the participants is a long one this time, thank you all for putting such an effort into dressing up and coming along to
show off our wonderful breed to their namesake City.  I really hope you enjoyed yourselves and will come again:
Nigel, Portia and Mabel, Val, Val, Izzy and Julie, Lesley, Elsie and Mr D.,Sharon, Veronica, Ruby and Jester, Phil, Dan and Newton, Martin, Dennis, Fy Meistress, Tiggy and Bob, Mary, Peter, Millie and Pel, Barry, Dale, Tabitha, Freddie and Jazz, Trish, Barry, Nina, Violet, Faye, Bentley and Bella, Sharon, Peter, Jojo and Lexi, Denise, Tony and Scar, Sonya, Nigel, Billy and Mungo.

Thank you all for being such good sports and throwing yourselves unreservedly into the spirit of the day!  Ann, Chris, Sophie and Ash.”
If you go to the Club Google site or onto the Club Facebook page you can see pictures of the parade.  Thanks to everyone who went and supported Chris and Ann, it was the best turn out yet with wonderful, inventive costumes.  Among them were Barry Hall’s family dressed in Victorian costume and Mr D dressed as St George himself. Judith Woods writes a column in the Daily Telegraph and Judith owns a Manchester, in fact she now owns three MTs.  Decorating an article she wrote last week is a picture of her being towed down the street by two puppies that she has bred.  What publicity we are having at the moment.

Manchesters In Manchester

Ella Eva
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The sun shone on WELKS, well nearly all the time and for the first time for about 12 months or more we were judged outside on grass rings.  A very good thing too, as we were benched in the same hall as the Huskies and the noise they make is awful; howling and barking.  Malcolm Abbott was the judge who arranged the weather for us.  His two winners could not have been more popular.  Jill Buxton’s Millacombe Made in Heaven ShCM [Ch/Int. Ch Talanors Hellova Treat for Sipowitz X Talanors Magic Moments for M] won the dog ticket and that is his third.   There were shouts of congratulations all round the ring and Jill was in tears.  Jill is not able to get to many shows, but Bath is about as local to her as possible.  It is her first MT Champion too.  The bitch ticket was just as exciting.  The American Bred Am/Can Ch Jetcity Cat Woman Sings the Blues to Mansiya [Am Ch J La Cucaracha Pooch X Am Ch Bellflower I Believe in Nola] owned by Sarah Leigh and Lisa Nonog took her first CC in the UK; again to applause all round.  She was in the last seven for the Terrier Group under Paul Wilkinson.  Breeding from the USA is important for us in the UK.  Most of the other dogs in Europe and Australia are ultimately bred from UK stock; the American dogs are new to us.  We need the new genes.  The RCCs went to Val Saville’s Ch Calastoa’s Man in the Mirror of Dobermatian ShCM and the bitch to Janet Forshaw’s Calastoa’s Lucky Star JW.  Best Puppy was the bitch, the Palmer’s Egloshayle Queen of the May. The Harrison’s Magpiebank Ash was 5th in the Good Citizens Stakes out of a huge entry. 

We had some welcome visitors to the ring too.  Christopher Baloch and Lidice Shweizer were in the UK on holiday and showed their English bred dog here.  They organised the Manchester Terrier Happening last year in Wengen in Switzerland. The Beardows came with their son to cheer along Jill’s dog who was bred out of their Ch.  It was also wonderful to see Mesdames Young  and Sandlands who were asked to take their dogs out of the ring at Southern Counties show last year; great to see them and to see that they have not been put off showing forever.  Both their young bitches won their classes too. It was a good day with decent weather, grass rings and good light to show the dogs coats off at their best.

This is the Sunday of the St George’s Day Parade in Manchester city streets, where Manchester Terriers have once again been asked to join in the parade.  No news yet of course, but we all hope that the weather is fine and dry for them.  We have had a preview; one of the local papers has a picture of Manchester with a St Georges flag bandana.  She is of course the Mighty Mabel.

Ella Eva
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This week’s notes are a long list of excellent wins by Manchester Terriers.  I have to start with the Fergusons’s Ch Felfree Rocket ShCM winning Best in Show on Saturday at the Isle of Wight show and then Best in Show at Camberley show on the Sunday. This repeats his wins a few years ago as a puppy when he also did the double.  Camberley had small entry as it clashed with Birmingham Gundog and Terrier.  But as it is just down the road at Slough, three of us chose to go there instead.  The Judges were Malcolm Trevis and Angie Barker at the IoW and Edward Allen and Laurence Morgan-Evans at Camberley.  Camberley came as an even bigger surprise than the IoW as the hot money was on the winner of the Hound Group. There were a lot of unseemly shrieks from round the ring!  Liz Stedman’s Mansiya If You Dare was Best Puppy.

Amelia Boville’s Rattustrap Maid Marion, aka Inca co owned by Amelia Bovill, Phil Dale and Estella Saxton, won BOB and Terrier Group 4 under Judge John Finney at Mountsorrel & District Canine Society on the 12th April.
Nigel Keate’s Might Mabel, Rattustrap Roaring Meg, was BOB & Terrier Gp2 both under Nan Chadwick at Rochdale C.S
At Wellingborough show Judy Thurlow's Erkenwyne Lady Guinevere was BOB & Group 4
Liz Stedman & Sarah Leigh's Mansiya If You Dare Best was Best Puppy & Puppy Group 3.  He was Best Puppy & Puppy Group 3 at Chertsey show and then again was BOB and BP at Dunstable show.

Gill Knight and her Ch Westbank Blue Diamond at Talanors represented the breed at the Contest of Champions.
Mick Oxley’s Ch Digelsa De Ja Vu was third in the Open Show Dog of the Year competition at National Terrier.  There is a lovely picture of her in DW.  It is a good job that Mick was wearing light coloured trousers or she would have disappeared against the black back drop.
Val Sharpe’s Rosettia MTs have done a lot of winning at Agility shows.  Handled by Laura they had two firsts and all the other competitors were handled by adults.

I haven’t had any results from Birmingham Gundog and Terrier yet, but apart from this show I hope that I haven’t left anyone out of the list of wins.

Ella Eva
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The BMTC AGM was held on the 12th April at Shenstone Village hall.  It is such a nice venue, why can’t we have our Club shows there?  The Committee stays the same as there were no new nominations.  We have a new Vice Chairman as H has stepped down.  His new job with the Kennel Club involves a lot of travelling and he says he would not be able to give the Club the time it needs.  The new Vice Chairman is Vicki Crawford who most of us know as Vicki Reeve.  Because of her parents involvement with the breed she was reared with MTs!  She was one of the best of our Junior Handlers and also handled her mother’s dogs.  For the past few years she has had an adventurous career in Marine salvage assessment, then marriage and a baby and has not been involved much on the MT scene.   It is lovely to welcome her back and we hope to see more of her in the future. 

Judges for the two 2018 shows are Estelle Saxton for the Open show and I am not supposed to say who the choice for the Championship show is until the appointment is ratified by the KC.  Once a long time ago I put the judge’s name in Breed Notes; which resulted in a fearsome ticking off from the then Secretary Phil Margiotta.  It still rattles around in my head and I don’t want to give Phil the trouble of arising from her grave to remind me of my sins. 

The Agenda was the usual standard stuff without any disagreement from the members present.  But a new clause to be included in the Club’s Code of Ethics about Stud Dogs was thoroughly debated by those present.  After looking up the KCs requirements for the use of stud dogs, a wording was finally agreed and the amended Proposal was accepted.

~ The Phil Margiotta Trophy was presented to Sue Pinkham for her work for the breed at all the stands we have now at dog celebrations all over the UK.  Sue was surprised and had a wonderful round of applause.  She was a popular choice.  The Betty Napthine trophy was won by a VERY surprised me.  I was touched and honoured, especially as Betty was a good friend and with the help of her lovely dog Ch Hardway Hornblower Peter and I started to breed some nice MTs.

A lot of silverware was won by a lot of people.  We are blessed as a club with lovely cups, mostly old and telling the history of the regeneration of the breed after the war.  Look back a long way in your pedigrees and you will see the names of the people who donated the trophies. Many thanks to Terry Hemsell for keeping track of all the wins at shows over the year and to Carol Dunford for collecting together all the cups for wins at the Shows during the year.

Ella Eva
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Ann Harrison writes that it is once again coming up to the annual St Georges Day parade through the streets of Manchester; “Sunday 26th April is the date of the St Georges Day Parade through the city of Manchester.  It is about 2 miles long, starts at 11 am, and takes about 2 hours to complete the route which starts and finishes in Varley Street, Miles Platting and passes through Piccadilly Gardens.  OBVIOUSLY Manchester Terriers are the centre attraction of the Parade and we are accompanied by a Brass Band, floats of every description, horses, Morris Dancers, Winston Churchill and everything else English.    They are very inclusive, we do also have Bagpipes and Belly Dancers and huge puppets of St George and the Dragon; but without a doubt the crowd’s favourites are the Manchester Terriers  and boy do they let us know it!!  It is a thoroughly Family Friendly occasion, ALL ARE WELCOME.   
Some of us dress up in either Victorian or patriotic red and white featuring the St George’s Cross, but most importantly we just like to have LOTS of people and dogs.

If you are able to join us you are extremely welcome – but do be warned there will be lots of photographs and chat along the way.  This the PERFECT occasion to come along and meet other members and their dogs if you are a new member, or even a not so new member who just enjoys meeting other Manchesters and their owners in a totally informal if fairly public setting!”  Ann can be contacted via her email or address or on the BMTC Google site.  All of those are in the Year Book; or via me for that matter and I will forward to Ann. 

At National Terrier our Judge was Bill Browne-Cole.  His two CC winners were litter brother and sister and the icing on the cake was that they are owned by people new to MTs; nothing like a bit of serious winning to encourage people to stay with the breed.  The bitch CC and BOB was won by Carter and Harrison’s Digelsa Declaration [Ch Westbank Blue Diamond for Talanors X Ch D De Ja Vu JW ShCM] and the Dog CC by the Scanlans, D Dixie Chic at Pantycelyn.  There are of course new people to the breed that are not hitting the high spots, but don’t give up.  The breed needs you.  We are breeding comfortable numbers now, but new people are vital.  We don’t want to become another Vulnerable Terrier breed just kept going by oldies like me. The RCCs were won by the Willis’s Talanors Super Treat [Ch Westbank Blue Diamond for T X Ch T Trick n’ Treat] out of the PG class and the bitch RCC by the Dunford/Ackrigg’s Ch Paucelin Armana by Q [Ch Brookstream Marcus Banks JW ShCM X Q Black Bryonia]    Best Puppy was Ann Hebb’s young dog, Paucelin Falster [Ch Dig Deep at Brockenella JW ShCM X P Anna]  There were some good wins in the Stakes classes too.  Ann Hebbs puppy was 5th in the Puppy Stakes out of a large entry and the Harrison’s Magpiebank Ash won the GC Stakes class, with just as large and entry.  Harry Charlton has a new very dashing beard.  Elli says that it is because of a mistake in buying new blades; Harry says he is not shaving it off until they get a new puppy.

Bethany Crawley was our Judge at Chesham show.  She had a wonderful day, judging both MTs and Ceskys.  Her MT winner was the Ferguson’s Ch Felfree Rocket who won the Terrier Group and her Cesky winner was 2nd in the Group.  Her Puppy MT, Liz Stedman’s Mansiya If You Dare was placed in the Terrier Puppy Group too.  Bethany drew a good entry of MTs, so with luck we will keep classes at the show.  It is a luxury to have a breed specialist judging who handles correctly and is of course interested in the dogs and shows it.  A po-faced, unsmiling judge makes one wonder why one pays the entry fee.

Ella Eva
07581 780786

Betty Napthine Trophy

[Betty Napthine Trophy presented to Ella by the BMTC for her long years in MTs and all that she has done for the breed also of course her tireless work writing the Breed Notes. Ed.]



Nicols Jeynes Dodger is no longer satisfied with his increasingly successful career as an agility dog and the fish and chip suppers that earns him. He is now a top model. A portrait of him and his small friend Maisie has won the pastoral section of the photograph of the year in the Agility Voice Magazine. The photograph was taken by Eric Thompson, who Nicola says is talented and patient. Now what supper does that win Dodger, lobster?

There are hazards in walking dogs in the US that we cannot imagine over here. Liisa Noong has had a cougar sniffing round her premises. He is more interested in her neighbour’s livestock than the dogs, but when they go for a walk they are on the lead and she is armed. The cougar has now been trapped and taken to a more suitable home and the dogs can run free again.

The Dutch MTC arranged a dog walk before its AGM. Max de Gids has sent pictures of the dogs running wild on what looks like a white sandy beach. The owners have on their winter warms but the dogs are playing without leads or coats on. It seems a very good way to entice more people to attend AGMs which can be regarded as a bit boring. Some of our members are hoping to arrange an MT get together on the sands at Weston-super-Mare. There are a lot of MTs in the West Country and two for sure in Weston itself. It would be a way of meeting other fanciers and letting the dogs have a wonderful run on the beach. The tide reach in Weston is one of the furthest in the world and the beach is amazing. There is also a first class fish and chip restaurant in Weston. I am not sure what the sea gulls would think of it but the dogs would love it.

Ella Eva
07581 780786


Mick Oxley wishes his dogs a Happy Birthday; “Happy 10th birthday today to Danny, Digger and Izzy; also known as Ch Digelsa Dictator, Ch. Digelsa Dig Deep at Brockenella and Obedience/dancing/agility expert Digelsa Deep Purple.
Why does this have any significance?  Well these dogs were bred out of a vWD “Carrier”.  If we had listened to the scaremongers this mating might not have taken place.  They are absolutely fit and healthy. They have 14 CC’s between them, Digger was twice BOB at Crufts, they have Good Citizens awards, obedience certificates and even more important they are much loved family pets with the most perfect temperaments.
All three are CLEAR of vWD and the sire was a carrier. Should I have used an unsuitable dog that was “clear”?  No I wouldn’t have bred these beautiful dogs.
The BMTC have a DNA screening programme which monitors this gene, don’t be put off if the dog or bitch is a carrier, you just have to make sure the other one is “Clear”  It will make no difference to their life’s and you may even get a few Champions out of the mix.”   Sandy Krijsveld says that in Germany it is forbidden to breed from a Carrier which seems to me to be short sighted and not good for a breed with a restricted gene pool and a very small population.  According to JoAnn Emrick in American Carriers are routinely bred to Clears.  The resulting puppies are tested and in some litters they are all Clear.  The ideal of course would be to finally get rid of the disease from the gene pool; but with so few MTs being bred from few studs and dams we have other considerations to take into account when breeding.  On the few occasions I have found a dog well out of the mainstream of studs available it has been wonderful to find that they were Clear, but even if they were a Carrier it would not have changed my mind about using them in order to get some new blood into my lines.  We have the DNA test now that may be expensive but is conclusive and easy for the dog.  The old blood test was pretty unpleasant for the dogs, just as expensive and not infallible.

In America, Georgia, Kathy Van Valkenburgs Manchester has been enrolled as a Park Ranger complete with his official badge on his harness.  As she says they are not normally considered a working breed but he loves his work.
Nigel Keate’s Mighty Mabel [Rattustrap Roaring Meg] was BOB at Bootle, Crosby and South Liverpool show and TG 2.  She also won her last point of Show Certificate of Merit.  The Judges were Stuart Cooper and Marion Sergeant.
At the National Terrier Speciality show in Wijchen, Holland Ruud Bergstom’s  MT I Am Ike van de Posthoornwieke won the Junior class and then BOB under a British judge, Mrs L Cox.

Alison Jones  took her nephew, Will and her MT Suzie to the Oswestry and District Kennel Association show and the pair did a fab job in the Junior Handlers winning their class and going on to win overall Best Junior Handler qualifying for the JHA semi-finals next year. It was their first outing of 2015 and only the second time they have competed in the ring together.  Alison is very pleased with them both.  Will is eleven and Suzie only 18 months. 

Ella Eva
07581 780786


This is Gill Knights report on the breed stand at Discover Dogs this year. 
“There was lots of interest from the public again this year, even though the stand was rather out at the back.  Some just loving the dogs but some really interested parties to find a puppy.  Lots agreed they would try to visit the Fun weekend this year.  The stand was never empty.   One person on Sunday came to see them after seeing one in the terrier group on TV on Saturday.  She was thrilled to find it was the same one (Travis).  The dogs wore orange bandanas and everyone came in to see them.  Laura and Sonia had the dogs doing a few tricks for the children.  David Bond who had an Eaglespur rescue dog came to the stand.  The dog is doing very well now.  John Jones also visited us, he had a Manchester in the late 90's who became a champion (Megellen Kalia) and I handled it for him.  Elaine got Lollie's picture taken with an Eastender's star.  The public certainly had good information, great enthusiastic owners and lots of lovely tempered Manchester to fuss."

It was great to have so many volunteers this year.  Sue Pinkham, Sonia, Clive and I, put up the stand on Wednesday.  Helpers were Sue and Lexi, Sonia and Billy, Nigel and Portia with Mable, complete with her hat, Ann and Chris with Sophie and Ash, Liz Stedman with Perry and Merlot, Vickie and Laura with Ruby and Hope, Leslie Olbinson with Mr D and her Mum, Bethany and Elaine with Lollie.  Saturday was kindly covered during the showing by Sarah York, Dave Chapman with Troy, Paul Standring and Phil Doughty.  Can't forget the Talanors Gang, Travis. Taylor and Tia.”  It was agreed by everyone who saw the stand that we should have won the prize for the best stand.  Thank you from everyone in the breed for all those who helped on the stand and your wonderful Manchesters.

Ella Eva
07581 780786


At Crufts our Judge was our Chairman Mick Oxley of the Digelsa MTs.  Out of his entry of 57 dogs, including several from overseas, he made the Knights Ch Westbank Blue Diamond for Talanors [T Smart Treat X T Star Struck at W] BOB out of the Open Dog class.   The bitch CC was something of a spectacular triumph.  Rattustrap Top Totty [Ch Digelsa Diamond Geezer at Lizelms X Egloshayle Sea Sprite JW ShCM] was exported to Finland having won 2 CCs.  She now has a string of European Ch titles.  She came back to the UK for Crufts and won the wonderful 3rd CC.  The RCCs were won by the  Buxton’s Millacome Made in Heaven ShCM [Int Ch and Ch Talanors Hellova Treat for Sipowitz X Talanors Magic Moments for M] and the Dunford/Akrigg Quixol Soiree [Ch Digelsa Diamond Geezer at Lizelms X Q Quartz].   Best Puppy was another Rattustrap, Rattustrap Imperial Red [R Black Sheep JW X Egloshayle Sea Sprite JW ShCM].  Carli Priestman’s Felfree Top Oscar won his Junior class and with it his JW.  Gill and Blue Diamond looked good on the TV footage of the Terrier Group; his coat glowing with health and fitness.  It was a brief glimpse of him, but better than in previous years.  At least we saw him on the judging table and moving and had some reasonably informed commentary. 

Pat Bunyan came to Crufts to watch the MT judging.  She was amazed at how many new owners there are since she was showing her Bertie; but said that everyone was as friendly as ever.  Like the rest of us she found it a treat to see so many MTs all together.  As she says, Bertie is the only one in her part of Lincolnshire and he is very seldom recognised as such.  She tried to get to the Breed Stand at Discover Dogs, but the crowds were so thick that she gave up.

Thanks to everyone who helped with the Stand.  It really is worth it; many people who did manage to get through the crowds and visit the stand said how friendly the dogs were and the people on the stand were helpful.
Nigel Keats’s Mighty Mabel has had her photograph in both the Daily Mail and the Sun.  She is wearing her yellow ear warmer hat, specially designed and made for her by Nigel,.  Sadly neither of the papers said what breed she is. 
Georgie Ferguson showed her Ch Felfree Rocket in the Junior Handling stakes class and was placed 3rd out of a big entry of Terriers.  Jane says that as she got him down from his bench before showing at least 3 people asked what breed he was.  As she says “...and this was Crufts.”

Ella Eva
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Alison Jones and her Suzie  had a lovely day at the Welsh Junior Of The Year 2015.   “it was amazing to see such a variety of different breeds all contending for the title in total there was 64 dogs with a reserve list also in place. We were placed in the first group with the draw made at the start and the dogs all paraded around the ring with the two judges then opening the sealed envelopes to find which group they were to judge – our judge was Maria Harding. The dogs were shown under the match system – Suzie and I were drawn with a stunning Dalmatian dog, which Suzie thought was great fun to play with before we entered the ring. The commentator did a lovely piece on the Manchester Terrier breed as we showed in the ring covering their origins and history and Suzie happily trotted around showing very nicely, but alas the Dalmatian went through to the second round. However it was a most lovely experience with some lovely prizes for everyone and it was great to be able to compete at such a prestigious event in Wales, I don't know if a Manchester Terrier has ever competed at the Welsh Junior of the Year before so it was a great honour to represent the breed.  Suzie is from our first litter of Manchester Terriers and her KC name is Barleydust Fayre Day. To qualify for the Welsh Junior Of The Year the owner and dog have to be a resident of Wales and the dog has to have won a first in a junior class at either a general champ show, breed club champ/open show or win at a general open show.”  Well done from everyone and I don’t know of anyone with an MT who has qualified for the competition 

More news from Wales, Juliette Morris and her Gwladys competed in their first Agility Competition and Gwladys won her first rosette and a big red First one too. 

Back in the 1930’s Laurene and Joseph Wishart of the Lilac Farms SMTs in Nebraska in America bought a dog from a Mr Anstey who bred MTs in Coventry.  Mr Anstey was a butcher, living and working at 49 Hill Street, Coventry where he had a kennel of about 40 MTs.  As far as I know he did not breed or register any Manchesters after the war.  Both the Wisharts and I assume that his business and Kennel was destroyed during the bombing of Coventry during the war.  Sue Pinkham lives in Coventry and is going to look through the city archive to see whether the street was bombed.  During their stay the Wisharts also met Miss Schwabe of the “...of Dreams” Manchesters, who with her father was one of the most successful and influential breeder back then.  Miss Schwabe broke up her kennel and immigrated to South Africa after the war.  No wonder there were so few MTs left after the War when two such big kennels were destroyed by the war and its aftermath.

At Both Swindon and Oxford shows the Ferguson’s Ch Felfree Rocket ShCM went BOB and at Oxford they won Group 2.  I think that we might lose our classes at Swindon.  The entries are down to about 3 dogs each year.  It was a popular show for those of us in the west of the country.  But there do not seem to be any dogs from the area showing now.  Jane also won the Senior Handling classes.

Ella Eva


THE BREED Records Supplement shows that 63 puppies have been registered out of 13 litters. These are the figures for the last quarter of 2014. The final total for the full year is 187. This is 11 down on last year, which was the highest number recorded since 2005. These high figures owe a lot to Eaglespur litters. There is not much spread among the stud dogs used. Two dogs were used three times and one twice. Eight dogs have been tested for vWD and worryingly, two of them are carriers. Looking at their breeding, they have pretty well nothing in common.

I have written recently about the Kennel Club’s rather feeble efforts to publicise and make more popular the native vulnerable breeds like ours. Two more breeds have been added to the list and still there is no real initiative from the KC; introducing a competition for these breeds in the show ring is not doing anything at all to make them more visible to anyone outside the show circuit. It might of course bring them to the attention of others in the show world who might take on one or two to show and breed from. This was of course the saving of our breed after the war. It is clear that we will have to continue our efforts at Discover Dogs, the country fairs we have stands at and the now many world wide websites there are. It is working though – our numbers grow year on year at a steady rate, compatible with the rather restricted gene pool that there is and puppy sales seem buoyant. In addition a lot of young people are coming into the breed, both here and in Europe. Some of the vulnerable breeds simply do not attract new fanciers and those there are, are getting on in life.

Interestingly there is a bit in the 2004 Highlights where the then chairman Peter Eva says that he has "tried to remind the KC through its chairman that rare British (English in our case) breeds, particularly terriers are very vulnerable.” If you do your sums, that is 11 years ago!

At Aston-under-Lyne Nigel Keate’s Mighty Mabel (Rattustrap Roaring Meg at Haamblet) went BOB and G3. He and she are rather pleased with themselves.

Nicola Jeynes’ Dodger took part for the first time in UKA champion steeple chase with a clear round and was placed second. Nicola is proud of him; he is not afraid to be up against the standard Collie height.

Ella Eva


This is a message from our Patron, Enid Teague Knight “I had such a nice surprise yesterday to received a package, very securely  packed, containing the lovely model of our Manchester Terrier, how splendid is  the conformation, the artist is to be congratulated.  It now stands pride of place in my room; please convey my grateful thanks to committee and members for the very kind thought and presentation. It is being admired by my visitors and home staff and I am proud to say a current talking point, also the orchids they are doing well and producing new buds. As I have said in my previous email, after receiving the orchids I live with my long memories, now endorsed by your pleasing gestures.

Sincere best wishes, bless you all.
 Enid T.K.

Saturday the 21st February was the BMTC Open show with Janet Forshaw of the Janzin MTs doing the honours.  She made her BIS Sue Smith’s Simjest Kiara’s Candy Girl [Ch Brookstream Marcus Banks JW ShCM X Calastoa’s Lady of Meltham] out of the Limit Class.  Reserve BIS was another bitch the Dunford/Akrigg Quixol Soiree [Ch Digelsa Diamond Geezer at Lizelms X Q Quartz] again out of Limit.  Best Dog was the Ferguson’s Ch Felfree Rocket ShCM [Ch Brookstream Marcus Banks JW ShCM X Ch Mansiya Casting Circles at F].  Best Puppy was the Beaver’s/Scott Rattustrap Red Feather [R Black Sheep JW X Egloshayle Sea Sprite JW ShCM] and Mr Beavers was awarded the Best New Comer prize.  Best Veteran was the Tyrell’s Sophyla Sixpence out of the 10 years or over class. 
There were lots of people new to the breed.  We are so fortunate to attract them to MTs consistently year on year.   They are the future life and prosperity of the breed.  We may be one of the officially ‘endangered’ breeds, but we have this real prospect of continuing to gradually grow in the future, because of new people buying and showing the breed and of course taking part in Agility to show them off to the rest of the dog world.  I hope they felt welcome and had some success because they really are the future prosperity of our unique, wonderful Manchester Terriers.

Our venue was at its horrible worst. When the first of the Committee arrived at the hall, all the doors, back and front were open and the floor wet from being washed down.  We are of course delighted to have a clean hall, but it made a very cold start on a very cold day.  It did not improve much either.  The heating system is just not capable of heating the place in such weather.  What with that, the black flooring on which our black dogs disappear and the awful lighting, it was as bad as it could be!  The only place to get yourself and your dog warm was the hallway which had an infra red heater.  When it rained the roof leaked and we sat and had the dog’s cages in a permanent puddle.  Despite all that, thanks to all the committee members for an immaculately run show and in particular to the Show Manager, Chris Harrison for his signs to the show; there was no excuse for getting lost.  Why do we continue to use the place?  It is of course fairly central, easy for Chris to get to, who has to be there at crack of sparrow to set things up, but apart from that it is horrible.  I don’t know anyone who thinks that it is ideal.   It took a long drive in a warm car and a stop at McDonalds on the way back to get warm again.

In America at the Westminster show the BOB was Am Ch Tonia A New Leash on Life owned by Taina Taylor – Ghione.  BOS was Medley’s Set Fire to the Rain V Leovendi owned by Tammi Myers.  The dog ‘Open ‘Class where the BOB came from was shown live on the computer, a wonderful service much better than Crufts where we are lucky to get a glimpse of an MT in the distance.
You must watch the Great British Paint Off on BBC 1 at 6pm on Sundays because Fay Fitch’s daughter is one of the contestants.  So far I have not worked out which one is her daughter, but I expect all will be revealed.  Fay hopes that when they show the ‘profile’ of her daughter, it will include the Manchesters or at least one of the many paintings she had done of the dogs.  So a Sunday evening must for you all.  MTs don’t get that sort of publicity very often.

Ella Eva


Our Vice Chairman and Club Archivist H Hockley now has a job with the Kennel Club in its department dealing with Good Citizens.  H has been with the Luton Borough Dog Warden Section for many years.  In that time H and his team have won awards for Luton for the excellence of their Dog Warden work; here’s wishing H all the very best in his new job.
 Angelo Sartori’s Black Idols Nuvolari went BOB at a show in Italy and won the Group too.  The judge was Mr Adinolfi Henrey [I hope that I have the name right].  Angelo has written on Facebook thanking the judge.  He writes, “Thank you for being one of the few to recognise the quality of the subject and the courage to give a Manchester Terrier a first place in Italy”.  As you know it doesn’t happen here a lot either.

At both Rugby show and Cheltenham on the same weekend Jane Ferguson’s Ch Felfree Rocket ShCM went BOB.  At the first show he won Group 3 and at Cheltenham Group 2.  At Rugby Liz Stedman’s Mansiya If you Dare was BP.

Ella Eva
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Carol and Stewart Morris’s Pixie [Ch Brookstream Flower Fairy at Calastoa] has died after a short illness.  She was bred out of Brookstream Bellamia and their famous Ch Calastoa Starlight. 

She was born 3rd April 2005 and was the dam of Ch Calastoa Amber Nectar and Ch Calastoa Ruby Tuesday from her first litter with Ch Brookstream Marcus Banks.

Between them they won many CCs; Amber Nectar winning four of them in successive years at Crufts.

 Her third litter produced Calastoa's English Rose to Mansiya, one CC and a BOB and Calastoa's Lady of Meltham At Simjest also one CC and a BOB plus they both have won reserve tickets.

 She herself won 3 CCs and 3 RCCs all between 2007 and 2009. 

Stewart writes about her; “I can't put in to words how we feel; she is sadly missed and will be for a long, long time”. 

There have been many messages of sympathy for Carol and Stewart.


This is written on the 1st February and I have turned over my Manchester Terrier calendar page.  January’s picture is a classic; it is of the Palmers MTs racing towards the camera over the beach with a calm sea in the distance and a wonderful peach sunrise behind them.  Dave Palmer took it.  He says that it was just by chance, being in the right place at the right time.  One of the dogs is their Ivy who died recently, so it is full of nostalgic memories for them. 

There is a thoughtful article by Shelia Atter in this week’s Dog word about Cesky Terriers getting CCs for the first time.  One point she makes is that when they get CC status they might find that people come into the breed because it is small numerically and they think that it will be easy to make up Champions in the breed.  Over the years in MTs we have had so many people who had a relatively undistinguished career in their other breeds and chose MTs for this reason.  They disappeared as soon as they found that it was no easier to breed and show a Manchester than any other breed.  We still have some of them on our judging list that we haven’t seen for decades!

Ella Eva
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The club have been offered a new venue for Club shows in the Forest of Dean.   It has ample parking, space for caravans and chalets to let.  There are lovely walks for the dogs and of course it is accessible from the M5.  The motorway is convenient for those coming from the south and from the north.  The offer of sharing a hall with the Airedales at Manchester show has been vetoed because it would not be possible for visitors to come with their pet MTs and puppies to meet their breeders and to socialize.  That is a very good reason, we do have a wonderful social atmosphere at the shows now and it is a treat to see the news pups.

Kath Noden of the Joemario MTs is the top MT breeder in Ireland this year. 
Bethany Crawley had a good day at the Newton Abbott show when her Digelsa Dancing with Darla went BOB and Group 4 and her puppy, Marlablue in a Twirl was BP.

So far in the south we have not had any snow.  But on the continent the snow has arrived and there are pictures on the various MT sites of Manchesters pulling sledges, one of them harnessed beside a Husky and another of them pulling their owners along  on their skis.  We do have a versatile breed.  They seem to be able to do anything that is asked of them. 

Ella Eva
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There was a good turn out of 21 Manchesters at the Manchester show, particularly as it was a week day and without tickets.  Our Judge was Julian Barney who had hurt his ankle over Christmas and was still in a massive dressing.  It was literally an heroic effort.  He made the Ferguson’s Ch Felfree Rocket ShCM BOB and the Dunford’s Ch Paucelin Armana by Quixol BB.  Best Puppy was the Dale/Saxton/Emrick Rattustrap Imperial Red.  We were benched and judged once again in the Argyle Suite, which is nicer than the main hall and much nicer than the draughty annex to the main hall that we sometimes have to endure.  We can if we wish hold our Club show at the venue in conjunction with the main show.  One of the Airedale Clubs use one of the halls and it is big enough to hold two shows at the same time.  Just think of the effort it would save setting up the show and how much easier it is to get to Stafford than Tomlisons.  The latter is a barrack of a place either freezing or too hot and the wind rattles the walls when the weather is bad. The food is pretty dire too and the food at Stafford is excellent.

Zoe Lindopp has found a book written in 1920 I think in America, that comments on the name Manchester Terrier for our breed, rather than Black and Tan Terrier.  He says that “Manchester has by far the larger number of is a pity that some of those who have written regarding the “unwarranted assumption” of Manchester claiming the large Black and Tan did not look up their own Stud Book.”  I have never seen another good explanation of why the name was changed and this seems to be as good as any other.   H found some medals awarded to MTs at shows in 1890 where the breed is called The English Terrier/Manchester Terrier.  It is called The English Terrier in a dog book called “Anecdotes” published in 1823.  The author is a Captain Brown.

Annie Salmon went to an exhibition of paintings at the Queen’s Gallery.  It was about the Georgians and the monarchy.  She was attracted to a painting by Philippe Mercier of one of George II sons playing the cello because her husband plays the double bass and there in the left hand corner was a smooth coated black and tan dog looking up at the musicians. The painting is dated 1733.   Our breed has a long history.

Ella Eva
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I am starting with the sad news that the Charlton’s Alfie [ Ch Digelsa Diamond Geezer at  Lizelms ShCM] had died.  He was only 4 years old.  He was Liz and Harry’s first Manchester.  They had campaigned Dobermans before he arrived.  He was born on the 23rd January 2011 and bred out of the Oxley’s top winning Ch Digelsa Double Entendre JW ShCM and Ch Newtonian Slim Shady JW ShCM.  As far as my records go, though they are not up to date, he has won 4 CCs and one RCC under a mixture of Allrounders and Specialist judges.  Everyone in the breed has sent sympathy to the Charltons on their loss.  It is hard to lose a dog so young and in his prime.

Happier news now, in Europe Brigitt Braun’s Roxy has been nominated for the Sporting Dog of 2014.  She has excelled at Agility.  Many congratulations to Brigitt and Roxy; it is a wonderful achievement and here’s hoping that they win the award.
Another MT has excelled in Agility.  Nicola Jeynes has been adding up all Dodgers awards and he is now and Agility Champion.  Nicola says,”I am so thrilled, especially as he competes against much bigger Collies when running at Standard Height at UKA shows.  It has been a great end to the Christmas holidays. “

It was sad to hear that Lance Percival has died.  His claim to fame as far as we MT fanciers is concerned is that in his book of verse on dogs, “Well Versed Dogs”, there is one about a Manchester.  I can’t remember any of the lines except that the MT flies a Lear Jet!

At Boston show under judge Ben Reynolds Frost Judy Thurlow’s Erkenwyne Lady Guinevere JW was BOB and the Lewis’s Rattustrap Red Admiral was BD out of the PD class.  Reserve BOB was the Saxton/Dale/Emrick dog Rattustrap Imperial Red.

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Our Patron Enid Teague Knight of the Eaglespur Manchester Terriers has sent a message to everyone in the breed via her husband, Trevor.  “I have requested my husband to send you this email of my New Year Greetings to all members and to bring you all up-to-date.  Alas, I am now resident in a nursing/care home requiring nursing care 24/7.   I am grateful to say the home is giving me every care and attention and I am receiving regular visits from family and friends. I assume you know, my kennels have been taken over by my loyal and long time friend Mrs Anne Colley and her daughter Lana, who are doing a very fine job to continue the Eaglespur line.  I view the relevant web site which keeps me informed and they visit with the new puppies. I relive my memories of some fifty years breeding and supporting the breed club and holding office. My sincere desire is that the club and my beloved Manchesters will continue to proceed from strength to strength into future years.

I send my sincere good wishes to the committee and members for health and every success in the New Year, please keep up the good work.

Your Patron,
Enid E.Teague-Knight.”

I have written before on this theme, that our debt to Enid is incalculable.  She has remained faithful to the breed through all the ups and downs in her life.  This is a wonderful message from her and the news that the kennel is continuing with Ann Colley at the helm is reassuring.  
There is sad news though to start the New Year with the death of the Palmer’s Quixol Misty Ivy at Egloshayle ShCM.   Carol writes; “It is a sad day at Egloshayle as we had Ivy put to sleep this morning old age had caught up with her. This very special little Chester taught me most of what I know about the breed especially how to show or may be not show a Chester. She was a great little dog to live with always full of life and wanting to play. She did really well in the show ring winning Best Puppy in Breed 2003, 1 CC and 8 res CC's also winning her Show Certificate of Merit. Ivy was a great mother to all our pups, hers and everyone else’s.   She loved to play but was really gentle and protective with them. Good bye Ivy you will really be missed.”  Emails have been coming in from all over the country with messages of sympathy for Carol and Dave.

To more mundane matters; there was a good entry on New Year’s Day at Coventry Ladies show for our judge Mark Walshaw, but absentees cut it in half.  He made the Ferguson’s Ch Felfree Rocket ShCM BOB and Group 3.  Liz Stedman’s Mansiya If You Dare was BP and RBOB.  Sue Pinkham and Sonia Owczarek who live close by the venue came to watch and wish everyone a Happy New Year.  It was a happy atmosphere.

Ella Eva
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Every Manchester Terrier who has passed the Good Citizens test, from Bronze to Gold has been invited to take part in the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme displays at Crufts 2015. The Scheme is looking to recruit individual handlers to represent Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards at the show. The invitation was sent to Carol Wicker by the KC.  It was done at very short notice.  I wonder if anyone will have seen it and will be able to apply in time.  Entrants are being offered free passes, parking spaces, tee shirts and lots more.  They are stressing that all the dogs must have a good, equable temperament.  Surely if they had not, they would not have passed the tests?  The KC are also looking for volunteers each day that would be willing to assist in staffing the show entrances between 6.30am and 10.00am, to give out poop scoop bags to show exhibitors. Anyone participating as a volunteer will be allocated a free entrance pass and a car park ticket.  This might be impossible for Club members, there are not that many of us and many will be at the Discover Dogs stand, Chris Dunning and her Ebbie will be demonstrating their dancing routine, our Vice Chairman will be busy for all four days on the GC stand and the rest of us will be showing.

Best wishes from Sam and I to everyone for 2015.  I hope that there will not be so many Manchesters going missing in the New Year.  There seems to have been a rash of them in the last few months of this year.  Most are home again safely, but even one still missing is too many.  Thoughts are with all the owners who are still looking for their dog.

Ella Eva
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I think that all the Manchester Terrier owners that entered at LKA, win or lose, would vote it a super days showing.  We were second in the ring after a large entry of Parsons so no horribly early start for us.  The weather was kind, the motorways working well and the new halls and layout an improvement.  We were benched just beside our ring;  our Judge was Beverely O’Neil of the Megellan MTs.  We had a buffet lunch before showing, organised for us by Sue Pinkham.  There was enough food to feed everyone at the show.  Thanks to Sue and all those who contributed.  The atmosphere was lovely with everyone exchanging Christmas and New Year greetings.  Nigel Keates had bought all the dogs’ presents of bells to attach to their collars.  My Sam jingles sweetly on his walks.  His friends in the park sniff carefully at the bells when he greats them!

The Ferguson’s Ch Felfree Rocket ShCM [Ch Brookstream Marcus Banks JW ShCM X Ch Mansiya Casting Circles with Felfree] was BOB; winning his 4th CC.  He was attacked by a Labrador a day or two before the show and was very lame as a result.  Happily for the Fergusons he made a full recovery in time for the show.  The Bitch CC out of the Limit Class went to Sue Smith’s Simjest Klara’s Candy Girl [Ch Brookstream Marcus Banks JW ShCM X Calastoa’s Lady of Meltham at S] and that is her second.  The RCCs were won by the Chris and Ann Harrison’s Magpiebank Ash [ NZ Ch Lindhorne Spellbound X Sophyla Sophie] and by Carol Wicker’s Mimbre Bombette [Westwytch Bolt for Gold X M Solitaire]; both of them out of the Junior Class.  There were eight puppies entered and the best of them all was Ann Hebb’s dog Paucelin Falster [Ch Digelsa Dig Deep  at Brockenella X P Anna].  Liz Hammett’s Mansiya If You Dare at his first Championship show was second in his puppy class and then won his Bronze Good Citizens. 

Dave Chapman has sent a picture of a pavement artist drawing a head study of a Manchester Terrier.  It is very good indeed, but sad that it is not permanent.  He should be commissioned to draw the same on paper.

Thank you to everyone for their cards and for all the news and pictures you have sent for the Breed Notes during the past year.  Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year from Sam and I.

Ella Eva
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Ann Harrison reminders BMTC Members that subscription renewals are due on 1st January.  For those of you who have joined since 1st November your joining fee covers the 2015 membership, and some have already paid (with their entry for the October Show for example)
The rates are as follows:
Single £9.00
Joint £14.00
Senior Citizen Single £7.00
Senior Citizen Joint £10.00
Junior (up to 16 years of age) £2.00
Family Membership (2 Adults and 2 or more Children under 16) £16.00.
There are many ways to pay:
Send a PO/cheque payable to the BMTC to Ann – address in the Club Year Book.  To set up a standing order email her for a form.  Pay by PayPal on the account attached to the Secretaries email address; but please be sure to mark your payment 'Gift' or the Club has to pay a fee on your behalf.  If you have any queries, or you are not sure if you have already paid please do not hesitate to contact Ann.

I am reorganizing my office.  This involves moving a number of files which are of old Breed Notes, of pictures and show results. It takes a long time because I sit down and read them instead of putting them up in the attic.   In one of the 1980’s files there is a letter from Nerolie which among other things says that in 1980 there were only two Open Shows putting on classes for the breed.  Things really have changed for the better.  There are now almost too many shows with classes for us.  The other thing that is a bit shocking is the number of specialist judges that regularly gave BOB and tickets to dogs of their own breeding.  That was one KC rule change for the better.   I have pictures of Specialist judges giving tickets in the breed that we never see now but are still on our Judging Lists.  They are never seen at shows either; perhaps they should consider having their names removed from the Lists as they no longer have any interest in the breed?

There have been some nice wins at Open shows, but as none of them give details of the shows, the judges or the KC names of the dogs I can’t really give details of them here, but congratulations to everyone on their wins.

Ella Eva
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The KC has at last announced what form their new initiative for the Vulnerable Breeds is to take. It is to be a competition where the dogs win points at both Open and Championship shows. The dog with the most points in each breed will take part in a competition to be held at Crufts to become the dog of the year. The points will be for BOB or BAVNSC and for Group placings, but only at Championship shows which seems a bit odd. It is to be held for a year on a trial basis and is to be sponsored by Eukanuba and the final will be at Crufts. Once again the MT does not really have any hope of being the top dog on points as we rarely get places in Championship show Groups. Only the glamorous ones like the Skye, Lakeland, Irish and Kerry etc. will be able to get these points. I should think that the Glen of Immal people feel much the same. The KC hope that Open shows with classes will be sponsored by the breed clubs so that they will be encouraged to pick listed judges and if the entry is not good it will not count against them in the overall calculations for dogs per class. The latter requirement by the KC is what is slowly killing the Open shows. What on earth does it matter how many dogs there are in each class? It is an Open Show, there are no KC awards on offer at these shows. Carol Wicker has already had requests from Open show secretaries for sponsorship of their MT classes. It seems to me another pot hunters competition. I suppose that we should applause some initiative for us Vulnerables by the KC.

When the skeleton of a dog was found among the wreckage of the Mary Rose, we MT people claimed it as one of ours. DNA testing has been done on one of the dogs teeth. It is a bitch, black and tan with long hair. So I am afraid that it was not a Manchester terrier type. The Scientists say that it is a Whippet type or a Jack Russell. It could of course be no such thing either as neither breed existed then. I think that we should continue to claim it as a Black and Tan!

Liz Steadman’s Mansiya If You Dare made his debut at the Reading and DKA show. He won Best Puppy and RBOB and then went on to be Terrier Group 4. That is a good start to his showing career. Liz Charlton’s Ch Diglesa Diamond Geezer was BOB and TG1 at her local show. Mark Walshaw was the judge.

Ella Eva
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Peter and I have no children so Christmas day is spent with family and their children. Our dogs are left at home with a promise of a turkey doggy bag when we return. It is a very good excuse to rush off after lunch saying we have to walk the dogs. The walk is always peaceful and quiet as everyone else is at home digesting their turkey meal.

One year though we arranged on Christmas Eve to collect holly from bushes ladened with berries on the local National Trust land. It snowed, but we decided not to be put off. Mother’s Dachshund and my sisters Pekingese would not be left behind so we set out with four Manchester Terriers and those two. It was snowing, the path had disappeared, the snow was knee deep. We hoicked the Peke and the Dachs out of the drifts and eventually had to carry the Peke as he was covered with snowballs and could not walk. The Manchesters loved every minute, leaping in and out of the snow drifts. When we reached the holly bushes there was not one berry left on them. The birds had got there before us. It was Christmas without holly.

Ella Eva
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There are so many MTs in some sort of trouble at the moment. Two lost dogs, thankfully both back home and recovered from their ordeal; though perhaps their owners have taken a little longer to recover. Now there is a young bitch missing in the Salisbury area. She belongs to Pay Grant who farms there. She has been missing for two weeks and is in season. Pay thinks that she might have got into someone’s car as she is so friendly. Pay has owned Manchesters for many years. The first one bought from Nerolie de Lavis Trafford. She was trained to herd the sheep on the farm. It is such a long time for a dog to be missing with no news and no sightings. I hope that she is found soon safe and well.

Up in Cheshire the Harrisons Ash is in the dog house, though it seems that he enjoyed himself and thought he was rather clever. “Ash gave Chris a heart stopping five minutes this week. He was up at my sisters working on her front gate and the dogs were safely shut behind another gate in the back garden. There are a few linked outbuildings around the front yard; Chris and the brother-in-law were in the workshop. Brother-in-law went back out into the yard and exclaimed words to the effect of "oh dear".

Chris looked out of the door to see Ash peering down at them from on top of the stable roof!
He was merrily trotting back and forwards across the ridge and generally having a jolly good nosey at what they were doing! He had managed to jump onto a part of the roof at the back where it slopes down towards a bank and the gutter is only about 4 foot off the ground. He had then made his way over three other roofs to get to his vantage point. A hasty hunt for a step ladder and he was literally 'grounded' for the rest of the day. Do people with other breeds have these kinds of problems?”

I have been going on for some time about the truly awful handling that our dogs have to endure in the show ring and the rough time the entrants at the show in Belgium last week had to endure. Sandy Krijgsveld from Holland says that some of the other judges on the Continent are just as bad. One has been prevented from judging a breed because there were so many complaints about the way he handled the dogs. Sandy says that the Judge takes about 1minute 30 seconds to go over the dog and that is that. Perhaps we should grumble more instead of just accepting the treatment meted out to our dogs.

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I had some good news today. David Bond rang to say that Razzle who is one of Enid Teague Knight’s puppies has settled in to being a house dog with him and Phil. Razzle was one of the dogs that had to be rehomed when the Enid’s kennel was closed. David and Phil had had a dog from me when they live in the Isle of Wight. They had to move up to Staffordshire and were by then dogless. I thought of them when we were looking for homes for some of the dogs. Razzle went from a kennel life to a domestic life, which can be a difficult time for both the new owners and for the dog. David says that she settled in immediately. They have had only one ‘accident’ and now when she want to go out into the garden to relieve herself she come to them and shakes her head. That is self taught. Once when she came up to them and they asked if she wanted to go out, she shook her head. Dave says that she almost talks to them. I don’t know about you, but it is wonderful to hear of dogs settling happily into a new life.
Jane Ferguson has been showing her Ch Felfree Rocket ShCM in Belgium and he has won two CACIBs and one CAC. One of the judges was English from our A list and the other was a European Allrounder. As of writing this they are waiting for the Group, but as there are about 30 dogs in a European Terrier Group she is not very optimistic. Jane was 4th in the Handling classes on both days and was the highest place UK competitor overall.

At the Penzance show the Palmers young puppy, Egloshayle Queen of the May, only six months and one week, went BOB, BP, Terrier Group 4 and Terrier Puppy Group 1. The judge was Sue Garner.

The Breed Record Supplement for the 3rd quarter of 2014 is published. 34 dogs have been registered out of 7 litters. That is 124 so far this year, a few dogs down on this time last year. Six terrier breeds have even fewer registrations than us. Out of the seven litters two studs were used twice. There is one export, to Sweden. One dog has been tested for vWD and is clear.

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Our Breed stand at Discover Dogs at Earls Court was once again organised for us by Judy Thurlow and Pam Stubbington.  It was very busy each day and was voted by everyone working on it the best designed stand there.  Not that they were biased in any way of course.  Thank you to Judy and to everyone who went along with their dogs; they are so good.  Leonie St Claire noticed a bit of change in the public this year, more people seemed genuinely interested in the character of the breed and the pros and cons of owning an MT, not just how 'cute' they look.  Lots of sensible questions including how much socialisation they need.  Earls Court is not easy to get to with dogs and as it was the same weekend as the Lord Mayors Show and the Remembrance service too this year, it must have been even worse than usual.  It is the last time DD will be held there.  There is now a wonderful team of people who help at both the Discover Dogs events and all the other events where we are invited to have a breed stand; must not forget the dogs as they are the stars, working so hard being petted and stroked all day.  I say it every year but it is amazing just how steady and social the dogs are now. 

There have been some nice wins at Open shows for the breed.  At Torquay show Bethany Crawleys Marlablue In a Twirl was BOB and Group 3.  The Palmers were showing their new puppy, Egloshayle Queen of the May who was BP and PG4.  At Yorkshire Sporting Terrier the Charlton’s Ch Digelsa Diamond Geezer at Lizelms was BOB and in the short list for BIS.  The judge was Joanne Vickers. Then at Liverpool show Val Savilles Calastoa Isadora at Dobermatian was BOB and won the Terrier Group.

We have a gold medal winner in the breed too.  The Harrisons Magpiebank Ash has won his Good Citizens Gold.  Many congratulations to both him and to Chris who handles and trains him.  At an agility event, UKA Bromyard, Nicola Jeynes Dodger did very well, winning one first and three seconds.  His new companion, Maisie, went along to get a feel of what a day’s Agility is about.  Dodger had his usual fish and chip supper as his reward.   He shared it, grudgingly, with Maisie.

My Sam is handled for me occasionally when she is able to by Robyn Arnall. Robyn has just won the best Junior Handler of the Year.  Many, many congratulations to her from Sam and I.  Sam is seriously in love with Robyn.   Though he will have to behave better than he did when Robyn last handled him or she might not be happy to take him into the ring again.  He sat down on the table and refused to take any more part in showing and even stopped short of the judge at the end of the triangle.  Mind you he and all the other MTs showing that day were badly mishandled by our non specialist judge.  Is it necessary to lean over an MT and feel all down both sides of the dog and then fiddle endlessly with the rest of his anatomy?  The judge was heard to grumble about the quality of his MT entry, but perhaps he should think again about his approach to judging an MT.  It was one of those days when you wonder why you go to shows!

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Auke and Sandy Krijgsveld are organising the 24th Manchester Terrier Happening on the weekend of the 26th to 28th June 2015. It will be at the Het Veluws Hof in Hoenderloo in Holland. Location: Camping Het Veluws Hof, Krimweg 152-154 ,7351 TM Hoenderloo.

The website is ready: The program is ready.
There is plenty of camping space; there will be dog games, a BBQ, a walk with your dogs in the forest and a demonstration by Sandy of her dogs playing with the Frisbee. Everyone from the UK is welcome. It is well worth getting your dog a pet passport and booking a place on the tunnel train. Holland is very accessible by car from the UK. Sandy says that everyone who would like to visit this happening in Holland should go to the website for information; click on the picture, you will enter the information part. Sandy and Auke hope to see a lot of English friends in Holland.

Christianne Beardow and her Ch Int Ch Talanors Hellova Treat for Sipowitz have had a wonderful win at one of the Channel Islands shows. Stui won Best in Show at the Guernsey Kennel Club Winter Open Show under judge Gavin Robertson of Soletrader. Gavin also judged the Terrier Group. She and Mark are very happy as you can imagine. It also qualifies Stui for the prestigious Dog of the Year competition in Jersey in 2015. They have been trying to qualify for several years but you can only do so by winning either the Puppy Group, Adult Group or Best Veteran in Group at any of the shows held in either Jersey or Guernsey. You have to qualify every year to take part in the final, which is then held in February the following year.

A few of us went to the Coventry Foleshill show at the weekend and Sue Pinkham brought Lexi to meet us. If you remember it was Lexi who went missing from the Pet Weekend in Manchester. She is still very battered round her head, above her eye, but her paws are healed. Sue took her for a walk locally and she was quite composed, but she was obviously unhappy at the show with all the crowds and noise. We wish her better and hope that she is back to her happy self again soon. Sadly another young Manchester is missing in the Oakdale, Blackwood area which is in Gwent. Her name is Ella, she is 16 months old and she belongs to Nigel Price. I have just heard that she is home after being missing for two days. “Unbelievable news the wanderer returns. ELLA IS HOME SAFE AND SOUND and apart from wanting her tea and an early bath, Seems none the worse for her adventure.” Nigel wishes to thank everyone who looked for her in all weathers and all hours. She was in someone’s front garden and they thankfully knew how to approach her and coax her into the house. Nigel says that it was the most harrowing Halloween ever and he hopes never to have another one like it.

The Oxleys Ch Diglesa De Ja Vu JW ShCM went Best in Show at the Manchester Sporting Terrier show. The Judge was Mike Vickers. A wonderful win for her and the breed and I think the second BIS win she has had.

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Squirrel hunting

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Sue Pinkham was setting up the Breed stand at the Manchester pet show with the help of Lesley Olbison and others.  It was not the normal calm orderly day on a breed stand.  This is Sue’s account of what happened.  “On Saturday we were doing a Manchester breed stand at the family pet show at event City Trafford Park Manchester. Unfortunately when I had nipped to the loo and to get something to eat Lexi escaped from the stand and came looking for me.
With so many people trying to catch she took fright and she escaped the centre into the car park after a guard stood in front of the automatic doors. 

Nigel Keates from the stand was in hot pursuit and after 2 laps around the centre she crossed a dual carriageway into another network of car parks. She was last seen running up the middle of a dual carriage-way packed with speeding cars. 
By this time me, Nigel, Portia, Elizabeth and Sonia Owczarek were in hot pursuit. However despite sightings from public, no trace.  We split up and went in different directions me with Portia, Sonia and Nigel.

One driver saw Lexi on the road running in the opposite direction and turned around to try and catch her. He saw Sonia with her orange bandana on the verge and stopped and asked her if she had lost a dog with an orange bandana. When she said yes he said jump in and he took her to where he had last seen her and they drove around searching the area.
However she had disappeared. By this time Harvey's Army who were at the show heard of our plight and they joined the search. I joined one car whilst Sonia and Nigel stayed on foot searching the verges. Nigel's pedometer said that at the end of the day they had run and walked 9.6 miles.

By this time another Manchester owner Lesley Olbinson who lives in Manchester had picked up mine and Nigel's voice message seeking her help in the search.  

We also had dog search involved, the police, dog warden, BBC radio, security guards, ambulance drivers, taxi drivers, dog walkers all in the search.

She had disappeared at 13,00 and we reconvened at event city at 17.30. By this time I feared the worst and rang John to tell him the bad news. I had lost Lexi.  At this point I lost the plot and was in the process of starting the search again in my car. Rightly I was stopped from driving.

And then a miracle happened. My phone rang and it was Lesley. She had found her over 5 miles away.  Lesley had been searching in her car in a radius from the last sighting. 1.5 hours into her search she was in the area where she lived. A friend coming out of a shop told her she had seen her dog going down the next residential road. 
Lesley knew this must be Lexi and was in hot pursuit. And there she was cornered at the bottom of the road by a young boy on a bike who was trying to catch her after seeing her knocked by a car going at a slow speed.
Lesley jumped out of car and with some gentle talking and treats managed to coax her to come to her and get a lead on her; nothing more than a miracle.

She rushed her to me and then rushed us to the vets. I left Nigel, Sonia, and Portia behind sorting out my car which was left open. Unfortunately in my haste I had thrown the keys into the boot of Lesley's car when I lifted Lexi out of the car.
Lexi’s paws are in a mess and her nails are down to the quick. So she is finding it hard to walk. She has cuts and scrapes all over her and especially on her knees and elbows. We think the car hit her on the left side of her head where she has chunks of fur missing. Her left ear seems to be bothering her so I will get that checked today.  She did tell off the paperboy this morning and she is eating and drinking.  I am more worried about her reaction to roads and traffic when she is fit to go out.

By some miracle called Lesley, Lexi is with us today. I cannot thank her enough; also my thanks to Sonia my rock, Nigel and Portia. Also to Craig Laycock and Lee who looked after the other dogs and the breed stand all afternoon, plus Harvey's Army. 
I will keep you up to date with her progress. I am one lucky person to have such good friends around me. I have managed to write this today without too many tears. I am slowly getting over the shock. I hurt from top to toe and my back is in spasm but that is nothing compared to Lexi's ordeal.”
his is Nigel Keats account of the hunt.  “This has honestly been one of the most stressful, terrifying days of my life - we spent most of the afternoon running across dual carriageways, roundabouts, motorway bridges and massively busy Trafford Centre traffic trying desperately to find her, the relief when we heard she'd been found by the amazing Lesley Olbinson was just massive. Lexi is certainly a very, very lucky girl, I have no idea how she managed to cross some of those roads.  Even we nearly came a cropper at one point! There had been an amazing response from the public & others at the show, a wonderful team called Harveys Army sent two cars out looking with Sue in one of them & they were just the most lovely, helpful people who certainly ended up mopping up a few tears.  Today was the day, my blood curdled as I pursued Lexi one and a half times round Event City as she kept on running towards every single motorway sign and thank goodness inexplicably turned left at the last junction, to be found 5 miles away, I could not begin to calculate the odds of the dog being found 5 miles away from the busy Trafford Centre and Man utd traffic across 6 lanes of traffic, 5 miles along mostly the centre of dual carriageways. Cars were passing us at blinding speed as we walked the verges. It Is nothing short of a miracle that Lexi was not only found but survived the ordeal. That poor dog must have been terrified. These Manchesters are made of stern stuff. “     What an ordeal, but with a happy ending.

To more mundane matters, though the winners will not think they are.  At Midland Counties show with Paul Wilkinson judging, the Knights Ch Westbank Blue Diamond for Talanors was BOB.  The bitch ticket was won by the Scanlan’s Digelsa Dixi chick.  The RCC went to the Hough’s Barleydust Harvest Moon out of the Junior class and once again the Dale/ Saxton Rattustrap Top Totty.  The Rattustrap team also won BP with Imperial Red.

At Gravesend and Medway Towns open show the Fergusons Ch Felfree Rocket ShCM went BAVNSC Terrier under Marina Scott and then went onto win the Terrier Group and RBIS. The judge was Derek Allsopp.  The Jane/Finn team keep flying the flag for Manchesters. 
The list of judges for 2015 is nearing completion.   We have Mick Oxley once again at Crufts, Bill Brown Cole at National Terrier, Pauline Gore at WELKS, Martin Phillips at Birmingham Nat, Andrew Brace at SKC, Albert Wright at Bath and then a long gap to Jane Lilly at Paignton and Alan Small at LKA.  Carol Dunford judges the Club Championship show and Janet Forshaw the Open show in February.

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We seem to have too many classes on for Manchesters at too many shows.  I never thought that I would say that.  It has gone from about 12 shows a year to several shows in a weekend.  They may be a good distance apart but if you have the choice of one show on Saturday near to you, you are not going to make the effort to go to a show on Sunday much further away which you might have done if there were no shows with classes for several weeks.  On the weekend of the 18/19th October there were at least three shows for the breed up and down the country.  At Birmingham Gundog and Terrier the Ferguson’s Ch Felfree Rocket ShCM went BOB and my Sophyla Sam Brown JW ShCM was RBOB, handled for me by Mary Small.  Sadly they were the only representatives of the breed.  This is a well run show at a very accessible venue in the middle of England; much better than when it was at Great Barr in Birmingham, which was too small and not easy to get to.  Finn was in the last 8 for the Group and all the Terrier breeds are classified at the show.  On Sunday the breed had classes at the Devon & Cornwall Terrier show and I think at Hillsborough show too.  There are just not enough MTs to go round!  It seems too that every month there is another show putting classes on for the breed, asking for the show to be mentioned in Breed Notes so that they get an entry.  It may be because entries for some of the breeds you could rely on to get a good entry and pay the rent, like WHWTs have dropped to just one or two and organisers are looking for other terrier breeds to fill the gap now that most shows are run on the Group System.

Chrissie Bynam’s Didge is continuing her successful career in Agility and is now qualified for Group 6.  She is a Gold Good Citizen too! 
Here are some new responses to the question we all get asked pretty well everyday when we say that our dog is a Manchester Terrier.  One man got rather cross when told that the dog was an MT.  He told the owner that he had been conned and robbed if he thought the dog was an MT, it was certainly a Doberman as his friend had a Dobe.  Another one was told more or less the same thing but this time it was a Min Pin as he walked his friends Min Pin and he knew better.  I was advised to have some business cards made with a picture of an MT and all the details of the BMTC web site and to hand those out to people asking what they were.  Now that my Minn has died and I only walk one, the queries have almost ceased as I am sure that people think that Sam is a mongrel, or more fashionably a ‘cross breed’.   My best one was a couple who asked what they were, which I told them.  When they walked away, I heard the wife asking the bloke if he thought they really were MTs.  He replied “of course not”.  Another one who was walking several Affenpinschers said that if I really thought they were MTs then that was my business.  As I had two Champions out of the three on the leads, I was a bit miffed.
Manchesters are marvellous.  I have just heard that a Manchester has been helping a child face her deep fear of dogs.  She was so scared of dogs that when she saw one she was sick.  Part of her treatment for the phobia was to live with a dog for a few days.  That is where the Manchester came in.  When she first met him she cried.  The dog sat still beside her not moving and eventually she has been able to touch and stroke him.  She cried too when the dog was taken home, because she did not want him to leave her.

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The BMTC held its Championship show on the 11th October, Carol Wicker the Club Secretary with the Mimbre MTs was our judge.   Out of a good entry she made the Dunford/Akrigg Ch. Paucelin Armana by Quixol BIS the dog CC went to the Knight’s Ch. Westbank Blue Diamond for Talanors.  The RCCs were won by the Oxley’s Ch Digelsa De Ja Vu JW ShCM and out of the Junior Dog class the Harrison’s Magpiebank Ash.  Best Puppy was the bitch Rattustrap Imperial Red owned by Saxon/Dale and Emrick.  There were 13 puppies entered in all, many of them with new Affixes or new people to the breed.  Armana was bred by Celia Sandring who won the Breeders class too. 

The hall was crowded with exhibitors, people coming with their puppies to be social and chat to their breeders and other owners.  It was a thoroughly sociable day.  It was lovely to see people who had left the breed returning with new pups.  When Ann Hebb’s last MT died she swore she would not have another and her next dog was to be a rescue.  Guess what, she has bought another MT and came to the show with the pup to meet old friends.  It was lovely to see Carol Urry again.  After Peter died she has not been to any shows, but is back now with a new bitch.  Chris Tyrell came along too with his new pup, which is two days too young to be shown.  There was a smattering of other dogs too all honorary Manchesters for the day.  The KC for once did the right thing and allowed spectator dogs to be brought into the show ground.  It has made Club shows more interesting and more accessible.  Who wants to have to leave the other household dogs in the car while showing their MT?   It was a very successful show, thanks to all the Committee who worked to make it a success.  I must mention our Stewards, Ken Broxup and Jeanette Geraghty.  Ken can make himself heard above the din of people talking and Jeanette organised the ring immaculately.

H Hockley has bought some silver medals.  One is a Club badge for an English White Terrier Club.  It was never recognised by the KC.  The breed has disappeared, but must have had some support if there were enough of them to have a breed club.  The other two are for dogs winning at shows in the north in the 1890’s and are particularly interesting as the breed was called the Black and Tan Manchester Terrier, though the KC did not alter the name to Manchester officially until the 1920’s.  Bev O’Neill found a picture of a group of MTs in various colours apart from black and tan.  They range from red through to a pale almost blue tan.  The shop was asking rather a lot for the picture, but Bev bargained and eventually bought it for a reasonable price.  I wish I was still publishing Highlights, it would make a splendid cover picture.

The Club calendar was for sale.  It is well worth having, beautifully produced with excellent pictures of MTs doing MT things, not posing for the show ring.  There were lots of other covetable goodies for sale and a splendid raffle.  I came away from the show much poorer.

The day before the Club show several of us went to the SWKA show.  There was a good entry of nine dogs for our Judge Peter Forshaw; despite it being a weekday show, the day before the club championship show, with no tickets on offer and at Builth Wells which is a pig of a place to get to wherever you are driving from. Peter made Su Smith’s bitch Querceti Isadora BOB.  

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Enid Teague Knight has celebrated her 90th birthday.  The Club sent her a card signed by all of us with flowers.  Enid is the long term saviour of our breed; continuing the work, over decades, of others like Kenneth Cassells, Diana Snelgrove and many others.  Happy Birthday Enid.

Mellissa Clifton and I were invited to judge at the 23rd Manchester Terrier Happening this year.  Mellissa had to decline and Janet Forshaw and I went to Wengen in Switzerland for the weekend of 19th to 21st September.  Wengen is a small town situated at the foot of the Jungfrau Mountain.  There could not be a more spectacular venue for a dog show!  We were met at Zurich airport by Ingrid Carstersen, who drove us the very long way to get the eclectic train to Wengen.  It is the only way to get to the town.  There are no petrol cars, no airplanes, just wonderful quiet and pure air.  We arrived on Thursday along with our minders and companions, Doreen Barlow and Alice Stanton, on the Thursday.  On Friday the contestants, dressed to represent their country, all got together on the local playing field which was the venue for the sports and the judging.  We Brits could not think of an English National costume so we draped ourselves in St George’s flags.  We were greeted by Rolf Wegmüller, the Director of Tourism.  He reminded us that the Brits were among the first to come to the Jungfrau to climb and were a strong force in the town and that the town is dog friendly.  The MTs were most inattentive, barking during his speech, he ignored them.  The weekend was organised by Christopher Balogh, Ingrid, Lidice Schweizer and Thomas Carstersen.  Christopher is the Chef de Cuisine of the Hotel Bernerhof so we were  fed most royally during the whole weekend.

The first day began with us all walking through the town in our costumes, the dogs dressed too, to the venue then there were  games for which the dogs accumulated points to add to the ones they scored at the judging the next day.  The dog that won most points in all the competitions won overall and took home the replica of the George Candling Trophy.  The most exciting competition was where the dogs had to find articles in a big pile of straw.  They had fun, digging and scattering straw everywhere.  Anne Dales who is English, now living in France has a puppy which she and her husband had only met the day before.  The little one took part in the racing.  Ears flying everywhere, she hurtled down the track only hesitating once on the way.  Most of the day she slept in her families arms or on their laps. 
In the evening there was a wonderful candle lit banquet in the covered hall and Anne gave us a violin recital even breaking into ‘When I’m Cleaning Windows’ in imitation of Mick Oxley on his ukulele.

On Sunday we got down to the serious business of the conformation competition, me judging dogs and Janet the bitches.  Our winners overall were Sandy and Auke Krijgsveld’s bitch Thunder Dragon Caitlin from Denmark.   The best dog was Irena Piotrowska’s Azir Metheora from Poland who won the most overall points with him, winning Best in Show.

One of the classes I liked best was the Pet Dog class.  This gives the people who do not show their dogs a chance to win the overall BIS.  It is a thought for our Fun Weekend.  It encourages all to stay for the two days so they are in with a chance of winning BIS.  Add to that there are some lovely dogs amongst the pets.  One dog did not like me going over him and told me so very noisily; but he was lovely and I had to place him.  After all we have ‘discerning’ in our Standard and he was vocal but not aggressive.

It was a wonderful weekend with lovely dogs, friendly people, good food and endless talk about Manchester Terriers.  Thank you to Ingrid, Thomas, Lidice and Christopher for inviting us and making such an unforgettable weekend.

I have just heard of a Manchester being short listed for the Terrier Group being called “Er ummm” when will we be better known?! 

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LESLEY BRANDER phoned with news that Trevor Gore died. He had been battling cancer for some time. He and Pauline bred the Jabledy MTs and both gave CCs in the breed. Their first love was Dobermanns and like many, they downsized to MTs.

Trevor was also the treasurer of the club for several years. I am always grateful to him for his ability to keep track of the Highlights accounts for me when I received cheques for the magazine that included subs for the club.

He was a kind, friendly man, always immaculate in a suit. He judged at SKC, which might have been the first set of CCs he gave. It was appallingly windy. The SKC committee members wore hard hats it was so bad. Trevor was his usual immaculate self with no concessions to the dreadful weather.

Pauline did not want any cards, letters or phone calls after he died and the funeral was private. The club did send a card from all of us and all those who knew him sent messages of sympathy on the club site.

Sue Pinkham organised the breed stand at the West Midland Game Fair and writes: "Another great weekend promoting our lovely breed. Thanks go to Sonia Owczarek with Billy and Evie, my grandaughter Jenna with Lexi, Ann and Chris Harrison with Sophie and Ash and Lesley Olbinson with Darcy for manning the stand. We had some lovely visitors, a number of whom were really interested in the breed. We were located next to the English Toy Terriers which led to some interesting discussions about the history of both breeds and our common genetic pool. We will be back next year.”

At Northern Counties Sporting Terrier Show the Walshaws’ Digelsa Diva avec Janmark went BIS against very strong opposition. The judge was Jim McGie. It is always enjoyable to win at the terrier shows; it also qualifies for the finals at National Terrier.

At Portsmouth show the Fergusons’ Ch Felfree Rocket went RBIS with Jenny Miller as the judge.

At Driffield, the wins were the same, but in reverse to those at Darlington. The Oxleys’ Ch Digelsa De Ja Vu went BOB this time and Rocket was BOS. Our judge was Clare Akrigg, who is in partnership with Carol Dunford with the Quixol Manchesters.

At Bedford Rocket went BOB and G1. He also helped Jane Ferguson to a second in the senior handling and Antonia Leech to a third in the not-so-senior handling. This latter is such a difficult class with the age range from 17 to 39.

My Sam was handled most beautifully by Robyn Arnall and he and Robyn were placed second in 12 to 18 years handling. They both worked so hard all day and we took two tired dogs home.

Nigel Keates did his first stint of judging at Bridgeford where he made the new Rattustrap entry, Rattustrap Imperial Red, BOB and BP and went on to G2, PG1 and RBPIS. That is quite a debut for both of them.

Four of us went to Wengen in Switzerland for the 23rd Manchester Terrier Happening. Janet Forshaw and I were to judge and Doreen Barlow and Alice Stanton came to keep us company. Wengen is at the foot of the Jungfrau Mountain. You can only get there by the mountain railway. There are no cars, no planes, the silence and pure air are, to me, unique.

The Happening was organised by Christopher Balogh, Lidice Schweizer, Thomas Höusermann and Ingrid Carstensen. Christopher is the head chef at the Bernerhof Hotel where we stayed, so we were royally fed and looked after. There is so much to write that it will have to keep for another set of breed notes.

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In past Notes I have written about other people’s Manchesters that have died, so please forgive if I write a little obituary for my Minn who died on the 5th September.  Her KC name was Sophyla Secret Formula.   She was born on the 13th June 2001.  She was bred out of my Ch Sophyla Sunrise, her sire was Bellbrock Gambling Man.   She was a strong dog with the wonderful temperament of Gambling Man.  With that wonderful temperament went a complete, and I mean complete, lack of terrier instinct.  She would watch a rabbit walk across in front of her without any interest at all.  If her mother and daughter disappeared after a fox or deer she would stay by my side, I am sure, wondering what the fuss was about.  She won one CC at the Club show in 2002 and three RCCs.  Her quarters were not her fortune and despite Peter saying that she was the best dog that we had ever bred, I knew her faults.  She was Peter’s dog; spending every evening on his lap.  A good excuse not to get up to answer the phone!  She stayed beside him until he died.  She was the mother of Ch Sophyla Sable and the grandam of Ch & Int Ch Sophyla Sorcerer of Mansiya and through him a host of progeny all over Europe and in the Americas; including Ch Mansiya Casting Circles With Felfree, Australian Champion Mansiya's Yurrugar By Design and Swiss Champion Mansiya Breaking The Rules.  To me she was just The Most Beautiful Thing in the World. 

London Home Counties Terrier held its 50 Anniversary show and Estelle Saxton was the lucky MT judge.  She had a good entry of 15 which was second only to the Staffy entry.  Her BOB was Judy Thurlows, Erkenwyne Lady Guinevere, RBOB: Pais’, Mansiya How Soon Is Now and BPIB Carol Wickers, Mimbre Bombette, who went on to be BPIS 4.  Alan Small was the judge.  Estelle says thank you to all who entered. It was a lovely day!  The show had a photograph competition and Manchester owners did very well.  They breed won three 1st places in Most Appealing Puppy; Poser; and Sporting Type categories followed by 2nd placings in Best Gardener; Lets Play and finally 3rd in the category Up to Mischief. Fay Fitch also picked up a 3rd with a headshot of a Malamute making it a total of 3 placing gained and Steve Stringer gained the other 4 placings for the breed. He is the husband of Sandra Stringer who is one of our successful agility people who ran the Have a Go agility at the fun weekend with her dog Turpin.

I judged the breed at Westbury & DCS Open show along with other Terrier breeds and my BOB was the American dog Am/Can Ch Jetcity Cat Woman Sings the Blues to Mansiya and she won Group 4.  Thanks for a quality entry. 

There was a good entry at Darlington show with no CCs on offer. Our Judge was Patsy Hollings and her BOB was Ch Felfree Rocket ShCM and the RBOB Ch Digelsa De Ja Vu JW ShCM.  There were no puppies, but Graham Goodman’s Eaglespur Misty Morn was Best Veteran.  It was a rather lumpy entry with no entries outside the Open Classes except Graham’s two; of those nine, eight were Champions. 

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There are two pictures of Manchesters in Dog World. One of Mick Oxley and his Ch Digelsa De Ja Vu JW ShCM winning the Terrier Group at Bakewell show. As he does not take this paper I suppose he will not see it. The other is the Finnish dog in Andrew Brace’s article, winning BOB from the Intermediate class at the World show. She is Ruska-Ahon Oikea Missien Missi. Andrew says that she has American, British and Finnish lines in her pedigree. The British lines are Tyburn, as Nerolie and Liisa Koskinen virtually started the breed in Finland back in the 80’s.

There was a breed stand at the Firle show in Sussex. It was manned by Lydia Parker and her Mini and Dave Chapman and his dog Troy. This is the second year they have organised the stand and as last year they and the two dogs were very busy, with lots of interest in the breed and cuddles for the dogs. There is to be another one at Weston Hall is Staffs and Sue Pinkham is organising the stand there for us.

Richmond show was dry and warm on Terrier Day. Our Judge was Jeff Horswell. He made Chrstianne Beardow’s Ch & Int Ch Talanors Hellova Treat for Sipowitz BOB. This is the first show that Christianne has shown him after the birth of her son Lucas. She brought Lucas along to show him to us. He is just beautiful, but unimpressed with our cooing and baby talk as he slept through it all. The bitch CC went to Mark Walshaw’s Diglesa Diva at Janmark JW ShCM. The dog RCC was won by Jill Buxton’s Millacombe Made in Heaven out of the Limit Class. The dog CC winner is the sire of the dog RCC winner. The Bitch RCC went to a delighted Carol Wicker with her Mimbre Bombette out of the puppy class and she of course was BP too.

Richmond is horribly badly organised. We were directed up to the top car park which is about midway between our benches, but the Terrier catalogues were at the other entrance of the show. Our ring was among the working pastoral breeds well away from all the other terriers. The ring was arranged so that the judge and the show table were under the covered part of the ring. That meant that wherever you sat to watch the judging the sun was in your eyes. The weather forecast for the day was good, the grass was dry and it would have been much better for both the exhibits and the spectators if the judging had taken place at the open end of the ring. The dogs had to trot back to the judge from bright sunlight into the dark and pretty well all of them hesitated as they passed into the dark. The organisers copy Windsor show and put the benching tents behind the ring of trade stands so that you are completely cut off from what it going on in the show and the rings; added to that our tent was a long way from our benches. No wonder so few people use the benches. It may all look beautiful, but it is not nice or easy for the customers, the people who show their dogs. A group of us made an encampment near the ring and after judging went back there to celebrate or lick our wounds depending on how well we had done. We never went near the benches except to collect our ring numbers. Come on Richmond, we are the ones for whom you put on the show, make it user friendly please. One thing that was nice was that spectator dogs were allowed in the show and we met several people who had their Manchesters with them, who were not showing but came to see other MTs and have a good gossip.

This is a Canadians comment on dog showing – “ Signs of Dementia - I got up at 4:30 am on Saturday and 6 am this morning in order to spend two long days in the middle of a field alternately freezing and boiling. Now, granted the weather at the show this year was actually pretty good to us, but when one considers we were all there in pursuit of 25 cent ribbons I wonder whether or not any of us would actually pass a check of our sanity. Perhaps we should just pool our funds, make a ribbon order and pass them out over a bottle of wine. It seems safer and saner.”

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An elderly Manchester has had to be rehomed because his owner is ill and cannot look after him anymore.  Within the short time available Beverley O’Neill found a home for him in Cambridge.  The problem then was that the people who had offered him a home do not drive.  An appeal was put out for someone to pick him up from Surrey and take him to his new home.  There was barely a week to organise the trip but a wonderful person has transported him to his new and we hope his forever home.  We have a second to none rehoming officer in Beverley O’Neill.  She takes dogs into her house if the worst comes to the worst, calms them down and then finds them a home.  She has done this job for a long time with a very short break when a team of us tried to emulate her.  Many years ago we had no rehoming service available.  The then Officers of the Club seemed to be disinterested in dogs that were in trouble for any reason.  I remember one that was brought to my attention locally.  I tried to find him somewhere but could not and there was no help from the Club.  I lost track of the poor dog and he remains on my conscience.  Thank you Beverley and everyone else who helps these sad dogs.

There was a General Meeting at Birmingham show with a good attendance and a fair amount of business to get through.  It included some of the administrative problems that have arisen because the Club has nominated an Allrounder Judge for the Championship show in 2017.  This is the first time ever that an Allrounder will judge at the show since the BMTC was inaugurated.   It has brought with it problems; which it is hoped will be sorted out at the AGM.

The Judge at the show was Sylvia Monaghan and her principal winner were BOB the Oxley’s Ch Digelsa De Ja Vu JW ShCM.  The Charlton’s Ch Digelsa Diamond Geezer at Lizelms ShCM won the dog CC.  The RCCs went to the Saxon/Dale Rattustrap Top Totty  JW ShCM and the Dunford’s Ch Quixol Alexander. Best Puppy once again was the Priestman/Freer Felfree Top Oscar.  The Hemsells Tetani Spirit Vision was Best Veteran and their team won the Breeders competition and the Terrier Group Breeders as well.

This is a good camping tip from Lesley Brander for when you are showing at the Stoneleigh, book a site at Warwick Racecourse.  It is cheaper; there is electricity and lots of places to walk the dog.  It is only about 15 minutes from the Show site.

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The Kennel Club has decided to do away with the Breeders Competition as of next year.  They seem to be wondering why it is not as successful here as on the Continent.  Where do these people spend their time when they are not at HQ at a Committee meeting?  It is held very late in the day.  It is as a result not easy to ask your friends to stay on for a few more hours at a probably wet, cold, uncomfortable show when your own breed was judged at 9am and they had to set out for the show at about 5am and had a weary journey down a jammed motorway with endless road works and will have to face the same going back.  I agree that there does not seem to be any other time in the show day to hold the class; but it does not make it any easier on the show goers, who are after all their customers.  The Hemsells are about the only ones in MTs who show in the class and that is because by some miracle of training Delia handles her team herself.  I was once told by a Breeders judge that my team was excellent but it was let down by some bad team work.   I thought they were judging the dogs!

The consolation is that they are once again going to start promoting the Native Vulnerable Breeds.  That is good news, though we are not told what form it is to take.  It is poignant for me as Peter was very much involved with the first initiative. 
At a weekend Horse Trials and Country Fair at Firle Place in Sussex at the end of August there will also be a Dog Festival.  Manchester Terriers will have a breed stand there, organised and manned by Lydia Parker and Dave Chapman and their MTs.  Sarah Turner is coming along to help with her young dog too.  She says he is not a show dog nor does he do Agility.  That does not matter Sarah, a Manchester is a Manchester whatever he does or does not do.  As the Fairground men used to shout, “Roll up, roll up, everybody welcome.” 

In America an MT has been disqualified, or NQ’d as they say, from a Barn Hunt trial.  I think that is a ratting session without rats.  The reason was that he lifted his leg on a straw bale.  I find that extraordinary.  He is a dog after all and scent marking is an animal’s equivalent of Facebook.  How else do they let anyone know who they are and that they have been there.  The bale probably smelt delicious to him too.

At WKC the winners were the Dunford’s Ch Quixol Alexander winning another CC and the Dale/Saxton Rattustrap Top Totty JW ShCM winning the bitch CC and BOB.  The RCCs went to the Knight’s Ch Westbank Blue Diamond For Talanors and the Symington’s Talanors Secret Treat.  Best Puppy was once again the Priestman/Freer Felfree Top Oscar.  Best Veteran was the Forshaw’s Gloryline Lady Jane Grey.  Our Judge was Tom Mather giving tickets for the first time for the breed.

Several judges have passed by the Judges Development Panel to give tickets in MTs.  They are Lesley Crawley, Dr Geoffrey Curr, Patsy Hollings, Phillip Horspool and Andrew Westwood.  Pauline Gore is to judge at WELKS in2015 and Many Churms at Bath in 2016.

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The Rattustrap kennel’s exports are doing well abroad.  They have received doubly good news. Finnish, Estonian and Belarussian Champion Rattustrap England’s Own JW ShCM, owned by Paivi Hituri & Timo Virta, was awarded two CACIB’s at The Sawo International Shows in Finland. Onni now has 10 CACIB’s.  Then Rattustrap Proper Job (Guinness), owned by Pat Thomas, was awarded his seventh Green Star in Ireland. He is now an Irish Junior Champion and has enough Green Stars to hold the title Irish Champion but must win a Green Star after 15 months of age. Guinness is only 13 months.

Wilma van Vessem kindly sends a history of the Manchester Terrier in Europe in recent years. “The first person to import a Manchester into Belgium was Mr. L. Peeters from the kennel v. Edele Brabant, he imported Eaglespur Eastknoyle Belinda. This was around 1964-1965. After him Mr. Dewinter started breeding and then Mr. Lu Peeters and Mr. Kraewinkels. In Holland Mrs. v.d. Ende imported Eaglespur Rosemarie and she kept her daughter (Lady Audrey of the Manchester Ratters). Audrey was mated by Quick v. Edele Brabant and out of this litter Theo van Vessem bought a boy and a girl and started breeding with them in 1971. The first dog that went to Germany was Corduroy's Tiresome Sunny (1971).

After Eaglespur the Corduroy’s Kennel together with the Tyburn Kennel is the oldest Kennel breeding in Europe. All the Corduroy’s Dogs still come (without interruption) from the first two Dogs: Lord Buddy and Lady Bonny of the Manchester Ratters.”  We know from pictures in magazines and a painting of the Salamonsens that Manchesters were around in Europe before then and of course Her Doberman used them in his breeding regime to produce the Doberman.  But, as happened in the UK, there were virtually none left after the war.   The above is a history of the breed in Belgium since the war.

The Breed Record Supplement lists 64 registrations out of 14 litters.  The total for the year so far is down 16 on last year.  It may not seem a lot but that is 4 average sized litters.  There has been another import from aboard; the Browns have bought a bitch from the Khars in Norway.  That is three imports so far this year including the two from America.  Twelve studs were used; which is as good a spread of genes as we can probably muster.

At Bournemouth Pam Blay was judging MTs with tickets for the first time.  Her winners were the Knights Ch Westbank Blue Diamond for Talanors BOB; the RCC going to the Charltons Digelsa Diamond Geezer for Lizelms.  The bitch CC winner was the Oxley’s Ch Digelsa De Ja Vu JW ShCM and the RCC to the Walshaws Digelsa Diva Avec Janmark JW ShCM and BP was Carol Wicker’s Mimbre Bombette.

There were no UK MTs entered at the World Show, in fact most of the entries were from Finland and the winner was a Finnish dog.
Nicola Jeynes thought that hurricane Bertha had arrived in her garden.  The rotary washing line was spinning round and round very fast, but the there seemed to be no wind anywhere else.  She went out to find the new puppy, Ruby, with the end of one of the towels in her mouth running round and round with it.   I wonder whether Black and Tans were ever turnspit dogs? 

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A number of Manchester people attended Gordon Ralphs’ funeral.  The crematorium was packed to bursting, people were standing at the back and in the aisles, with his friends, work colleagues and of course Chris and their families.  There were several rembrances of Gordon and a short video of him as Jack Black dancing with his MT Inka and then of him with the Olympic torch on its journey through Reading where he and Chris lived and where he was born.  Inka came to the service and Pam Stubbington who bred her came with her own MTs; though they stayed in her camper van.   It was lovely to see Alison McIntyre and Chrissie Bynham again who have Manchesters bred by either Chris and Gordon or Pam.  It was a sad day, but he was remembered with great affection and joy by so many.

We have at last had a report on the AGM.  Sadly Enid Teague Knight has stepped down from being President and Nerolie de Lavis Trafford has taken her place.  Ian Beales was elected Vice President and Lesley Olbison has taken Anthony Arundels place on the Committee.  The Officers and other Committee Members stay the same.  Why we have to wait until the Secretaries Newsletter for a report of the AGM I do not know.  Most of the Members are on email and what goes on at the AGM is important to us all.  We are after all members and not all of us are able to get to the AGM.  This year was more important than most with the resignation of Enid.  She has been at the helm of the Club either as Chairman or President for a very long time indeed.  We owe her a debt of gratitude for her devotion to the breed.  There cannot be anyone either in the UK or for that matter in Europe and Australia etc who does not have Eaglespur dogs in their pedigree even if it is not for several generations.

The news of Gill and Clive Knight’s Ch Westbank Blue Diamond for Talanors third place in the Group at Paignton show is not really news now; but it was a splendid win and such a day for the breed, as they say it does not happen every day!  Vanessa Cox was our judge, giving tickets in MTs for the first time.  She made Blue Diamond [Talanors Smart Treat at W X Talanors Smart Trick at W] BOB out of the Open dog class and that is his third CC.  He is the first MT Champion for the Renshaws who bred him and I think that I am right in saying it was their first MT litter too.  The Knights wonderful day did not stop there as their Ch Talanors Taylor Made Treat took the RCC, handled by Clive.  The bitch ticket went to the Oxley’s Ch Digelsa De Ja Vu JW ShCM and the RCC to the Fergusons Ch Felfree Rocket Sh CM.  BP was another Felfree, F Top Oscar owned jointly by Felicity Freer and Carli Priestman. 

The breed was invited to have a stand at the Pet Show for the first time.    Sue Pinkham organised things for us with a lot of help from friends and other club members.  One of her friends had made black and tan bunting to decorate the stand.  Sonia Owczarex helped to for the first time too.  Sonia has owed Manchesters for a long time so it was great to put a name to the face.  This is Sue’s report; “This is the first time at this show and we were made very welcome. The dogs behaved so well and were a great hit with the public, so were the handlers. We talked about the Manchester Terriers for two days and I loved every minute.
 We met a family who had rescued a Manchester's boy last year and they were grateful to have found someone to talk to. I hope we can continue to help them.

Thanks go to the following people for their help over the 2 days: Sonia, Judy, Nigel, John, Glyn, Dave, Vicky and Paul; also a big thank you to all the dogs. Without them we would not have been there: Lexi, Billy, Evie, Kita, Ollie, Troy, Sara and Mia. The age span was 14 months to 14 years.

Sandy Krijgsveld from Holland has made up her Thunder Dragon Caitlin to an International Campion at a show in Bremen.  Thunder Dragon Declan was the Best Dog.  What a weekend the breed had.
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This is Anne Harrisons report on the breeds annual appearance at the CLA Game Fair; “Once again 11 Club members and their 14 dogs represented the Breed in the Working Terrier pavilion at Blenheim Palace where the 2014 CLA Game Fair took place last Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 
Despite night-time thunder storms, hail and baking temperatures we manned our stand for three long days with impeccably behaved, beautiful dogs.  We had lots of visitors who were neighbours/relatives of club members and some MT owners who are not currently members who were delighted to find us and introduce their dogs to us.   We had a lot of very genuine enquiries from some lovely people which was most encouraging, but on the negative side we had more comments than ever about the mini/baby Dobe.  Our Secretary has threatened to get a sign made explaining the history – I must admit we all felt like a stuck record by the end of our stints!
The dogs relished the chance to show themselves off – Trevor had his own teenage groupies who fell head over heels for him and even came back the next day to find him again.  Dylan and Charlie Crawford showed how good children should behave around dogs, and also answered the question “What are they like with children? The emphasis of the Terrier Pavilion this year was on the working dog and Martin managed to get himself and Bob some local work clearing out a barn of rats.
This year we all stayed on site in Caravans and Tents and the balmy evenings meant there was some great ‘craic’ in the evenings.  Many thanks to Vicky, Mark, Dylan and Charlie Crawford, H and Denise Hockley, Martin Kirkbride, Judy Thurlow and Carol Wicker; most of all well done and a big hug for the long suffering and well polished Manchesters: Dana, Millie, Trevor, Tiggy, Fy Meistres, Bob, Ollie, Gypsy, Kita, Solo, Chloe, Jazz, Sophie and Ash.  Not forgetting Tara the Labrador and Eric the Lurcher who answered the many enquiries “Can they live with other breeds?””   Thank you to everyone who went for the weekend and braved the weather and the crowds and to their wonderful dogs of course. 

Leeds show was blisteringly hot; it must be the first time for two years that it has been too hot for a Manchester!  The winners out of the good entry for Paul Eardley, our Judge, were the Dunford /Akrigg Ch Paucelin Armana by Quixol BOB and the Ferguson’s Felfree Rocket DCC.  That is his third CC, making him up to Champion and the first Champion in MTs for them and I think the first Manchester Champion too with the Felfree kennel name and out og Felicity’s first MT litter.  The Felfrees had a good show as Carli Priestman’s puppy Felfree Top Oscar winning BP too.  That is his 4th Best Puppy in Breed and he is only 8 months.  The RCCs went to Saxton/Dale Rattustrap Top Totty and the Knights Westbank Blue Diamond for Talanors.  The Hemsells had a good show too, winning Best Veteran with their Tetani Princess of Darkness and coming second in the Breeders competition.  They are good to represent the breed in this competition as it is generally on so late.   It is tedious waiting so long to get into the ring for virtually no reward at all.  It was nice to see Graham Goodman back in the ring with a new entry, Joemario Moonlit Shadow and winning PGD with him.  In his quiet way he has been for a long time a faithful supporter of the breed.  I remember one hot Windsor show Graham’s mum had been sitting beside the ring for a long time as our judging was badly delayed.  When the time came for her to take her dog into the ring she was missing.  Our judge that day was Terry Thorn and he waited for her to arrive, saying that she had been so patient he could not go on until she was ready.

Mike Vicars who has the Eskwyre Lakelands, Scotties and Wires has been passed to judge Manchesters.  Since the Kennel Gazette stopped being printed I seem to have lost track of who is judging the breed in the year to come.  It is so complicated to go on line and wade through the KC’s web site, which seems to be slanted to selling puppies through their Assured Breeders Scheme.  It is difficult to find any other ordinary information.  Much easier to sit down in the evening and read through the magazine at ones leisure!   The KC Gazette was the only reason I paid up and looked big and became an Associate Member of the KC and now it is not printed!

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There was a minor biting incident reported involving a breed known for its equable temperament.  The Judge involved said that he was as much to blame as the dog.  A few weeks ago I went on a bit about some of the awful handling our poor Manchesters have to endure.   I wonder if any of those involved asked themselves whether maybe it was their handling that made the dogs so jittery.  Sadly, I don’t think so; in fact one of them mentioned the poor temperaments in the breed at the moment.  That is not true.  Some of those who reacted badly to the handling were seasoned show dogs who stand on the table like rocks and endure all sorts of indignities; like having their testicles pinched, their feet picked up and being picked up by the rump and dropped back on their feet. Is anyone in the breed brave enough and with the authority to speak quietly to the judges involved so that our dogs don’t have to endure such handling again?  It is all right to say that we can vote with our feet and not show under them again, but what about the newcomers to the breed and those in frantic search for the last JW point or the third CC?

Recently Nicola Jeyne’s Dodger won his way into the top band of Agility competition.  At a show last weekend he won the Dovedale Speed and Power Final.  He was barked on his way to victory by Sharon Hough’s Ruby.  Manchesters stick together!   I have no idea what the Speed and Power race is, but is sounds impressive.

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Gordon Ralphs died this morning.  He with his wife Chris owned the Lacinka Manchesters.  Gordon had battled with Prostate Cancer for a good many years with dignity and fortitude.  He did everything he could to advertise the disease, to make people aware of the early signs of the disease and that early diagnosis was vital.  He was our Jack Black.  He took over from Mike West and appeared in the role at events like the Vulnerable Native Breeds display at Crufts.  He even managed to act the role when he was undergoing chemotherapy.  He carried the Olympic torch on one of the legs of its journey through the UK when it passed through Reading where he and Chris lived.  He was again bringing prostate cancer to the attention of as many people as possible.  Chris and he were primarily interested in Agility and both their MTs competed to a very high standard.  Chris bred Chrissie Bynam’s Didge who was also an ambassador for the breed in Agility.  Gordon was a wonderful photographer too and generous with his skill.  I and many others have folders full of photos of our dogs that Gordon took for us.  Above everything else he was a kind, generous man and a good friend.  Every sympathy goes to Chris and his family from all of us in Manchesters.  We will miss you Gordon.

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I was not able to get to the Fun Weekend this year.  By all accounts it was very successful indeed.  The weather was good and it was well supported.  There seemed to be a lot of larking around by our revered Officers and Committee members which was much appreciated.  There were people painted like Manchesters and a chorus line of lovelies all dressed up as Black and Tans complete with thumb spots and whiskers.  The first day, without the usual Companion show, was all about Agility, racing and playing games followed by the dinner and games again in the Club house.  On Sunday the Limit show was judged by Clive Knight who with his wife Gill has the Talanors MTs. Bethany Cawley had a marvellous day with her dogs winning most of the top honours.  Her victor James Montague was RBIS with Judy Thurlow’s Erkenwyne Guinevere winning BIS.  Then their home bred puppy Marlablue In a Twirl was BP with the Harrisons Magpiebank Ash  Best PD.

In Holland at a Dutch Open show in Hoogeveen the puppy I am Ike van de Poosthoornwiek was Best Baby Puppy in Show out of an entry of 135 under Judge Mrs N Horsten.  This is news for us as his sire is Banksie [Ch Brookstream Marcus Banks JW ShCM].  He gets about that young man.

We had a nice day at Evesham show where Judy Thurlow’s Erkenwyne Guinevere was BOB and because there was a large enough entry in the breed, if not in the classes she won the last point for her Junior Warrant with only a few days to spare.  She had the day before won Group 1 at Sheffield Open show.   This a lovely show, at Malvern at the Three Counties ground.  It takes place the day after a Group Championship show so all the trade stands are still there and the catering.  We all sat about in the sun with our dogs having a lovely companionable day.  It is what Open shows are about; a good venue, well set out, well run, plenty of room in the rings and plenty of indoor rings if the weather is unkind.

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This was the weekend of the BMTC Fun Day – which more properly is the Fun Weekend. I was not able to be there this year so news will have to wait for another week. Sue Pinkham went with her Honorary Manchester, a CKCS, for the first day and reports that the weather was reasonable apart from a short sharp shower. It was very well attended with lots of people new to the breed with their puppies. The first day was racing and other activities which went with a real swing. There used to be two shows, one on each day, a Limit show and a Companion show. I am glad to say that the Companion show has been dropped as most people find any sort of show a bore and would much rather take part with their dogs in races and funny competitions. There will be a full report next week.

Jill Buxton went to Taunton show with her MTs and the dog Millacombe Made in Heaven went BOB and then Best Terrier in the Group. Taunton is a two day show and Jill was not able to get to the final day to compete for BIS. That is sad, but well done for the win. Her children were taking part in a band competition and won their class. As Jill says it was worth missing the BIS competition for.

Sandy Krijsveld in Holland is writing another book about the breed and asking for information on dogs imported into Belgium and Germany. She is getting a great deal of help from Samantha Avenell in Australia who is now the absolute expert on MTs of all persuasion and their pedigrees. If you want to find anything that intrigues you in your dog’s pedigree, Samantha is the one to go to. She will help too if you are thinking of breeding and want to find a stud dog compatible with your dog’s pedigree that is not one of the usual studs. I was amused that Sandy says that one of those who imported MTs into Belgium was regarded by their KC as a “Dog Crook”.

A few weeks ago I saw the name Rainville during a program about the Dunkirk landings and remembered that it was the Affix used by a Mr Smith who bred Manchesters. Leonie St Clair has emailed to say that she rescued one of Mr Smith’s Rainville dogs from Battersea. He was called Rebel and was about 5 years old. He was rejected by his owner because he lifted his leg in the house; as he was an entire dog that was to be expected. Leonie says that he learnt better manners eventually when he lived with them. She and Elaine went to see Mr Smith at his home in Battersea. He was pretty ill by then, but so pleased to see his dog again; who remembered him. He had shown the dog, whose kennel name was Rainville Albion Prince, and his pet name was Flame. Rebel was an Eaglespur dog also owned by Mr Smith who also ended up in rescue. They learned a lot about him from Mr Smith. That he had been used at stud; had been in and out of rescue several times. Despite his troubled life he retained his lovely temperament. Though like most male MTs he could not abide other MT dogs. He lived to be 17.

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We all arrived at Windsor with our wellies and wet weather gear as the forecast was for heavy rain and thunderstorms. In the event we had a slight sprinkling of rain for a few minutes and the rest of the day was perfect Manchester Terrier showing weather; not too hot but sunny.

Chris Harrison (Magpiebank) was our Judge this year with an entry of 22 dogs. That is excellent as there are no CCs on offer at Windsor now. There is a big rumour going round that at least three championship shows will lose their CC status. If they are those at which we have CCs it would be great to get them again at Windsor. We have always given them a good entry, before, during and after CCs were on offer there and even when there were no classes. I remember the late Arthur Westlake saying when judging the NSC classes that it was Manchesters against the rest.

Chris’ BOB was the Fergusons’ Felfree Rocket with the Dale and Saxon Rattustrap Top Totty winning BOS. The other two winners were Val Saville’s Ch Calastoa Man In The Mirror of Dobermatian and the bitch was Judy Thurlow’s Erkenwyne Lady Guinevere. The Felfree kennel of Filly Freer had a good day as the puppy Felfree Top Oscar, who she owns in partnership with Carli Priestman, was BP.

It was a lovely show, sociable and gossipy, the weather of course helped and because we were rather late being shown most of us stayed on to watch the group. No luck as usual for the MTs. The puppy had been beaten in one of the stakes classes so was unable to compete. Mind you he did get a very creditable third out of an entry of 29.

The BMTC fun weekend is next week and all the weather pundits in the breed say that this dry sunny weather will last until then. I hope so, it is such a good way to get to know people in the breed, to meet other fanciers who don’t appear on the show circuit, pet owners and of course a sunny dry weekend helps. It is also a delightful way to get your Manchester/Black and Tan fix for the year; a whole day with no one asking if it is a miniature Doberman or a Miniature Pinscher.

Chris Garret and Gordon Ralphs have been married in a quiet wedding with only their immediate family present. My best wishes for a happy life together and hope to see them again at one of our events. Chris and Gordon if you read this best wishes are coming to you from people in the breed.

Gordon is a wonderful photographer and this picture of Sam as a puppy was taken by Gordon.

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Some really happy news to start the Breed Notes; Christianne and Mark Beardow have a baby son. He arrived a bit early, but they are both well. Congratulations to them and we look forward to meeting him soon.

Carol Dunford has sent an account of hers and Ray’s exceedingly successful trip to Holland for the Championship show there; where their Ch Quixol Alexander went BOB. “We got back on Thursday afternoon, thrilled that Bertie went BIS and Polly [Paucelin Armana by Quixol] went Res CAC, then the next day at the Pinkster General champ show Bertie was CAC and BOB and Polly was CAC and there were only us two!! We were not the only breed to have 2 or even 1 dog entered. Bertie won CAC x 2 for his win at the Club show and CAC x 1 at the Pinkster, so he needs a CAC x 1 to be a Dutch champion, if you can follow that. You have to have 20 entries or more to get a CAC x 2 with 16 entered on the day, so if entries are small you need 4 judges to deem you suitable as a champion and give you a CAC x 1 each time. We had a cracking time, the weather was hot 25 and sunny with walks over heath and forest land which is a nature park. There were deer and wild boar but thankfully we never saw either, so the dogs had a great time running about, mind you in the morning in the sandy patches you could see deer and I think Boar tracks. Everyone was very kind and friendly to us, and the judges very complimentary, there were folk from France and Poland etc, I have to say in quite a few classes there were some very good dogs. Even though the judge gave a lot of Ex. out, which seem to me she thought they were good examples of the breed, only the 1st in each class ( as long as they were Ex) came in for the challenge - just as we do. Folk were having a moan, nothing different there then, about their critiques where she had pointed out the faults as she saw them. We had to get Theo to interpret ours. It was all a good experience and we loved taking our dogs abroad with us. They were so good, taking it in their stride on board ship in the kennels there and walking around the ship to get to the car with all the noise and banging going on. It was lovely to tell folk what breed they were”

At Blackpool show Ch Digelsa De Ja Vu and Ch Quixol Alexander won the tickets. The RCCs went to the Norris’s Ch Brookstream Louis de Blue. We have not seen Nigel or Louis in the ring for some time, so it was a nice return for them both. The bitch RCC was won by the American Bitch Am and Can Ch Jetcity Cat Woman Sings the Blues to Mansiya. She is owned by Sarah Leigh and handled this time by Felicity Freer. Both their wins were out of the Open Class. Best Puppy was the Priestman/Freer Felfree Top Oscar. There was no bitch puppies entered, which is a bit worrying.

There have been some good wins at other shows too. The Hemsells were showing at Ashfield Show and then Chesterfield and Pinxton. Their Tetani Lux Mundi won BP and TPG3 at the first and then BP and TPG1 at the second. Their Tetani Wizard of Dreams was Group 2 at Chesterfield as well. The judge was a last minute stand in for Diane Heathcot. When Delia commented how gently and sympathetically he handled the dogs, he told her that he had not judged Manchesters for years. He said that he had learnt the hard way in the past that most of the dogs would have your finger off if you were the least bit rough. How things have changed, all the hard work there has been to improve temperaments has been successful.

Bethany Cawley and her Digelsa Dancing with Darla went Best in Show at the Yeovil Limit show out of an entry of over 100 dogs; winning a beautiful rosette and lots of praise and applause from the audience.
The Stringers compete in Agility with their Manchester, Turpin [Rattustrap Directors]. Sandra writes, “Just to let you know I am very proud of our boy who won into Agility Grade 7 today.

The Kennel club grades dogs from 1 - 7, with Grade 7 being the highest level which allow you to compete in Championship Classes. To progress up the grades you have to win jumping or agility competitions (clear round in fastest time) against dogs of the same grade. To progress to Grade 7 requires four wins at Grade 6, two of which must be agility. He already had 1 agility and 4 jumping wins: today he gained his second agility win.”

Wonderful win and there have been congratulations from all over the breed. The Club Fun Day is approaching, only just over 2 weeks away. Perhaps Turpin will honour us with a demonstration on one of the days.

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The Dutch Manchester Terrier Club show was judged by Mrs Bode van de Meeberg and she made the English dog Ch Quixol Alexander, owned by the Dunfords, her BIS.  We may have a rotten football team, but we breed good Manchester Terriers.  I cannot tell you any of the other winners as my computer has run out of ink and after a 6 mile drive to get new cartridges, I bought the wrong ones.  Max de Gids did email all the winners, but without them in front of me I will for sure get the names wrong.   I remember the winner of Veteran was the appropriately named Agatha Christie owned by the Sherlocks.   Carol says that going to a European dog show is a wonderful holiday and she thoroughly recommends it.  Everyone is friendly and helpful and speaks wonderful English. 

There is to be another Happening this year.  This one is organised by the Finnish Manchester Terrier Club on the 8th August in Helsinki.  The link to get all the details is or get into touch with Liisa Gartz, the Chairman of the Club.  Carol Wicker has all the details too.  Carol has been told that The East of England Show will have classes for our breed this year.

Pam Stubbington has been banging the drum for Manchesters in the Countryman’s Weekly magazine.  In a letter to the Editor she gives an excellent short history of the breed and goes on to say that they are excellent hunting dogs too.  Her two bitches will catch rabbits when they have been flushed out by her Plummer Terrier.  My own experience is that the bitches do the flushing and the stupid dog stands around waiting for them.  He used at least to catch them, but then did not know what to do with them and stood about smiling with a vacant look on his face.  David Hancock replied to the letter saying that it was an underrated breed that he strongly recommends in his book Dogs as Companions.  He says that he has “witnessed their continuing disappointing numbers”.  He goes on to say that if they were renamed the “Slovakian Rat Pinscher” and given a romantic but false history the very fickle public would rush to import them.  He has a point there, we all are asked if they are Dobermans or Miniature Pinschers; both foreign breed with a much shorter history than the MT.  But what I for one am sure about is that we don’t want a rush of people wanting them.  We don’t have the numbers or the gene pool and are doing very nicely thank you.

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At Three Counties this year our judge was Delia Hemsell (Tetani). She had a good entry for a show without CCs and out of them made Judy Thurlow’s Erkenwyne Lady Guinevere BOB out of the junior class. BD was Leslie Olbison’s Paucelin Andoni and BP was the Cawleys’ Marlablue In A Twirl. Mrs Stewart was showing there after her unpleasant day at Southern Counties. I hope that it was a happier day for her.

The Breed Record Supplement for the first quarter of this year has 24 MTs registered out of five litters. This is well down on the 51 registered in the same quarter last year; but is about average as most people usually have their puppies in the summer months. Five different stud dogs were used.

One dog has been exported to Finland. Only one dog was tested for vWD and that was clear.

I was watching one of the programmes about the D Day campaign and there on one of the maps of Normandy was a village called Rainville. That was the affix of Mr Smith who bred and campaigned his Manchesters in the ’70s and ’80s. He drifted out of the breed and we have not heard from him since.

There have been two Manchester sightings in one week. The house next door is having major renovations. One of the blokes working there asked if the dogs were MTs. He knew the breed because his wife works in the registration department of the Kennel Club. Then the man who came to service my wood burner said that his girlfriend had a black and tan dog from one of the local rescue centres and was told that it was a Manchester. They had looked it up on the web to find of course that it was no such thing! I have been to one or two of the rescue centres fundraising companion shows with my dogs. What do we have to do to get the breed recognised?

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Ann Hebb phoned with the news that her Ollie (Ch Sophyla Sterling Silver from Bellbrock) has died. He had been diagnosed with cancer of the liver. Ann had decided that as long as he seemed happy, was eating well and was active she would enjoy his company as long as possible; but the inevitable happened. She came down one morning to find him very ill indeed and had to call the vet to him.

Ollie was born on June 4 2003. Peter and I bred him especially for Ann, from the lovely dog Bellbrock Gambling Man; who was bred by Marie Brocklebank and lived with and was campaigned by the Harrisons. He was one of those dogs who could have had a splendid showing career, but just would not show. He was handsome, well made and had the very best of temperaments. A puppy from him would continue Ann’s line from her famous dog, Ch Midnight Marine. The first puppy to be born was a bitch and so were the next four. I began to despair of getting a pup for Ann. My Sunrise suddenly decided, after seeming to have had finished whelping and had settled with the pups that she had another one and to my joy it was a dog. You can imagine that pup was precious; he was looked after like the crown jewels. Ann campaigned him and made him up. He won five CCs and three RCCs from 2003 to 2006 from some very distinguished judges. He was the first in the breed to win both JW and ShCM. He and Ann competed in Britain’s Got Talent, dancing together. After his showing days were over, though he still was winning from the veteran class, he and Ann competed at agility. Many members of the BMTC have sent their sympathy and I of course do too. Peter and I were very proud of him and happy that Ann and Dave gave him such a good home.

Summer arrived just in time for Southern Counties. It was perfect weather, sunny but not too hot. There was a respectable entry of 17 for our judge Hans Lehtinen from Finland, considering there were no CCs on offer. He was to judge a great many breeds and sadly we were the last. It was a very long wait indeed to get into the ring.

The eventual winner was Val Saville’s Ch Calastoa’s Man In The Mirror for Dobermatian and BB was the Walshaws’ Digelsa Diva.

While we were still being judged they were calling for the BOB winners. They went on calling for the MT winner and the Bedlington winner. The snag was that Mark Walshaw had also won BOB with his Bedlington and with the best will in the world neither winner could get to the ring.

BP was Carle Priestman’s Felfree Top Oscar. He just managed to get to the puppy group ring in time and was rewarded by Ben Reynolds Frost by being pulled out in the last few for consideration.

The day was marred by Mr Lehtinen withholding from three of the bitches. That is the second show in a row where this has happened. This time it was from people new to the breed and dogs that they had bred themselves. I hope that they are not too upset by the decision as we need new people to come into the breed, show their dogs off in the ring and maybe go on to great things.

We have never had any tradition in MTs of only some dogs being suitable for showing. We simply do not have the numbers to be that picky. Neither do we have dogs that are only good enough to show at open shows. The number of open shows with classes for the breed is huge in comparison with 20 or so years ago but they are not numerous even now and everyone is welcome to show at any level of show where breed classes are offered. After all with no CCs this show is the equivalent of an open show.

At Melton Mowbray the Fergusons’ Felfree Rocket ShCM was BOB and then won G1. The breed judge was Mr Manito. If he does not mind me saying so that is a good Affix for someone in Manchesters. He then went on to take BIS under Tom Mather. That is something special for a Manchester Terrier. It does not happen very often. The Fergusons floated home despite all the holiday traffic and the hold ups on the M1!

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There was a patchy entry for Felicity Freer for her first set of tickets for MTs at Bath show. No dogs entered until Open, but a better spread of entries in bitches. Her final BOB was the Oxley’s Ch Digelsa De Ja Vu JW ShCM and the dog ticket went to Val Savilles Calastoa Man in the Mirror at Dobermatian ShCM. That is his 3rd ticket, so a very happy Val which went a very long way to compensate for the truly awful weather and a four hour wait to be towed out of the mud! Best Puppy was Carol Wicker’s new entry Mimbre Bombette. The RCCs went to the Dunford’s Ch Quixol Alexander and the Dale/Saxton Rattustrap Top Totty JW ShCM

Bath show society has the best kept and laid out show grounds that there is in the UK, but poor dears they don’t have any control over the weather. We showed on the first day and the car park was getting churned up when we arrived at about 8.30. It rained and thundered and blew. Our ring was at the end of one of the in/out tents and the canvas was being blown against the metal stanchions like a firework going off. Felicity made the first class, Open Dog, complete their triangle under cover, but move up and down in the main outside part of the ring. My Sam was horrified. Was he really being asked to go out in that? The others were more stoical. The bitches were judged under cover, but it was still cold and noisy.

The Mansiya kennel has imported another MT from America; Am and Can Ch. Jetcity Cat Woman Sings The Blues, [Am Ch Jetcity Lo Cucaracha Pooch X Am Ch Bellflower I Believe in Nolo] bred by Lisa Nonog. She is an American and Canadian Champion and started off her UK showing career in style by winning Junior Bitch which was the biggest class of the day. She seems to be bomb proof, showing in the UK is a bit different from what she is used to. They don’t have benching in the USA or Canada, the weather was pretty awful too.
The Walshaws Digelsa Diva Avec Janmark ShCM was well placed in a large Stakes class; but they eventually got home to a disaster, their house had been burgled. The thieves had pretty well cleaned it out, taking their 12 year old parrot Eric too.

Christine Staples’ Brookstream Blue Sapphire has died aged 11. She was the granddaughter of the Oxley’s famous Ch Digelsa Don the One.

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We have just heard that Alec Reeve has died after being ill for some time. We all signed a card for him at the National show; but were told that he was very ill indeed. Alec was part of the Harkeats team of Manchesters with his wife Gill and daughter Vickie. He was a quiet, good humoured man, always at Gill’s side helping wherever needed. If you had a problem with your car, needed a dog being held at the ring side, the washing up done or anything else Alec helped with gentle good humour. He and Gill have not shown their dogs for some time and maybe some of the newer people to the breed have never met him; but those of us who did know him will mourn his death. We send our sympathy to both Gill and Vickie


SKC show did not get a good report this year. For once the sun was shining at a comfortable 20 degrees outside; but apparently we were packed into a dark and dingy hall with a black roof and no room to swing a mouse. That is Mick Oxley’s description of the day. He goes on to say that there were hardly any trade stands, they forgot to order the beer licence and charged £5 for the privilege of parking there; what a shambles. I have heard too that getting to the show rings with your trolley and gear was difficult as the path was rough and stony.

Jane Ferguson did not mind, her Fin, Felfree Rocket (Ch Brookstream Marcus Banks ex Ch Mansiya Casting Circles with F) won his second CC and BOB. BCC went to the Oxleys’ Ch Diglesa De Ja Vu (Ch Newtonian Slim Shady ex Ch D Double Entendre). BP was the Peachams’ Felfree Touch Of Glam (Ch Mansiya Word To The Wise at Calastoa ex Ch Mansiya Casting Circles with Felfree); beating her litter brother Felfree Top Oscar, owned by the Priestmans.

Our Judge this year was Jennie Miller who was giving her first set of CCs to Manchesters.

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This year at the National our ring was in the Argyle Hall. I don’t think we have ever been in that hall at any of the shows held at Stafford. It was a great success, there was plenty of room, a good sized ring with the benching a few feet away. The best thing was that we were able to park about 50 yards away from the benching. There were enclosed grass rings outside where you could let the dogs off the lead and let them have a bit of a run. What more could we ask for? Well, better weather would have been the icing on the cake.

Our judge was Jean Lanning who is a Manchester enthusiast and gives us a bit of publicity when she can. She chose as her BOB the Ferguson’s Felfree Rocket (Ch Brookstream Marcus Banks ex Ch Mansiya Casting Circles with F). That is his 1st CC after a string of reserves. It is the first CC that the Fergusons have won in MTs and the first that his breeder Felicity Freer has won with a Manchester that she bred. All very satisfactory, we need new owners to be successful so that they continue with the breed. He then went on to be pulled out in the last seven in the terrier group. I watched with Bethany Crawley and her Lollie; we clapped and gave him a bit of a cheer. Lollie didn’t, she slept peacefully on Bethany’s lap. It had been a long day for a pup.

The BCC win was just as good. A newcomer to the breed, out of the first litter she has bred and her first CC for Sue Smith’s Simjest Kiara’s Candy Girl (Ch Brookstream Marcus Banks ex Calastoas Lady Of Meltham at S).

RCCs went to two dogs bred by the Dunford/Akrigg team. The dog went to Ch Quixol Alexander and the bitch to their latest puppy, Quixol Soiree (Ch Digelsa Diamond Geezer at Lizelms ex Q Quartz). She had never been to any training sessions and this was her first show. She put in a faultless performance and of course went BP too. She was handled by Claire Akrigg, who we have not seen showing for some time. BPD was the Browns’ Talanors Sweet Dreams (Westbank Blue Diamond for T ex Ch T Tomorrows Dreams). The Browns have not shown their Manchesters much recently; it was a splendid comeback for them.

The Hemsells team won the breeders competition and were placed second out of four other terrier teams in the final. There was no one to cheer them on because the judging did not start until the terrier group was called. It is not surprising that few people bother to enter this competition. It was a very long wait for them as MTs were judged at 9am.

The good times for Manchesters did not end there. Felfree Top Oscar jointly owned by Felicity Freer and Carol Priestman was fourth in a large puppy stakes class, judged by Michael Coad. It was great to see newcomers to the breed winning with their dogs and to welcome back to showing those who had been away from the show ring for some time.

At the show we all signed a card for Alec Reeve who is very seriously ill.

Writing out the names of the dogs who won and remembering to include their ‘gongs’ made me realise just how hard it is in MTs to win the JW award. Felfree Rocket has won several RCCs, quite a few BPIS, reserves and terrier groups; but because there have been no other MTs in the class in which he was shown he was not able to win the JW. I am sure that this is the same for other dogs in the breed.

Down here in the South we do not get many MTs showing and two to a class is the norm. It is an odd way to collect points. If your dog goes BOB then it has generally beaten several other MTs in the other classes though there might only have been one or two in its class. They tightened up the qualification, but now it seems too rigid.

When I was showing my Mikey in the ’70s you just had to win your class and as there were virtually no dogs being shown at the time because the champion Eaglespur dog won everything, he managed without a great deal of effort to amass 59 JW points. The points scoring did need a tweak, but it seems to have gone too far the other way.

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The Annual St George’s Day parade was held in Manchester and as usual MTs took part. The day is organised for us by Ann and Chris Harrison.

This is Ann’s report on the day: "We had the most wonderful parade today – 12 dogs and their families marching through Manchester for St George’s Day. The weather was perfect – sunshine and a cooling breeze, I think the best we have ever had. We were much closer to the front of the column this time, with 50 participating groups it is a huge line-up. This year they had massive puppets of a golden dragon and St George on a white charger at the front of the parade – it looked truly magnificent. It reminded me of the girl and dog they had going round Liverpool, although not quite so big, but the Dragon did have flapping wings! We all had our photos taken by official folk and we did a short interview on camera for Salford Radio.

"Fancy dress winners had to be the Hall family, Jack Black (with furry rats that he managed to un-nerve quite a few spectators with), his good lady wife and their two children, one a young maid and one a Victorian chimney sweep; complete with soot covered face and chimney brush.

"Lesley’s mum Elsie was the best in patriotic costume with some novel uses for the red and white flags. She came so well equipped even the spectators without flags soon had one to wave!

"Trish and Barry C. had travelled the furthest to join us – hope you had a safe journey home, guys!

"Our merry band consisted of Izzy, Mr D, Jazz, Fy Meistres, Dee Dee, Bentley, Bella, Lily, Newton, Ernie, Sophie and Ash. They were accompanied by Val and Val the photographer, Lesley, Elsie, Barry, Gayle, Tabitha, Freddie, Dennis, Martin, Trish, Barry, Jane, Phil and son, Emma and partner, Chris and yours truly. Sorry for those names I did not catch, but you were all fabulous company and your ‘Little Mancunians’ (as one gentleman in the crowd called them) did us proud.

"The organisers have already invited us back next year, so please join us if you can. Dressing up is half the fun, but we did get some odd looks when we called in to John Lewis to collect a duvet cover on the way home.”


Lancashire White Rose open show was held at the Ledston Equestrian Centre. It is a touch grim. One lady with a young MT dog had to go home without showing him as her asthma was flaring up due to the dust. Sue Smith’s Simjest Kiara’s Candy Girl was BP, PG1 and RBPIS. Val Saville’s Querceti Isadora for Dobermatian was BOB and G2 under breed Judge Nick Gourlay and group judge Graham Tain. BIS judge was Shelagh Tolladay.

Then at the South of England show the Fergusons’ Felfee Rocket was BNSC and won G1. The judge was Ken Bartlett. This is a big two day show so they had to return the next day for the BIS judging. It was well worth the trip as he went RBIS. The Judge was Bob Brampton. As a result we did not go to the Marlborough show. This one is held at another equestrian centre and one does suffer from rising damp. We should not grumble, venues that will take dogs are scarce and at least they welcome us.

Eaglespur Cedric has gone BOB and G2 at Hardenberg show in Holland. He is owned and bred by Greetje Njhius de Haan and was at this show handled by her young niece Gaby.

There is news from Ireland of MT wins. Pat Thomas just about managed to get to South Tipperary ch show where Manchester terriers Int Ch/Ch Jo Mario Maid Of Jazz took BGS and BOB and to our surprise, as it is only his second show, Rattustrap Proper Job took DGS and RBOB.

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WELKS is so unlucky with the weather.  When we arrived it was fine, the rings were set out, the grass was mown and we looked forward to showing outside.  In the end we were in one of the large sheds with bad light and intense cold.  In the next ring to us were the SBTs, making their usual noise, which upset some of the dogs; the ring was a good size though.  Our Judge was Zena Thorne Andrews and out of a very decent entry she made the Beardow’s Ch. World and Int. Ch.  Talanors Hellova Treat for Sipowitz [Ch Newtonian Slim Shady JW ShCM X Ch & Int Ch. T Treat and Treat]  [That is what the catalogue says is the dam’s name, but I think that it is Trick and Treat]  BOB.  The Bitch CC and her first went to the Walshaws Digelsa Diva avec Janmark [Westbank Blue Diamond for Talanors X Ch Digelsa Double Entendre JW ShCM] out of the Junior Class.  The RCCs were won by Val Savilles Calastoa Man in the Mirror at Dobermatian ShCM [Ch Mansiya Word to the Wise at C X Ch C Ruby Tuesday] and out of Puppy Sue Smiths’s home bred Simjest Kiara’s Candy [Ch Brookstream Marcus Banks JW ShCM X Calastoas Lady of Meltham].  Best Puppy was of course Kiara’s Candy. 
There were some nice wins in the Stakes Classes; the Crawley’s Digelsa Dancing with Darla was 1st in the YKC Stakes and the Walshaw’s Digelsa Diva avec Janmark 5th in a big Open Stakes.

We then all went home.  It was solid rain, road works, weekend traffic and the journeys took hours longer than usual.  It was so bad that one or two people have sworn never go to WELKS again.

This is the weekend when the breed parades through the streets of Manchester in the St Georges Day Parade.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that the weather is better than at WELKS.  Whatever the weather more people than ever have volunteered themselves and their dogs to joining the parade; both themselves and their dogs all dressed up in red and white or Victorian costume.  It is of course organised for us by Chris and Ann Harrison.  There will be a full report next week.  I wonder if the people that are watching the parade and cheering the dogs realize that they are in fact the breed of dog named after their town, though I suppose that we parade under a big banner saying The British Manchester Terrier Club.

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SHEILA Mitchell in Denmark has managed to arrange lessons with Richard Curtiss to train her Manchesters in dancing with dogs. Her MTs already compete to a high standard in agility and rally-o. This will be a new string to their bow. Here in the UK, Chris Dunning and her Ebbie perform in this discipline; including a demonstration at Crufts each year.

There is an interesting article in this week’s DW commenting on the almost complete lack of training courses for would be judges in the art of judging, from the point of view of the psychological pressure on judges as opposed to ring discipline, requirements etc. There is one, but it costs £500 and on-one seems to have taken it for a good few years. In my opinion, you should look forward to judging any breed of dog and especially your own breed. If you feel fear or have trepidation then don’t put yourself through the experience. Your attitude should be that you are going to have the privilege of handling a great many of the breed that you love, going over them, talking to them and watching them perform for you and you alone. What could be better than that? With luck too you will have a decent ring to send them round, some good stewards to keep things moving for you and in this country the luxury of your critique to explain your decisions. That is my idea of heaven.

Perhaps too you should ask yourself why you want to judge. If it is for anything other than being able to watch and handle dogs then don’t even think of judging. You are not there to reward your friends or your own breeding. You are not there because you fancy yourself being the centre of attention.

There are of course a great many things that you will have to face. If you are judging your own breed, you will know pretty well all the exhibitors and many of them for a great many years. You may have to put their dog down the line, but you have the critique to explain your decision. Then in our small, numerically, breed you might be on the club committee and have to face the club’s officers and committee members; but you should be looking at the dog and not the handler. There is nothing more of a giveaway than the judge who looks carefully at each dog in the line-up and then up the lead at the handler. You find then that newcomers to the breed seldom get a high placing!

The other article that caught my eye was the probability that the removal of dew claws for ‘cosmetic purposes’ will be banned in Ireland as well as docking. We in the UK routinely remove dew claws from our MTs. In my experience it makes a lot of sense, they can get tangled in clothing or undergrowth causing a lot of pain and panic to the dog. It is difficult to keep MT nails short and harder still to restrict the growth of the dew claw which does not get worn down at all. It is also a bit unsightly as the MT does not have hairy legs! If you judge on the continent you have to get used to dew claws as they are generally left on. I don’t see the reasoning behind the ban. Puppies’ dew claws are removed when they are a few days old and they don’t feel discomfort. Their mum might at seeing her pups being handled.

There were three specialist terrier shows over the bank holiday weekend. At Birmingham Gundog and Terrier, Mandy Churms of the Wystry MTs had a super entry and out of them she awarded BP to Sue Pinkham’s Talanors Fantasy Dreams for Pinkadees, who later took PG4.

At Northern Counties Sporting Terrier the Walshaws’ Digelsa Diva avec Janmark was BOB and BIS4. The judge was Margaret Hooley. She was also BOB at Manchester Sporting Terrier.

In Holland at the international show Sandy Kirjgsveld’s Thunderdragon Declan was BOB, BD and won an excellent in the youth class. He is now a Dutch youth champion.

Eaglespur Cedric, owned by Greet Nyhuis de Haan, has had some great wins too on the Continent taking BOB.

At both Camberley and Chertsey shows over bank holiday weekend at the Montem Centre in Slough the Fergusons’ Felfree Rocket was BNSC and G1. At Chertsey he was handed by Georgina and at Camberley by Jane. He does love winning. When the winners are sent round the ring being clapped, he larks about, leaping and showing off trying to grab the rosette. My Minn won was there and had a great day too. She is another one who loves the show ring, but I am sure that she is there just for the bribes.

What a splendid weekend for the breed.

Ella Eva
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Sheila Mitchell who has MTs in Denmark does agility and Rally-O with her two MTs. She has been to a rally-O test with her youngest dog, Terri, Shophis Baikis Esperanza, who won her 3rd certificate, so she is now a Danish rally-O Champion.  Sheila now has 2 MT's that are rally-O champions. Her Libby, Liberty Baikis Esperanza, is also a Champion.   MTs in Denmark were for a time beginning to be quite popular, then they almost disappeared.  They are now making a comeback.  There is a Danish Club for them and Sheila does wonders with her two to make them noticed by people outside the show world.

The Fergusons made their annual outing to the Isle of Wight to the dog show there.  Their Finn, Felfree Rocket ShCM, was Best AVNSC Terrier and then was placed 2nd in the Group.  The judge this year was Jonathan Daltry.

The van Vessems of the Corduroys Manchesters have arranged a show for Manchesters in Belgium on the 8th June.  So far only Carol and Ray Dunford with their Champions Quixol Alexander and Pauclin Armarna at Q are going from the UK.  It is a pity that there is no one else going, but it is in June, which is the busiest time for shows in the UK; with 3 Counties, Border Union, Windsor and Blackpool that month.  Carol has promised to send pictures and an account of the weekend.

In America the MT Jetcity Winter is Coming to Newbeg has just been made an American Champion.   This is news because her Grandsire is an English dog Gloryline Tudor Prince; bred of course by a rather proud  Melissa Clifton. 

Ella Eva
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Leseley Norris of the Brookstream Manchesters was our judge at National Terrier with an excellent entry. Max King had ensured that we had a good ring, not in one of the draughty annexes as he knows just how much the breed hates the cold!

BCC and BOB was Dunford and Akrigg’s Ch Paucelin Armana by Quixol (Ch Brookstream Marcus Banks ex Q Black Byronia) and DCC, his second, went to Val Saville’s Calastoa Man In The Mirror for Dobermatian (Ch Mansiya Word To The Wise at C ex Ch C Ruby Tuesday). BP was Carter and Harrison’s Digelsa Declaration (Westbank Blue Diamond for Talanors ex Ch D De Ja Vu).

It was a nice win as he is very young and showed his socks off and the owners are new to Manchesters. The Hemsell’s team won the breeders competition and were placed fifth in the final.

RCCs went to the Dunford, Akrigg and Walton’s Ch Quixol Alexander (Ch Brookstream Marcus Banks ex Ch Q Betony) and the Greenslades’ Calastoa’s Material Girl, who is the same way bred as the winner of the DCC and was handled this time by Malcolm Abbott.

It was lovely to see among the spectators at the ringside Pauline and Trevor Gore. Trevor has been battling with cancer and seems to have won and Pauline her usual elegant smiling self. They were there with Margaret Clowes who used to be the secretary of the club; great to see them again after some time away from the world of showing and Manchesters. Our Judge at Crufts, Kay Aspin, dropped by too for a chat.

It was a great day for the breed, we had three wins in other classes, De Ja Vu was placed second in the competition for the best of the terriers who have won BIS at open shows and Henrietta Stewart’s Eulalies Mustard Seed was fifth out of an entry of 18, with Liz Cartledge judging, in the PD stakes; another nice win for a newcomer to the breed and a new breeder, Miss Sandlands. The Fergusons’ Felfree Rocket was placed again in his YKC members stakes class with Mick Vickers judging.

Nicola Jane’s Dodger is now in the champions agility competitions and at his very first attempt at this very high grade of agility he had a clear round in the agility, then another clear round in the jumping competition; finishing seventh. Nicola says he might have been placed even higher if she had not made a mistake at the tunnel, waving her arms like a windmill! An onlooker said that the arms were not like windmill sails, it was a split second hesitation before the tunnel. At all events it was a pretty good win.

ELLA EVA, 01628 290714,

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Carol, Barry and Sarah Brown had a really great time when their Daisy took part in a Horse and Hound event. This was a fun event held at the stables where Sarah rides. How it works is that the rider goes round a course on the horse, jumps off, puts on a funny hat and then runs round a smaller version of the course with a dog. Fastest time wins. A friend who doesn’t have her own dog asked if she could borrow Daisy. Daisy had recently had a season and they were wondering whether she would get a bit over-excited with all the running and spectators cheering, but in fact she was brilliant! Out of 12 riders, Carol (the rider), Daisy (the dog) and Rodney (the horse) came joint second! It was a lovely achievement for Daisy and positive promotion for the breed. Daisy’s performance certainly gained her a few additional admirers! She was a star!

Bethany Crawley had a good day at Bristol open show where Darla (Digelsa Dancing with Darla) won PG in NSC and Marvin won open in NSC open; as she says "beating the fluffies!” Darla then won BNSC, then beat of the rest of the fluffies to take G1.

Our Judge at Crufts 2015 is our chairman, Mick Oxley. He last judged at Crufts in 1999 and is the first to judge at Crufts twice since my records began in 1990.

I was scrunching up an old issue of DOG WORLD to make firelighters and there in front of me was a Manchester Terrier. It was in an advertisement for a photographer. There are three pictures of him, looking cheerful and alert. One of his ears in one picture is held sideways. He is looking towards you as though he is just about to take off and do something more interesting. They are lovely pictures and will attract people looking at them more than the formally posed ones that we normally see. I was once severely lectured, and I mean severely, for putting a picture in Highlights of a dog with ears all akimbo that went to work with its owner to Christies, the fine art auctioneers. She used to be allowed to wander about the Chinese porcelain section where the girl who owned her worked. I thought then that it was more interesting to show just how trustworthy and dainty a Manchester was than worry about her ear carriage!

We had another picture in DOG WORLD, a sad one though as it was in the obituary for the Oxleys’ dog Ch Diglesa Double Entendre.

ELLA EVA, 01628 290714,

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There is a lovely picture in last week’s Dog World of Felfree Rocket [Ch Brookstream Marcus Banks JW ShCM X Ch Mansiya Casting Circles with Felfree] winning the YKC Terrier Stakes.  He is owned by Jane and Georgie Ferguson and handled of course by Georgie; remember that it is the dog that wins not the handler.  Always good to see pictures of MTs; it does not happen every week.

Our Archivist, H, always has a busy Crufts, working on the KCGCDS and examining for the Bronze Good Citizens Test.  He was allowed to watch the breed judging on Friday and the other two days served as a Ring Steward.  He eventually went home on Monday and slept it all off!

Helen Fletcher is new to Manchester Terriers. Her bitch, Joemario Just A Dash (Shimmy),  completed her KCGC Puppy foundation in November at 5 months and should have gone straight on to her KCGC Bronze Award Training, but unfortunately came down with Kennel cough, so missed out on the start of her new course and her first few breed shows including LKA.  Shimmy passed her KCGC Bronze Award with flying colours on the 27th February.  Helen says that she did  not putting a paw wrong, she was a star.  She has been to a few open shows, but has not liked the judge getting past her shoulders on the table examination, this behaviour started just after she was micro chipped; but she is great about the teeth/head examination, and hind quarters.   She is slowly getting better and at Crosby & South Liverpool show, she won the Junior class, went Best Puppy and was placed 3rd in the Puppy Group and she stood like a statue on the table, so progress is being made.  Helen has previously shown Belgian Shepherds quite successfully and as she says terriers are a whole new ball game.  “We love her to bits, she is a clever little girl, very loving and comical, once she is older she will hopefully be following my other dogs into the agility ring and possibly venturing into Rally.”

The tenderness round the area where the microchip was implanted is interesting.  My own Vet will not put them into very young puppies.  She says that it is a “big pill” and MT pups are so small.  We wait until the pup is a good few months old.

Talking of being sensitive, Felfree Rocket was taken to a show at Ardingly by his mum Jane Ferguson.  It was colder inside the show than outside and the roof leaked.  Despite this non MT weather Finn went BANNSC Terrier and was Group 2 into the bargain. 

I understand that work is going ahead on research into kidney disease in the Manchester Terrier  with the Animal Health Trust.  It is not so far a serious problem for the breed, but like most dogs we do get incidents of kidney failure in Manchesters. It will be reassuring to know whether the rate is quite normal or whether we should take some steps to avoid it becoming a problem for us.

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There is sad news from the Oxley family. These are Mick’s words on the tragedy:
"Our hearts were broken yesterday as our Roxy died. A short and sudden illness took her from us.

"She has been an ambassador for our breed, the all-time breed record holder with 30 CCs, BOB at Crufts, many championship show terrier group placings, but most importantly she had the most perfect temperament anyone could wish for. You know, to us she was just our Roxy, we can’t recall a time she was ever naughty, she never had an off day, she was our perfect pet. God bless you Roxy our little Princess, words are not enough.”

Her Kennel Club name is Ch Digelsa Double Entendre and she was bred out of Stewart Morris’s lovely dog Ch Calastoa Star Light and her dam was Digelsa Dynasty. She was born on Oct 6, 2006. There have been messages from all over the world on her death.

London and Home Counties Terrier Club is 50 years old this year and to celebrate it is holding an anniversary show on Sunday Sept 7 at Lockmeadow Market in Maidstone, Kent ME16 8LW. The BMTC, only one of four breeds, has been invited to have a breed stand at the show. Club secretary Gill Thomas is hoping for a good turnout for this special show.

Back in the ’70s the show was very grand, held at Picketts Lock in East London, with benching. It was the only terrier show that scheduled every terrier breed. Over the years it slowly went downhill with decreasing entries. The AGMs were held at Caxton Hall in London; each breed had a representative on the committee which made it large and unwieldy. I took over from Betty Napthine as the MT rep.

At the first AGM I attended there was a move to change the structure of the club entirely. As a result Mick Homan took over as secretary and Pat Burke was elected chairman. The venue for the shows was changed to Catford in South London; entries improved and the club became financially viable. The biggest entries came from Staffordshire Bull Terriers. It is fair to say that they paid the rent and kept the club alive, SBT people also serving on the committee and doing the jobs that are required to run a show. Manchesters did their bit too with Peter and me on the committee. He took over as chairman when Pat Burke became too ill to continue.

Rachel Leeson had a good entry of 16 dogs when she judged at West Torrington. Out of them she made the Fergusons’ Felfree Rocket BOB and he went G2. The Walshaws’ Diglesa Diva at Janmark was BP and PG1; a successful day for the breed. West Torrington is one of the shows that put classes on for the breed way back in the ’80s, when there were very few shows with breed classes. I think that Suzanne Moorhouse persuaded them to put us on and they have kept the classes on all these years, despite some years with very low numbers showing there.

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CRUFTS seems to have gone off smoothly with no long waits as the breed was first in the ring. Our judge was Kay Aspin, who has not judged us since 2009, at WELKS. There must have been a lot of new faces for her this time, especially as there was a good entry of overseas dogs.

BOB was the dog, the Charltons’ Ch Digelsa Diamond Geezer at Lizelms, handled as ever by Mick Oxley. BCC went to the Dunford and Akrigg’s Paucelin Armana.

The two RCCs were won by the same team, with the addition of Rose Walton with Ch Quixol Alexander, and the Oxley team’s Ch D De Ja Vu. BP was Mansiya How Soon Is Now and he is owned by Helen Pais, her daughter and Sarah Leigh. The Pais are new to Manchesters – what a wonderful start to the pup’s career as a show dog. He has a large fan club on Facebook, where he is known a Murray the Mint. There were dozens of messages congratulating him on his win.

Gill Knight organised the stand at Discover Dogs for us. It was as ever very busy. Thanks to everyone who helped on the stand and of course to their wonderful dogs. The Keates’ Mabel has a very fetching knitted yellow hat that keeps her ears warm in the cold weather. She was modelling it on the stand and appeared in the Sunday papers wearing it. All publicity is welcome!

This is Nigel’s thoughts on Mabel’s hat and his first time helping on the stand: "I am rather chuffed, the dog is Mabel and my daughter Portia. Mabel wore the hat on the Discover Dogs stand on Thursday to gain a little attention from the public and to encourage them to visit our stand. Most thought it rather cute some asked why the hat... I, on occasion regaled my tale of Mabel being bitten by a bull shark on the ear while swimming off Anglesey! Their faces were a picture until I confessed it was just for fun.

"Many of the trade stalls saw Mabel sporting her fetching hat and took pictures to pop on their respective Facebook or twitter pages as we visited their pitches. From there the Daily Express photographer somehow managed tracked us down on show day and left his card on our cage – we contacted him and set up the photo.

"We were royally treated by Gill Knight and everyone who we worked alongside at the DD stand were fantastic. I can’t wait until next year where I will offer mine and Mabel’s services should we have been deemed to have represented our breed in a positive light. I will have learned and know much more by then, but the hat stays!”

Two young Manchester handlers qualified their dogs for the final of the YKC stakes, held at Crufts, Bethany Crawley and Georgina Ferguson. Georgina and her Felfree Rocket won the heat on terrier day. I think that this is a first for the breed, to have two MTs in the competition. Frank Kane was the judge.

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Those of us who give CCs for the breed are sometimes asked to sit beside the ring when someone gives CCs for the first time for MTs. We do this on a voluntary basis, only getting paid petrol money. We are asked by the Kennel Club to comment on the general competence of the judge, their ring discipline etc. We are not asked for our opinion on the judge’s placings. I have done several, all with the best intentions.

It is not easy, if the judge is a breed specialist they are probably someone one has known for a number of years and if an all-rounder you have seen them around the showing scene for years. One thing that I look for is the way the dogs are handled. The Manchester is not a dog that takes to strangers readily, they take their time and the show ring can be a strain for them until they are used to the routine. There is a word in the Standard ‘discerning’ and it is there for a reason. They also have a single coat with all the faults and good points of conformation for you to see without having to sort around under a long coat. Most of us appreciate a judge who handles as little as possible and who approaches the dog on the table quietly, in a friendly manner. Most of us too deplore the judge that goes back down their line-up and bends down to feel the shoulder. To my mind they should have done that while the dog was on the table and surely they can see the lay of the shoulder, bend of stifle etc, there is no coat hiding the limbs and body.

From comments in the media, I understand that the KC is only interested in the judge’s adherence to the KC’s requirements for judges in the ring. The fact that they have upset just about all the dogs that they have handled doesn’t seem to be important! Perhaps that is why we are judged by some, including breed specialists, who make even experienced, older dogs nervous and jittery on the table. Why do we sit there, filling in the forms, when we can see that that particular judge should not be allowed to put a hand on a Manchester ever again, knowing that if they are otherwise a competent judge and will be passed for CCs? Our assistant secretary has to find someone to do the job which is not easy. If our very real reservations are ignored then the task will be just that much harder.

The Walshaw’s Digelsa Diva is continuing her winning ways. As Mark says: "This is her lucky seven. Wilma went BPIS at Newark, her seventh such award. She also did very well in BIS taking RBIS. We are totally delighted with this young lady, she never stopped showing all day; a long day as we did not finish until 5.30pm.

"Wilma is now relaxing in front of the wood burner and I am pretty sure I will be partaking in a mighty fine red or two. The breed and group judge was Mr A Norcross and the BIS judge the all-rounder Irene McMannus.”

Judy Thurlow’s Erkenwyne Lady Guinevere qualified for the East Anglian Supermatch. She writes: "We had a fantastic day at the East Anglian Supermatch, a very well organised event with lovely food, lots of dancing and great company. Kita did me so proud by going through a number of rounds beating a Norwegian Elkhound, a lovely Belgian Shepherd and a rather decent Siberian Husky.

"She’s a very special dog to me, a great character to live with, and showing great promise at agility, the showing just being the icing on the cake; very special icing though!”

The breed had two special wins at the Martini Dog show in Groningen. Greetje van der Haan’s Eaglespur Cedric was first junior youth class and best dog at nine months old, handled by Ruud Bergstrom. Cedric is by Eaglespur Nelson who the Khars’ imported to Norway from Enid Teague Knight ex Eaglespur Merry Legs. She is another bred in the UK by Enid. I have no record of Cedric and am assuming that Greetje bred him. What is intriguing is the use of the Eaglespur affix. At the same show Sandy Krijgsveld’s Thunder Dragon Caitlin won excellent in the champion class, went BB and BOB.

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There is a lovely picture of Rattustrap England’s Own in Andrew Brace’s column this week and a nice write-up. He is owned by Paivi Hituri and Timo. They took him to the Tallin international show in Estonia. He was awarded the CAC, CACIB and BOB by Andrew Brace. This makes him Fin/Est Ch Rattustrap England’s Own. His breeders Phil Dale and Estelle Saxton are a bit proud of him.

At Jarrow and Hebburn the Walshaws’ Diglesa Diva won the following: open NSC, BOB, G2, PG1 and BPIS.

This was Wilma’s third BPIS in the last three shows/weekends. It is Wilma’s fourth such award this year and also her fifth in total. She has also been RBIS on two occasions.

The BMTC held its ch show recently where the judge was Janet Palmer of the Egloshayle MTs. These are her thoughts on the show: "A big thank you to all who entered under me at the open show; I really enjoyed my day (even though I may have looked like a rabbit in headlights a lot of the time!).

"There were a lot of quality dogs, the depth was amazing and cracking puppies which augers well for the breed. You made my task very difficult!

"Thank you to everyone who made my day so enjoyable. A special mention must be made of my excellent steward Jeanette Geraghty who ran the ring like she had been doing it forever! (Even though I believe it was her first appointment). Also to Anne Harrison who kept me pointing in the right direction with the paperwork. I could not have done it without you both!

"Everyone was so sporting with my decisions and your lovely dogs; as you know you all took home the best one.”

Thank you too from all the rest of us to the BMTC hierarchy for putting on the show for us.

Janet’s BIS was Dale and Saxton’s Rattustrap Top Totty and the BOS was the Dunfords’ Ch Quixol Alexander.

RBIS was Val Saville’s Querceti Isadora at Dobermatian and BP was the Walshaws’ Digelsa Diva and BV the Knights’ Ch Int Ch Talanors Trick N Treat.

There was a good paper entry of 78 dogs but with a high absentee rate this dipped to 52.

There were lots of visitors, including some from overseas. As is usual now, people came along with their pet MTs to let their pups and adults mix with other MTs and to get a proper ‘fix’ of Manchester terrier. This is about the only place to see a lot of MTs all in one place. The other is of course the Fun Weekend which is back in its usual slot of the weekend of July 5-6 and as usual held at Witney in Oxfordshire. All details will be on the BMTC web site or from our secretary Carol Wicker. There are two serious shows over the weekend, which is perhaps one too many, but they do generate some income to fund the weekend: but there is a lot to do apart from that and the place will be awash with black and tan.

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The Breed Records Supplement has been published for the last quarter of 2013. It shows that 196 Manchester Terriers were registered during the year. This is the highest number by quite some way since 2004 and the highest that I can remember. The wonderful thing is that it is possible to sell these puppies to good homes, as there does not seem to have been any steep increase in the number of dogs needing rehoming. From October to December 53 puppies were registered from 14 litters; including three with the Eaglespur affix in the joint names of Enid Teague Knight and Ann Colley. They are the first Eaglespur litters for some time. In the past the breed relied on Eaglespur to keep the numbers bred respectable. Only one stud dog was used twice which is a great step forward on previous quarters where some studs were used several times. Two dogs were exported to Finland and Switzerland respectively. In the year five dogs were exported. Four dogs were tested for vWD and only one is a carrier.

The Walshaw’s Diglesa Diva at Janmark has won yet another BPIS at an open show. What a career the pup is having.

Carol Wicker, the club secretary, has issued the AGM notices and with them a reminder of the Kennel Club’s attitude to aggression in dogs. It is a breed characteristic that entire male MTs will take a lunge at other entire Manchester males. This is not aggression in the true sense and most of us accept it and steer clear of other male Manchesters with our dogs. It does not seem to happen when the dogs are loose and able to avoid each other naturally. They run loose at the European Happenings and when we have a bit of a party at shows like Blackpool and run them all loose on the beach. However, there are some exhibitors who persist in bringing their dogs around the ring and seeming to deliberately make other exhibitors dogs go off pop. I have hidden behind pillars with my young dog on my lap to avoid the known people but it seems they always find you. They even work their way round a crowded ring so that they can upset a dog in the ring who they know is going to have a go. I, for one, wish they would stop doing it and I know that many others do too.

In this month’s Dogs Today there is an article about MTs and the star and the cover girl is Barry Hall’s Tudorbrook New Jazz Age. She is of course named Jazz. Barry is calling her the ‘pin-up princess’ now! He has sent a picture of her to Dogs Today. She is apparently closely studying her picture. It is on their website and as of Sunday had over 1,000 hits. That is wonderful publicity for the breed. Jazz is not the only dog featured; congratulations to everyone involved, it is great for the breed.

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Suddenly there is so much news it will take a week or two to get it all in but we start with sad, sad news from Ann and Chris Harrison: "Sadly we had to say goodbye to Monty (Sophyla Salute The Flag). He was 15 years and seven months.

"Ella and Peter kindly rehomed him to us at seven months when his first owner died suddenly. He immediately set about introducing us to the world of Manchester Terriers. He won his CC and BOB at National Terrier Centenary Show in 2003, having won RBIS at Manchester and District Sporting Terrier open show the previous week. He then won BIS at Astbury companion show having won the class for the best trick. He was first runner-up in a Lowry dog look-a-like photo competition, run by The Lowry in Salford; a collie-cross won – we was robbed. He won a fun agility competition for different breeds in a pilot TV programme that never made it to the small screen, but he did get to be congratulated by the presenters, Richard Arnold and Julia Bradbury.

"His most favourite days out were on breed stands. No matter how long the day or how tired we all were, he would always amble to the front of the pen to wave his tail at visitors and say hello. I remember one occasion when he was so smothered in a pile of toddlers I only had a lead sticking out from the pile, and then another time two oriental ladies grabbed him from behind when he was on the table and one thrust her cheek against his for her friend to take a photo – his face was a picture.

"He also has a list of exploits that are not quite so laudable. Like the time he escaped from Chris’ work van and ran round the centre of Stafford, crossing two dual carriageways and a main roundabout before being cornered in a casino – he only caused one (gentle) car crash that we know of.

"He was top dog in charge of our house to the very end; no-one took liberties with Uncle Mont. He is buried in the garden next to his best friend Gracie.”

Monty’s breeding was ex Ch Sophyla Madame Jacques and by Bellbrock Gambling Man. With a Madame for a mother and a gambler for a father he should not have turned out such a charming dog! I think that he had a wonderful interesting life with Ann and Chris and their beautiful white Lurcher, Gracie, and was charming as a result. My, and I know Peter’s thanks to them for taking on a troubled young dog and giving him such a wonderful, long life.

Ann reminds everyone that Manchesters are invited again to take part in the annual St George’s Day parade round Manchester city centre. The date this year is April 27. It involves a gentle two hour walk, starting at Miles Platting; contact Ann for more details. Everyone and their Manchester are welcome. The dogs love the day with other MTs and the admiration from the crowds. Let us hope that it has stopped raining by then.

There is a very respectable entry of 65 dogs at Crufts this year for Kay Aspin.

The monthly dog magazine, Dogs Today in Fido Facts is featuring the Manchester Terrier. It is published on Feb 13. Barry Hall’s Jazz (Tudorbrook New Jazz Queen) is the dog modelling for the article. There is a picture of her on the front cover as well as in the article.

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Manchester Terriers are hitting the high spots; last week I reported on two dogs qualifying for the East Anglian supermatch, now Dave and Janet Palmer tell me that their Quixol Misty Ivy at Egloshayle is qualified for the Top Dog of Cornwall competition. She is 11 years old and is of course competing in the veteran section. Jane Ferguson tells me that her Felfree Rocket has been invited to the Hampshire Dog of the Year competition. Best of luck to you all, have a lovely evening and we will all be rooting for you.

Mark Walshaws Digelsa Diva avec Janmark has won three BPIS awards over about 6 weeks. That is really impressive. Well done to the team Janmark.

I understand that there is to be a change of judge for LKA this year; our scheduled judge has been invited to judge the Eukanuba competition in America, which will clash with LKA.

There is not much news at the moment. The only current topic of conversation is the horrible weather and an endless procession of muddy dogs to be cleaned up after they have been out for their walks. The washing machine is going full time washing towels and dog coats. We are, I suppose, luckier than those with coated dogs; but if your car is anything like mine it is mud spattered inside and out with Manchester Terrier paw prints everywhere. It must dry up soon?!

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Not one but two Manchester Terriers have qualified for the East Anglian Super Match this year – Judy Thurlow’s Erkenwyne Lady Guinevere (NZ Ch Lindhorne Spellbound ex Brenandi Genteel Gypsy at E) and my Sophyla Sam Brown (Ch Brookstream Marcus Banks ex Ch S Sable). Sam has had to send his apologies but Judy and Lady Guinevere will be there. Judy is buying a new outfit for the party. The match is a very swanky black tie affair and we all wish Judy and the puppy the very best of luck.

We have had some splendid wins at various shows this year. The breed is really being recognised now and not before time. I have not been able to keep up to date with them all, but congratulations to everyone for their wins.

What awful weather we are having, not MT weather as they hate the wet. I went to a show at the weekend just in Reading, only half an hour’s drive away. The floods have gone down in the past week and we are able to drive from one side of the river to the other without long detours but in just one morning the rain was so heavy that the floods are coming back up with fields and towpaths flooded again.

We are very quick to grumble about the organisation of shows, but the Henley show committee did wonders as their outside rings were underwater and all the breeds had to be crammed into the main hall. It all went smoothly and on time. Sam won his class. I am reporting it because he was exquisitely handled for me by Robyn. She is very young but my goodness she knows how to handle a dog to perfection. I think that Sam is in love again.

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Shirley Watson was to be our Judge at Boston show and had drawn a good entry for a show with no CCs. Sadly she was not able to judge. She sends her apologies to everyone who entered and her thanks for the lovely entry.
It stopped raining today and the sun shone out of a clear blue sky. The floods have gone down a bit; meaning that I could take the dogs on one of their favourite walks. They both behaved like two year olds, even Minn who is 12 and I thought was showing her age more day by day. She just needed sun on her back like all Manchesters to bring her back to life. I have not heard whether anyone in the breed has been badly affected by flooding.

Roger Sjølstad has been chosen as the official photographer for Crufts this year. If you remember his picture of his daughter running through a stream with their Great Danes was chosen as the photograph of the year in the KCs competition. He is a member of the BMTC and has a Manchester called Akira. It also appeared on the cover of the late lamented Kennel Gazette.
The Manchester Terrier Club of Holland has held its first Championship show. BOB was an English dog and I am proud to say that it was INT Ch, World Ch and Ch Sophyla Sorcerer JW Sh CM; owned of course by Sarah Leigh and shown by Ruud Bergstrom and bred by Peter and I.

I have new wooden floors and it occurred to me too late that it means that Sam does not have a carpet to dry himself on when he comes in out of the rain. He has mentioned it to me!
The other great innovation in my life is that I have a telephone; the number is at the bottom of the Notes!

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I have just heard a horrifying story from America. A Manchester Terrier puppy was taken to a Vet who had never seen the breed before and had to ask what it was. He did all the usual tests before giving it its first inoculation. After listening to the heart he told the new owners that the dog had Patent Ductus Arteriosis. It was a very serious condition and the pup could die at any moment. The unfortunate owners panicked, rang the breeder and took the dog immediately to a dog heart specialist. He listened to the heart. There was nothing wrong at all. The noise that the vet had had heard was the poor little pup shivering! I am glad to say that the specialist sent his bill to the vet and not to the much relieved owners of the pup. MTs do shiver and not only when they are cold. I remember my distress when the pups in my first litter shivered from nose to the end of their tails when they were eating. After a bit I realised that they all shivered but apart from that they were perfectly healthy, bouncing puppies.

I am sure that all of you have taken your black and tan treasure into a new vet and become aware fairly quickly that they have no idea what breed it is. MTs are different. They have a unique temperament and a unique way of behaving. If you have a sympathetic vet who handles your MT well stay with them they are a treasure. At the weekend a friend said that her vet had moved to another practice, but she was going to take her dog to her there even though it was much further to drive.

Sarah Leigh has found a painting by Turner; that is badly phrased. She has not been lucky enough to find a Turner, but has seen for the first time a painting by Turner of a beach and running down to the sea at full stretch a Black and Tan Terrier, behind it is a white dog that could be an English White Terrier.

The latest from my telephone saga is that I now have a dialling tone, but the number “is not in service” to quote the nice lady who replies if you try to ring the number. I hope that BT is not going to charge me line rental for the weeks that I am still not able to use my land line.
Happy New Year from me, Minn and Sam; I hope for all of you it is a successful, healthy one for both you and your dogs.

Ella Eva
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Congratulations to all the winners at LKA.  We all were so lucky with the weather going to the show,  the new layout was better and the judge before us got on with the job which meant that we were in the ring at a reasonable time.  The principal winners were Val  Saville’s Calastoa’s Man in the Mirror at Dobermatian [Ch Mansiya Word to the Wise at C X Ch C Ruby Tuesday].   That is his first CC, winning out of the Limit Class.  The Bitch CC and BOB was Paucelin Armarna by Quixol [Ch Brookstream Marcus Banks JW ShCM X Q Black Bryony], owned by the Dunfords and Clare Akrigg and that is her first CC too after a string of RCCs.  The RCCs went to the Dunford/Akrigg/Walton Ch Quixol Alexander and the Greenslade’s Calastoa’s Material Girl.  Best Puppy was won by the bitch Simjest Kiara’s Candy Girl [Ch Brookstream Marcus Banks JW ShCM X Calastoa’s Lady of Meltham at Simjest.  She is owned by Sue Smith and is out of her first MT litter.  

We had lots of visitors to the ring.   Malcolm Abbott made one of his rare appearances.  He said that the atmosphere round the ring was relaxed and friendly and I think that we all agree with him.  There was a party after judging, I had to go home.  Just as well we did as the weather was horrible, rain, strong winds and lots of traffic.   

One of the absentees was Rattustrap Top Totty.  She was in Finland at a show having a great time going BOB at a show there and then at two more shows over the same weekend she did it twice more and as a result is a Finnish Champion.  Sarah Leigh’s Ch Sophyla Sorcerer had a good weekend too winning the CC at Amsterdam show and is now a World Ch. International Ch. and WW13.  Thanks to Greetje Nyhuis de Haan and Ruud Bergström for campaigning  and showing him in Europe.  I am rather proud to be his breeder and I know that Sarah is as his owner and trainer.

Ella Eva
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There have been some nice results in the show ring and three puppies have won their Bronze Good Citizens awards. 
At Hertfordshire show Judy Thurlow’s Erkenwyne Lady Guinevere won Best NSC Terrier puppy and won the Group too.  It was very cold, not the best weather for showing a Manchester.  There was a long session in the Group ring and then she had to go all over it again in the BIS ring for Best Puppy.  She was eventually beaten by a Leonberger.  Judy is very proud of her; she did not put a foot wrong and remained the little professional to the very end.

Lesly Olbinson did her first ever stint of judging at Sedgley and Gornal show.  She had a good entry numerically and in quality too.  She made the Dale/Saxton Rattustrap Top Totty JW ShCM BOB; who then went on to be Group 2.  Best Puppy was won by Dr Smith’s Simjest Kiara’s Candy Girl.  She did not manage to be placed in the Group, but endured without shrinking a deal of rather rough handling. 

Why do judges fiddle with MTs in the ring?  It really is not necessary.  The short coat means that the dog’s conformation is there to see.  All you need to do is run your hand over the body to check for muscle tone and coat quality, look at the teeth and maybe check the ears to make sure they have not been tampered with.  George Candling used to check the ears.  He said he was looking for that strip of tan just inside the ear, but in fact was looking to see if the ear had been cut to make it fall in the right place.  We don’t do that sort of thing these days, do we?  We manipulate, glue, massage, cross our fingers and hope that they return to the right place after the pup has finished teething.

Alec Reeve has been in hospital, but is now out convalescing.  Wish you completely better Alec and best wishes from all in the BMTC.


ELLA EVA, 07581 780786,

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JUDY THURLOW once again organised the breed stand at Discover Dogs at Earls Court. This is her account of the weekend: "Just home after a great weekend at Discover Dogs.

"I would like to thank all those who helped on the breed stand – Pam Stubbington for helping me set up on the Friday; the youngsters had a great time chasing around in our empty part of the hall. On Saturday Sonia Owczarek, Martin Kirkbride, Leo St Clair and Carol Brown, especially her two daughters who were superb at giving the Manchester Terrier patter and on Sunday Chris Dunning, Chrissie Bynam, Sarah York, Dave Chapman and Liz Stedman; but mostly to the many dogs, who were as usual the stars of the show. Apparently on the Saturday there was only one breed that had more dogs than us. Well done team.

"Lexi and Sue should have been with us too, and I hope Lexi is now recovered from yet another of her ‘adventures’. See you next time.

"As we have said at previous events like this there are more and more people coming to the stand knowing what they are and having them on their ‘shortlist’. This can only be good for the breed and a testament to those who give their time to promote the breed. Saturday was certainly very busy with a constant crowd around us vying for the chance to find out more about them and stroke the dogs

Dave Chapman and his Troy took part and this is his thoughts on the day: "Thanks for the opportunity to promote our breed at DD. Troy played front of house all day without flagging and just loved all the meets and greets.

"Many thanks to the other members for their sterling work, people loved seeing the daintiness of the bitches there and watching them at play.

"A great deal of interest was shown by the visiting public, we told them the history and answered all their questions – they all seemed delighted in their MT experience and the profile of the breed was definitely raised.”

Thanks to all of you from all of us for all you do for the breed at DD and at all the other displays during the year. As the old song says, ‘you have earned your little bit of corn’.

Ella Eva
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DIGELSA Diva is Mark Walshaw’s first Manchester; she has started her career in the show ring in style. At Hillsborough show she was BP, PG1 and then RBIS; this at only six months. She did it again at Chester le Street show, this time going BP and BOB out of NSC, PG1 but going one better than Hillsborough with BPIS. Then again at Yorkshire Sporting Terrier with BP and RBPIS; the breed judge was Judy Thurlow. She made the Goodwins’ Ch Diglesa Dionysus BOB.

The Breed Records Supplement has been published and I eventually got my copy. It had been addressed to Peter, even though I ordered it and paid for it. It was delivered to the old house. Very influential people at the KC have tried to get them to understand that Peter is dead but they do not seem to take it in. It eventually arrived here only through the kindness of the people who have bought the house.

There were 39 puppies registered out of eight litters, which is the same number in this quarter as last year. The registrations for the first two months were well up on previous years, so we are doing very well keeping numbers up. There are precious few stud dogs being used. The Harrisons now have a kennel name for their first litter – Magpiebank, which is where they live. They tried for Bear Town; Congleton, their nearest town, was once known as Bear Town. The Burgers of Congleton had saved up to buy a bible for the town but bought a bear for baiting instead.

Twenty four puppies have been tested for vWD; out of them 11 are clear and 13 carriers. This is a surprising number, showing that the condition is still very much a concern in the breed.

There are a number of wins at open shows all sent via Facebook; I hope that I have it all right. Lydia Parker’s new puppy, Doris (Mansiya Decadent Days), was BP at Romsey show and then went PG3 at just six months and two days. At Torquay DCS show, Liz Stedman’s Mansiya Dare To Be Different was BOB and Sarah Leigh’s new pup, Murray (Mansiya How Soon Is Now), was BP. The judge was Beverley Deacon who was so patient and kind to the new kid, who occasionally put all four paws on the ground at the same time. I think that he enjoyed his day out. I have to rely on Facebook as I still don’t have a phone line and the dongle is temperamental. The latest date for the line to be fixed is Monday; do I believe them, no I don’t.

Ella Eva
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Each year the Kennel Club holds a photography competition. There are various categories and out of them all the overall winner was Roger Sjølstad’s photo of one of his Great Danes and his daughter running through the sea. Roger also has Manchesters; his Akira took charge of one of his litters of Danes when their mother died and brought them up as her own. The picture is on the front cover of the

November edition of the Kennel Gazette. It is a double triumph as this is the last but one edition of the Gazette; which from January 2014 will be available only on the net.

Dave Chapman took his Troy for a seaside holiday. He has sent lots of pictures of Troy on the beach. In one of them he is jumping vertically as a small wave ripples in across the beach. He seems to be trying not to get his feet wet. Troy enjoyed his holiday very much indeed.

At Midland Counties we had a disappointing entry, like so many shows this year. The judge was Sherril Goodwin who was giving tickets for the first time. She made the Charltons Ch Digelsa Diamond Geezer BOB and the Dale/Saxton Rattustrap Top Totty won the bitch ticket. Best Puppy was the Walshaws Digelsa Diva Avec Janmark. The Walshaws are new to Manchesters, but show their Bedlingtons with great success. The pup has had some stunning wins at Open Shows, including going BPIS. Sadly I cannot give any details as all the information is on my Yahoo email site and I cannot access it. What a nice start for them in the breed.

A few judges have been published for 2014. At Crufts Kay Aspin in our judge, at WELKS Zena Thorne Andrews will officiate, Vanessa Cox will give tickets for the first time in MTs at Paignton and Paul Wilkinson is to judge at Midland Counties. These are all Allrounders, but it is a fact that the Allrounder gets better entries than do the Club Specialists.

Ella Eva
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Birmingham Gundog and Terrier show has relocated to the sports connection in Ryton and it was voted a much better venue than the one in Birmingham. Easier to get to and better parking.

We were scheduled to be in the ring after 94 other dogs in various breeds and several different judges. The day wore on and it seemed that once again we would be very late in the ring, but the show manager saw an empty ring, found some volunteer Stewards and as we were all there, judging started. Val Saville of the Dobermatian MTs was our judge. She gave BOB to Jill Smiths Calastoa ‘s Lady of Meltham at Simjest and Best Puppy was Val Sharpe’s Rosettia Opal Legacy. Thanks to Rachel Leeson and our two stand in Stewards, Jean Rogers and Liz Gay, for getting us into a ring instead of having to wait and wait until the Groups were being called; such a relief to have an organisation that is flexible and well organised.

Just a thought as we are all so PC these days, will we have to call lady Stewards Stewardess as they do on the airlines or will they be Steward persons?

At a very wet and windy RVA Agility show Ingrid Williams Tudorbrook New Moon won Grade 1 jumping. Ingrid and her MT are very new to agility and the weather was atrocious so the win was a triumph.

The Ferguson’s Felfree Rocket was Best AVNSC Terrier at Poole show and won Group 1 as well., under Judge Richard Kinsey.
Please note new email address.

Ella Eva
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MARGARET Clowes rang with the sad news that her Ch Churnet Cavetina has died. She was 16 nearly 17. She was born on May 26, 1997 out of Margaret’s Churnet Capoushka and Bernie and Margaret Evan’s Coombelane Figaro. She won five CCs, the first in 1999 at National Terrier, where Peter Eva was the judge and then again in 1999 at Leeds and City of Birmingham with Les Aspin and Eileen Needham judging. The last two were won at Paignton in 2000 under Kay Aspin and at SKC in 2001, Brenda Banbury judging. She also won two RCCs in 1999. She is, of course, much missed, she had been for so long part of Margaret’s household. She will be buried in the woods adjoining Margaret’s old house along with all the other house dogs.

I am not able to give you any of her progeny etc as my Pedwins programme of all the MTs registered with the Kennel Club in the UK, which was donated to me by Gloria Weiss, does not list her. The whole program seems to be in jeopardy and looks as though I will not be able to keep it up to date from now on. Various boffins have been to see it and tried to solve the problem without any success. Samantha Avenell in Australia has given me some advice on how to get going again, so there is a glimmer of hope. Failing my programme and none forthcoming from the KC, if you want details of dogs, their progeny and background you will have to ask Samantha.

The BMTC club show was held at its usual venue and for once we had good weather. The thin metal wall that is usually icy cold making the place like a refrigerator, was hot to the touch this time and the doors had to be opened front and back. It was a welcome change. It was its usual gloomy self though as no sun gets through the high windows.

The judge this year was H Hockley and out of a good entry of 82 dogs he made the Charltons’ Digelsa Diamond Geezer at Lizelms (Ch Newtonian Slim Shady ex Ch D Double Entendre) BIS and that is his third CC and the first champion for the Charltons in MTs. BCC was Nerolie de Lavis Trafford’s Tyburn Lotis (Eaglespur Nightlight ex Ch T Faedra).

RDCC and RBIS went to the Goodwins’ Ch Diglesa Dionysis (Ch Calastoa Starlight ex D Dynasty). I don’t know who won the RBCC as we had to go home after the dogs were judged, but I will try to catch up next week. BP was Judy Thurlow’s Erkenwyne Lady Guinevere (NZ Ch Lindhorne Spellbound ex Brenandi Genteel Gypsy at E). Best breeder went to the Hemsells with their team.

We had a good few overseas visitors, the Gregorys from Germany and Theo and Wilma van Vessem. The von Vessems have been breeding and showing MTs in Holland under their Corduroys affix for many more years than most of us in the UK. Theo is the chairman of the MTC of the Netherlands and they are organising a breed championship show in Holland on June 8. The judge will be Mrs J Bode from Holland. Theo is inviting us to go over there ‘in great numbers’. For further information and places to stay with your dogs send an email to them at The day after the show there is an international show in Arnhem offering CAC and CACIB. If you were lucky you could win three CACs in one weekend. I am not sure whether this will clash with the European Happening which will be held in Switzerland in2014.

As ever the club show was well run and our thanks to everyone involved, our steward this year, Martin Kirkbride, of course our Secretary, Carol Wicker, Chris Harrison who sets up the show and posts those invaluable direction signs to the show ground and to all the others who did all the work to make it such an enjoyable day for everyone, the dogs, the people showing them and the visitors. We had a good few delightful puppies there as well.


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A Manchester Terrier has qualified for the Nationwide finals of the tracking contest in America, it is the only terrier. The only problem is that the event is to be held about 2,000 miles away from where the handler and owner live: and we grumble about going up to Scotland. I believe that the American club is raising funds for them to go there and compete.

I am still clearing up for the great house move and have come across a South African magazine called Heads and Tails . It is the May 1989 edition. There is an article on what they call Rare Breeds. The Manchester is one of them. The first MT to be registered with the SA KC [KUSA] was in 1892. It was a dog named Prince, owned by D Home. In 1908 another dog named Sam was awarded 3 championship points. That seems to be the last heard of them until 1950 when two ETTs were imported by a Miss S H M Green of Capetown. Then in 1988 Twisel Spirit of Devon was imported into Botswana and shown in S A. That dog was of course bred by Bernie and Margaret Evans from Torquay.
Margaret with her daughter Tracey are still breeding and showing under both the Twisel affix and Coombelane, which they inherited from Dorothy Norman.

Getting up to date 1989 Rannie Scheltens imported Keyline Tatler and K Glorious Disa from the Moorhouses. Apparently at the time there were 5 MTs in Zambia among them one bred by Les Aspin who was our appointed judge at Richmond this year.

Darlington show had a decent entry for our Judge Keith Baldwin even though there are no tickets on offer there. Val Saville had a good day, her Calastoa s Man in the Mirror at Dobermatian was BOB and her puppy Querceti Isadora at D was BP. The Forshaw s also had a double, their Gloryline Lady Jane Grey was Best Veteran and Calastoa s Luck Star JW was RBB.

The Ferguson team had another double; their Felfree Rocket was RBD and won the YKC Terrier stakes for the fourth time running. Did you see the lovely picture in Dog World this week of him and Georgie? We don t often have pictures of the breed in the paper and this is the fourth one.

At Westbury Show Jill Buxton s Millacome Maid in Heaven won BOB out of a big MT entry and then went on to be 3rd in the Group. It was nice to meet Dave Chapman at the show with his Troy. He and Dave were the ones who did the photo session for an article in Dogs Today and with Lydia Parkers help organized and manned a stand at Firle dog show for the breed. The two dogs, Mini Man and Troy were petted and showed themselves off to crowds of people all day without flagging. The puppy, Doris, had to have a sleep during the day, she was so tired. Thanks to the dogs, Dave and Lydia for representing the breed decorating the stand.

Ella Eva
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Dave Chapman and Lydia Parker had a great day, representing the Manchester Terriers in the Endangered Breeds marquee at the Firle Dog Show. It was a bit cosy with 10 other breeds and dogs had to be on leads at all times, but all the Manchesters behaved impeccably (3 dogs and 2 bitches), and Ann and Ruth with their rehomed MT's join us for part of the day.

Dave writes Our corner had the best display of all, with great public interest and the dogs were absolute stars, relishing all the hands-on attention and cuddling. By mid-afternoon, poor little Doris (at just 17wks),ran out of steam and just had to retire for a much-needed snooze; but Troy and Mini-Man carried the flag 'til the end of the day, meeting and greeting everyone (canine and human) as if they were friends. One could not have asked for better ambassadors for the breed.

I thought of a good way of making the Manchester Terrier experience for our visitors last a lot longer than just one day, by inviting the children to sit, cuddling an MT on their lap, for a photo, which, having got the email address from their parent, I sent to them the next day (including contact details, of course). Feedback reveals they were delighted!

The Breed Record Supplement for the three months, April to June this year, shows that there were 63 new registrations from 14 litters; which makes 106 dogs born this year. As the total for 2012 was 124 we are having a wonderful year so far. Several sires were used more than once which is a pity, but I suppose that we have so few studs it is to be expected. There was one Junior Warrant, the Dale/ Saxton Rattustrap Top Totty.

Richmond show is arranging their benching tents like Windsor show, with the tents behind a row of trade stands, so that one sits on ones bench cut off from from all the people, dogs, rings and stands; looking out onto a wide strip of grass and the back of tents. The result is that the path that is left on the other side between the stands and rings is narrow and congested and in bad weather gets badly chewed up. Have any of the Committee shown their dogs at the show? I suppose not. You can t leave your dog on the bench when showing another one as you can t see the ring and the progress being made in the judging. The result at both Windsor and now at Richmond, is that we all decamp with dogs and gear and set up with our friends well away from the benches and near our ring. It makes for a much more sociable show for us and our dogs. After all that is one of the reasons we go to shows at such expense. We most of us don t win; we go there to see friends and look at the trade stands.

As the weather was good we all had a lovely day in the sun with our dogs. Clive and Gill Knight had a wonderful day too as their Talanors Taylor Made Treat [Ch Newtonian Slim Shady X Ch & Int Ch T Trick N Treat] won her third CC and BOB. The dog ticket went to the Charlton s Digelsa Diamond Geezer at Lizelms [Ch Newtonian Slim Shady X Ch Digelsa Double Entendre]. The RCCs were won by the Beardows Ch & Int Ch Talanors Hellova Treat for Sipowitz and the Greenslade s Calastoas Material Girl [Ch Mansiya Word to the Wise at Calastoa X Ch Calastoa Ruby Tuesday] and Val Savilles Querceti Isadora for Dobermatian was Best Puppy. We were judged very late, because our Judge Les Aspin had had to withdraw and Brenda Banbury stepped into the breach. She had a full days judging anyway and we must have been a bit of a burden to her. But she got on with the job and our BOB winner reached the Terrier Group ring just in time. Thanks to her for taking on the judging as she is on our list.

Liz Steadman was rather pleased with her Perry, Mansiya Dare to be Different, as he went 5th in a huge Good Citizens Stakes Class, 63 evtries.

Ella Eva
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We were all present and assembled at Birmingham show, the ring bathed in sunshine, our Judge, Gill Knight of the Talanors Manchester Terriers and Stewards all waiting the word to start judging when we were told that judging would be delayed for half an hour. By then the sun had disappeared from the ring and it was filled with white fluff from the Pyreneeans being judged in the next ring. As a breed they really are the limit, one of their number even groomed her dog in our ring before judging and believe me they don’t pick up the mess they leave behind. Luckily we had willing spectators and a patient, hard working Steward who cleared up as judging went along. Even then Carol Dunford’s Paucelin Armana by Quixol [Ch Brookstream Marcus Banks JW ShCM X Ch Q Bryony] on her triangle stepped in one of the tumbling, white fur parcels. Poor dog, she stopped and looked down at the white fluffy foot she suddenly had, but Carol plucked it off and they went on their way and won the Bitch CC. The dog CC and BOB was won by the Charlton’s Diglesa Diamond Geeza at Lizelms ShCM [Ch Newtonian Slim Shady JW ShCM X Ch D Dynasty JW ShCM]. That is his first and a first CC for them in Manchesters. It was also a first CC for Armana and for Lady Sandring who bred her. The RCCs were won by Pauline Greenslade’s Calastoa Material Girl [Ch Mansiya Word to the Wise at C X Ch C Ruby Tuesday] I think that is her first too and the Fergusons Felfree Rocket [Ch Brookstream Marcus Banks JW ShCM X Ch Mansiya Casting Circles with F], his third.
Val Saville’s Querceti Isadora for Dobermatian [Ch Mansiya Word to the Wise at Calastoa X Brookstream Blue Lady] was BP and then was 3rd in the Terrier Puppy Group. A splendid win and congratulations are coming in for her and the pup from all over the Manchester Terrier world.

The next day a hardy few of us traveled down south to the London & Home Counties Terrier show. This is a favourite show with MT people. It is a good venue with easy parking near the hall and parking under cover if you wish when it is either wet or hot. The food is good and they choose specialist judges for us. This year Judy Thurlow of the Erkenwyne MTs was our judge. She had a good entry, one of the biggest, as big as some of the Championship shows this year. This was mostly thanks to Fay Fitch who has supported the show for years even though it sometimes meant a very long journey. She had persuaded everyone who had a puppy from her last litter to show so there were 4 puppies in the class. Val Cornwell’s puppy won BP which was a great thrill for her young handler. BOB was my Sophyla Sam Brown and he went on to be in the short list for BIS. He was handled by Jane and Georgie Ferguson, one in the breed classes and one for BIS.

One of the stands at the show was the Ashford branch of Battersea Dogs Home. Their stand was a sell out; they had to send for more stock. Sam will vouch for the excellence of their liver cake. I bought a card of one of their Superintendents holding what looks like a Manchester puppy. There was a photographic competition at the show and that was won by Fay Fitch. It was a picture of one of the old dogs that she trims.
Both shows were happy and friendly, blessed with good weather. It makes such a difference with people picnicking in the sun with their dogs

Ella Eva
01628 634955

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The Manchester Terrier world has been very busy in the last few weeks. Our chairman, Mick Oxley was invited to judge Manchester’s at the Norsk Terrier show. He had a very good entry and out of them all made the Khars Nord Ch JWW12 Nord 12 and DKW 12 Dallylove Google Me Gringo BOB and he was Fourth in the Best in Show competition too. The Khars had a wonderful weekend as they have an American ETT [TMT] on loan, Harley, and he was Best Male and BOS at the show; Mary Wilson of the Amaleck ETTs judging. His Kennel Name is US CR Ch and Nor DK Ch Rusticlane Road Warrior, bred by Carolyn Keiper Horowitz.

Auke and Sandy Krijgsveld are to organise the 2015 MT Happening in Holland. Sandy says that she will give all the details of the dates, venue and what paper work you will need to take your dogs over to Holland on the Club’s Google site when it is to hand. A party of us went by mini bus to Belgium for the first Happening all those years ago, by boat from Felixstowe to the Hook. We were of course unable to take our dogs with us. I should think now it is easier now to go by tunnel to France and drive up to Holland.

The March 2014 edition of Dogs Today is to have an article about Manchesters and Dave Chapman took his Troy to a photographic session to illustrate the article The photographer was Tim Rose who is hugely experienced in animal photography and went to great lengths to get the dogs confidence. Troy took it all in her stride and loved the whole thing. Lydia Parker took her MiniMan and the new pup Doris along too. Doris thought it was all great fun. MiniMan was a bit more serious; concentrating on the lovely bribes he was offered.

At WKC we were judged inside which was a pity as the weather was fine and not too hot. Our ring was horrible, concrete blocks well watered by the Wire bitches in the ring before us and with dark runnels between the blocks that most of the Manchesters were wary of. They do look where they are putting their feet. Our judge was Martin Phillips with a decent entry. There were very few puppies entered which is a bit worrying, but the Open Dog class was huge with 12 dogs; seven of them Champions. BOB was the Dunford/Ackrigg Ch Quixol Alexander [Ch Brookstream Marcus Banks JW Sh CM X Ch Q Betony] the RCC in dogs going to Lesley Branders Boris; Ch Churnet Concerto at Menfreya [Ch Newtonian Slim Shady X C Crescendo] The Bitch CC was won by Felicity Freer’s Ch Mansiya Casting Circles with Felfree [Ch Sophyla Sorcerer of M X Am Ch Oakwoods Special Edition for M]. The RCC out of Limit was Pauline Greenslades Calasotas Material Girl [Ch Mansiya Word to the Wise at C X Ch C Ruby Tuesday]. Best Puppy was once again the Saxton/Dale Rattustrap Top Totty. The Calastoa team won the Breeders and was third in the Breeders Group. There were seven Calastoas being shown. I was unable to stay for the breeders judging, but if all seven stayed on it must have been quite a sight. I don’t think that there has ever been as many as that for the competition; certainly not in Manchesters.

Ella Eva
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The Palmers had a wonderful day at the Devon Agricultural show. Their Ch Egloshayle Sea Lily went BOB, then went on to win the Terrier Group and then Reserve Best in show behind an ETT. It was a Black & Tan day. The judge was Frank Kane.

Ann Hebb went to Bakewell show for her and Ollie’s [Ch Sophyla Sterling Silver JW ShCM] annual outing. Ollie was BOB and was placed 4th in a big Veteran Class. The next day was their Agility club’s Fun Day and Ollie had a clear round; not bad for a 10 year old.
Nicola Janes tells me that her Dodger has more or less retired from the show ring as he much prefers agility. In his middle age he is now not so distracted by things going on outside the ring and as a result is steadily climbing up the Agility ladder. It is a pity really as I enjoyed the stories of his misdemeanours in the ring!

Bournemouth show saw Christianne Beardow’s Ch & Int Ch. Talanors Hellova Treat for Sipowitz [Ch Newtonian Slim Shady X T Trick N Treat] going BOB and then coming a thrilling 3rd in the Terrier Group under the Judge Zena Thorne Andrews. Felicity Freer’s Ch Mansiya Casting Circles for Felfree [Ch Sophyla Sorcerer at M X Am Ch Oakwoods Special Edition at M] won the Bitch CC. Best Puppy was once again the Saxton/Dale Rattustrap Top Totty. I hope that is right, as she is shown in the results on line as winning Junior and not entered in the puppy class. Our judge was Colin Powell.

I had stopped at a motorway service station to get some food and give the dogs a break. A woman eating a burger near the car saw the dogs and said how interesting, she had never seen a Manchester before. I started the usual spiel about how clever as not many people knew about the breed. She stared at me and then pointed with her bun at all the car stickers I have on the car.

Another day we were asked the same question, but the woman told me flatly that they were not Manchesters as she had one and it was quite different. When I insisted, she walked off shouting, “Well, if you think that you know better.” Somebody must have either told her or sold her a black and tan dog and called it a Manchester.

Ella Eva
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Paignton show was blessed with fine weather on terrier day, but we were judged inside which was a pity. Our Judge this year was Melissa Clifton of the Gloryline MTs. Her BOB was Calastoa English Rose to Mansiya [M Word to the Wise at C X Ch Brookstream Flower Fairy at Calstoa] owned and shown by Sarah Leigh, winning out of Limit Bitch. The Norris’s Ch Brookstream Louis de Blue [ Ch B Bowmore X Ch B Flower Fairy at C] won the dog Ticket. The RCCs were won by my Sam, handled as ever by Jane Ferguson and the Dunford’s Ch Quixol Pandora [Ch Brookstream Marcus Banks X Ch Q Betony] The Best Puppy was the Morris’s Calastoa Amber Gambler [Ch Brookstream Marcus Banks X Ch B Flower Fairy at C]. That makes it a clean sweep for Calastoa and Brookstream, especially Banksie as my Sam is bred out of him too.

There was a lovely atmosphere round the ring, relaxed and friendly. Melissa handled the dogs well too. She smiled and looked as though she was enjoying the dogs and they responded to her. It makes such a difference when the judge smiles and seems to be enjoying the judging. She was brisk and made up her mind quickly; which helped too. All in all a good day, the downside was the traffic on the motorways, too many caravans on their way to their holidays. Because Paignton has changed its dates to a weekend it clashed with the breeds Fun Weekend; which had to be cancelled.

The Palmers had a good win at the Royal Cornwall show, their Egloshayle Sea Lily was BOB and was placed in the Group.

Ch Brookstream Marcus Banks
Ch Brookstream Marcus Banks

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The breed had a stand at the CLA Game Fair again this year. It was held at Ragley Hall in the Midlands. This is Ann Harrison’s account of the day.SMART VIEWS
“We had a super spot for our Breed Stand, on the front of the Terrier Marquee with an indoor and outdoor section. This meant we had an outdoor pen 3m square covered with a gazebo for shade, and an indoor section that benefited from open sides to keep us cool. It was a perfect situation but required two full sets of helpers to man front of house and backstage at all times.
We had two parades in the KC ring, when we once more had a dozen Manchesters all running loose to the delight of the crowds.

The dogs behaved perfectly, in the 3m square ring we had up to 7 dogs from 3 different owners all in there off lead and all getting on famously. Felicity Bundy (aged 3) was in there most of Sunday as well! There were several serious enquiries from visitors from Scotland to Sussex, and one young lady who had been promised a dog when she got to 12 years of age shyly asked if she may go in the pen with the dogs. "Of course!" was the answer, and she was delighted to meet them at close quarters.

We also had a couple of visitors who brought their own Manchesters to meet others for the first time, and as is traditional we managed to get one of them to join in the parade with us as well.

With a careful rota we ensured that none of the dogs were affected by the heat, and they all got on extremely well, from Monty aged 15 yrs to Josie aged 6 months. Even Martin and Bob managed 3 whole days without killing anything!!

None of this would have been possible without the Club members who generously gave of their time and brought their wonderful, patient and dependable dogs with them. I know a couple of owners were nervous that their dogs might not be suitable candidates for the task, but they all behaved like trusted old hands:

Carol Wicker and Tony with Solo, Chloe and Josie.
Judy Thurlow with Ollie, Gypsy and Kita.
Martin Kirkbride with Bob and Tiggy.
Linda and John Martin with Marmite.
Vicky, Paul and Felicity Bundy with Sara and Mia.
Sue Pinkham and her brother Glynn who are most able helpers, and will feel more complete when the puppy arrives!
On Friday we met Vicky Lonie with her Rattustrap dog and on Sunday we had the Greaves family with Rosie who had great fun running around in the parade with young Miss Greaves; not forgetting our own Mont and Sophie.
Thanks guys, you all did the Breed proud.” Thanks too from all of us to the Harrisons for once again organising everything. They make is a wonderful, happy day. The result is that more and more people are volunteering with their dogs. Believe me a ring full of Manchester Terriers is a wonderful site and draws spectators to the ring side. Even us fanciers have seldom if ever seen a collection of them together. Somebody asked me why we show our dogs as they are traditionally wary of strangers and perhaps to stand them on a table to be handled by total strangers is asking too much of them. I gave the usual answer about seeing other breeders stock, bringing them to the notice of others in different breeds etc., but in fact the main draw to the show ring is to see a collection of them all at one time. How else do you get your fix of Manchester Terrier?
At Leeds show our Judge was Max King and the winners were Ch Diglesa De Ja Vu and Westbank Blue Diamond for Talanors with Rattustrap Top Totty and Ch & int Ch Talanors Hellova Treat for Sipowitz winning the RCCs. Best Puppy went to Top Totty. She was also place in the Leeds City Puppy Stakes as was Mrs Fergusons Mimbre Gold Medallist. The other Ferguson’s Felfree Rocket won his YKC Stakes Class.
Val Savills pair did well at Tonge Show with the puppy, Querceti Isadora for Dobermatian, going Group 4. There was a good turnout of Manchesters at the agility weekend at the Weeting Steam Rally in Suffolk. John William’s Tara won her class with Liz Stedman’s Perry fourth. Sue Williams Rhum won his Veteran class.

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Here is some lovely gossip about Manchester Terriers doing the job for which they were bred. A friend’s neighbour rang to say that she had seen a rat in her greenhouse and she understood that Manchesters were ratting dogs. Bronte was taken to the greenhouse; she found the rat, shook it until it was dead, left it neatly on the path and walked away. It all took about 20 seconds. It was an impressive performance; all done without a sound and leaving no marks on the rat.

Bronte has done a Dolly; she was taken to a neighbouring child’s school, where he gave a talk on the breed, helped by Bronte’s mum, who showed her on a table. The only thing the children did not like was the story about the rat. The downside for Bronte was that she had a very small dinner that night to compensate for the dozens of treats she was given by the children.

Mick Oxley has found a reference to Black & Tans in an operetta by Gilbert and Sullivan, Ruddigore. In the first performance of it, the hero who is of course a goodie, but for some reason has to prove that he is really a baddie, sings about all the good things about him and one of them is that he has a Black and Tan. Sadly the song was omitted from the subsequent versions. The operetta was not a success and was tweaked in the hope that it would then succeed. It took some research to find the reference.

Talking of Black and Tans our breed has been registered with the KC since its inception and in all that time there is no record of one of them winning BIS at a Championship show. What a fuss has been made of the lovely King Charles Spaniel going BIS at East of England. It is the first for umpteen years apparently. Why are we never recognised? Because we are in the terrier group and cannot compete with the trimmed brigade. We are told that it takes several days to prepare a trimmed dog. Well it takes a dog’s lifetime to prepare a Manchester; breeding, exercise, preserving the coat intact without a scratch or a mark etc etc. If you own and show a Manchester you do it for the love of the breed and not for fame.

At Wombwell show the Dale/Saxton Rattustrap Top Totty went BOB and then went onto win Best Puppy in Show. The Breed Judge was Mark Walshaw who has the Janmark Bedlington Terriers and the BPIS judge was Mrs S Taylor. In addition Top Totty won her JW and ShCM . What a marvellous win and day, the sun shone and the new venue for the show was approved by all.

At Evesham show the Fergusons Felfree Rocket was BOB and by entering all the classes for the breed he managed to win one JW point. It is impossible these days in the south for a dog to win JW as there are not enough dogs competing. Finn has won numerous BPIS and not one of them contributes to JW, it is a frustrating competition. Evesham is such an agreeable show. It is the day after a Championship show; which means that benches are available under cover if needed. The rings are laid out and all the trade stands from the day before are still trading. This year the sun shone and we arranged our crates in the shade of the trees. The summer has taken a long time to arrive and we are enjoying it.

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The summer arrived with a vengeance in time for the East of England show.  It was hot, almost too hot, but such a relief from the cold wet weather we have had at shows for about 18 months.  There was an entry of 14 for our Judge, Ann Bradley.  Out of them she made my Sophyla Sam Brown JW ShCM BOB and the Dale/Saxton Rattustrap Top Totty JW Best Bitch and of course Best Puppy.  There was a contest for Best Terrier Puppy.  The class was a special in memory of Peter Winfield.  Top Totty did not stay because it was too hot; which was a pity as Dan Ericsson was judging and he is familiar with the breed and would have given her a good look.

I have never been to the show before and it is different.  A long thin show ground with a rough surface, lovely in/out tenting.  The lay out makes for a long walk to just about everything, the excellent food vans, the loos the BIS ring, the very scarce waste bins.  One seemed to be trekking backwards and forwards all day.   The ladies were grumbling about the loos.  The entry costs are not cheap and one would think that they could afford to pay for sufficient lavatory rolls!  I will make a memo to take my own next year.  We waited for a long time for the Terrier Group as it was last, but it was a pleasant wait, sitting and sleeping in the shade of the trees that lined the grounds.

In the Daily Telegraph of the 2nd July Judith Woods was writing again about her Manchester Terrier, Daisy.  The President elect of the BVA has warned dog owners about the dangers of throwing sticks for their dogs.  Apparently one dog a months is operated on for serious injuries because of retrieving sticks.   The picture accompanying the article is a joyous one of Daisy and her stick, ears all over the place.  There are those in the breed who will deplore a picture of a Manchester with flying ears being used; but any publicity is good for a breed with a low profile like ours.   She writes a good bit about the breed, it being on the vulnerable breed list and being in the mix that created the Doberman.  Give a quick cheer for Judith and her lovely Daisy.  Seriously though, Elaine Benton’s dog was killed in seconds when retrieving a stick.  It pierced the dog’s throat.

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Pauline Gore rang this morning with the awful news that Trevor has lung cancer; he was to start his chemo therapy but has had a bad fall, damaging his nose and blacking his eye.  He is now in hospital recovering from the fall, which has of course delayed the start of treatment.  Pauline wants to apologise to everyone who showed under her at Blackpool because her critique will be delayed.  She is visiting Trevor in hospital twice a day and to add to her burdens they have the builders in for alterations that were organised long before he was told he had cancer.  She says that when she can she will of course write one.  It is terrible news and much sympathy to both of them.  To cheer her up I told her how much we had enjoyed her judging.  She handled the dogs with sympathy so that they all responded to her.  We have had some awful judging this year even at Championship level, with normally steady dogs spooking on the table; it was wonderful to have them handled well.

There was a decent entry for our Judge Ben Reynolds Frost at Windsor show.  There are few dogs showing in the south now, it was good to see the entry especially as there are no tickets any more at the show.  BOB, BB and BP was the Dale/Saxton Rattustrap Top Totty JW and BOS was my Sam Brown.   Pam Stubbington came to the ring side to watch and put a face to some of the dogs she reads about.  She is very involved with the Lurcher/Terrier world now.  She is judging all over the UK, giving demonstrations with her two Manchester Terriers and lure coursing and racing with them.  She will be at the CLA Game Fair and will come round to our stand to have a chat.   She also has a Plummer Terrier.  She says that the Plummer goes into the dense thickets of brambles and undergrowth, chasing out the rabbits which the two Manchester Terriers then catch.

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BREED NOTES – 23RD JUNE 2013,At a windy and over cast Blackpool show we had some new winners, some taking their first CC.  Our Judge this year was Pauline Gore.  BOB was the Knights Westbank Blue Diamond of Talanors [T Smart Treat with W X Talanors Star Trick at W] and the Bitch ticket went to the Norris’s Calastoa Whose that Girl with Brookstream [Ch Mansiya Word to the Wise at C X Ch C Ruby Tuesday].  The RCCs were won by puppies; the bitch Val Saville’s Querceti Isadora at Dobermatian [Ch Mansiya Word to the Wise at C X Brookstream Blue Lady].  That is three firsts; the pups first BP, RCC and two new Kennel Names for the breed, Querceti and Dobermatian.  In fact there is another first, the pup is out of the first litter of Manchester Terriers that Fiona Steele has bred and she travelled down from Scotland and saw the triumph.  The dog RCC was won out of the puppy class by the Ferguson’s Felfree Rocket [Ch Brookstream Marcus Banks JW ShCM X Ch Mansiya Casting Circles with F] and that is his first too.  Again it is the first Manchester Terrier that the Fergusons have owned and out of the first litter of Manchesters bred by Felicity Freer.   It was you might say a very satisfactory day.  It is an odd show, rather difficult to get around with the long grass making wheeling trolleys and prams around a serious work out, but so friendly with enough space to watch from the ringside in comfort.

Val Saville is having a great time with her Manchesters.  The RCC at Blackpool with Izzy and BOB at the Cheshire show, out of a good entry of 14, with her Bodie [Calastoa Man in the Mirror] and a Group 3 to go with it.  The breed judge was Joanne Byrne and the Group Marita Rogers.  It was not the best showing weather for MTs; very windy with paper blowing round the rings. Bodie was not put off by it all.  Not to be outdone Finn [Felfree Rocket) was Best AVNSC Terrier Puppy and was Puppy Group 1 at Whistable show the next day

Ann Harrison was reading her copy of the Countryman’s Weekly and came across an article about the KCs Native Vulnerable Breeds.  There was nothing in there about the Manchester Terrier, but a stunning picture of a Manchester to end the article.  He is sitting down like a Trafalgar Square lion with his head turned to the camera.  At the moment we have no idea who the dog is, but he is a handsome fellow.

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Manchester Terriers have been invited to take part in the Country Fair and Dog Festival to be held on the 1st September at Firle Place, Firle, Lewes Sussex.  Last year some of the Kennel Clubs Vulnerable Native Breeds were invited to take part with a stand each, with leaflets etc about the breed; it was so successful the organisers have decided to invite all the breeds on the list.  David Chapman and his Troy are going to represent us.  He lives in that part of the country and says that his Troy is used to people and new places and loves attention.  I think that Leonie St Clair is looking for another volunteer to help Troy with the work.  It is a long tiring day for a dog however enthusiastic. Publicity like this brings the breed to the attention of dog people who probably have never heard of the breed or may not have seen one in the flesh.  Thanks to Paul Keevil for arranging this and for keeping the flag flying for the Vulnerable Breeds, the Kennel Club seems to have forgotten that we exist.  Paul has a web site for all the breeds, which is worth dropping into when you are using your computer.  He welcomes feedback too.  The site is called British Heritage Dog Breeds .  There is a picture of you all at the St Georges Day Parade and the one and only parade we were allowed at Crufts with Gordon Ralphs as Jack Black.

Three Counties was supposed to be fine, dry and warm.  It was dry, but very cold indeed.  The sun did not come out until about 1 pm long after judging had finished.  We do not have CCs at this show and it is midweek, but Carol Wicker [Mimbre] had a good entry, spoiled a little bit by bitches in season.  Her BOB was the Beardow’s Ch & Int. Ch Talanors Hellova Treat for Sipowit.  The Best Bitch was the Dale/Saxton Rattustrap Top Totty and again she was Best Puppy.  The Ferguson’s took their Felfree Rocket into the ProPlan/Dog World Special Puppy Stakes with Liz Cartledge judging and out of a very big entry he was 5th. The Fergusons were rather pleased with the win.

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The Breed Record Supplement for the 1st quarter of this year shows 43 Manchester Terriers registered from 10 litters.  Seventeen of them were dogs.  This is a huge increase on last year when only 13 were registered in the 1st quarter.  Nine different stud dogs were used.  The only one siring two litters was a New Zealand import which is fair enough as he brings new lines into the UK and not before time.  Another import, from Norway this time, also sired a litter.  There was one export, to Australia.  Only three dogs were tested for vWD and one of them was a Carrier.

Three judges have been announced for 2014; Zena Thorne Andrews is to judge at WELKS, Jean Lanning at Birmingham National and Paul Wilkinson at Midland Counties.
Lisa Croft Elliott tells me that Porcias Gargoyle for Argoel who is owned by her and Tony Baker was Junior World Winner and Best Junior at the World Show.  Then at the International Terrier Club [Interra] he was again Best Junior and Best of Breed.  He was bred in America by Pat Hall.

Laurence Boggis of the Laurenbill MTs was our Judge at the South of England show with a nice entry.  It is the first time since we have had classes at this show that we have had a specialist judge and as a result the entry was better.  The sun shone all day so it was very pleasant indeed.  Even better for me as my Sophyla Sam Brown JW ShCM went BOB and was called out in the last eight for the Terrier Group, by Eileen Needham.  He was handled for me in the breed ring by Jane Ferguson and then in the Group Ring by Georgie Ferguson.   I don’t know which of his two lovely ladies he loves the best, but he certainly puts his best foot forward for them.  Best Puppy was once again Rattustrap Top Totty handled as ever by Estella Saxton.  Georgina took her Felfree Rocket into YKC Members Stakes Class and was place second.  My thanks to those who stayed to watch the Group judging; it was nice to have a bit of a cheer and applause for the Manchester.

Lydia Parker’s Mansiya Magnetic Man was Best AVNSC Terrier at Guilford show.  He was second in the Group and then went on to be Best Opposite Sex in Show.  Lydia took him to a Match at his training classes the next day and he was Best in Match.  He is having a purple patch and long may it go on.  Lydia was going to retire him from showing, but I think that she has changed her mind.
Samantha Avenell in Australia has managed to trace the B&T, Jack the Professor at Inglis.  If you remember I was asked to find something about him by Arthur Spencer whose grandparents owned him.  Samantha says that Jack was an ETT, born 3rd August 1938.  His sire was Jackie of Inglis and his dam Myra May, his breeder was Mrs K Moore.  Jack himself was never used at stud, but his sister was bred from with a litter of eight puppies and some Champions in the litter.

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Martin Kirkbride is a Pest Controller up in Oldham.  He has a Manchester Terrier who he took on after his owner died.  Bob was grossly over weight and Martin has managed to get Bob’s weight under control.  In addition to that, he realised that Bob had a talent for rat catching.  Martin now works him commercially very successfully indeed.  Martin chooses the work that Bob does so that there is no danger of injury.  He has a 100% kill rate, with only one bite.  The rat got him on the nose, which he resented, and responded by tossing it in the air and then crushing it.  He must be the only working Manchester Terrier ratter in the UK and possibly in Europe.  Jean Price used to work her Manchester Terriers, but had to give up with the introduction of poisons.  Jean was employed by a local council so her work had to be done in the cheapest possible way.  Enid Teague Knight has sold several dogs who worked in stables keeping down vermin and guarding their owner’s vans.  Pam Stubbington also used her Manchesters in the stables when she worked there.  Sarah Leigh has a twice yearly appointment with a neighbour to clear the rats out from under the garden decking.  I have been asked rather patronisingly when we have shown our dogs at local working terrier shows whether there is any kennel of working Manchesters.  There are not of course, but the breed has lost none of its skills.

I did not mention that at Chelmsford show my Minn was commandeered by Ann Harrison [not our Ann, this one has Beardies] for her lovely young Granddaughter Isobel to handle in the Junior Handling competition.  Ann thought that the Beardie was too big.  Minn loved every moment of it, graciously waving her tail, ears in the right place, moving out at the correct pace for Isobel. I had forgotten though that she has some infuriating habits; like cutting off the corners of the triangle and placing herself with her back to the judge despite all ones efforts to make her stand in line.  I don’t think that she will be asked to accompany Isobel at the Richmond finals; but Isobel managed to steer her to a third place.

At Bath show we had really awful weather, cold, windy and wet; such a shame as this is now the most immaculate ground of any show in the UK.  The winners were BOB, the Oxley’s Ch Digelsa De Ja Vu JW ShCM.   With the dog CC going to Jill Buxton’s young dog Millacome Made in Heaven out of Junior  and that is his second.  He was handled by Zoe Fogg who is the 12 year old daughter of one of Jill’s friends.  Zoe handles him at the local training classes and it is a love affair.  I am told that she handled immaculately and went round the ring perfectly.  The dog RCC went again to the Crawley’s Victor James Montague and the Dale/Saxton Rattustrap Top Totty JW, who was also BP.  Richard Allan was the judge, giving tickets for the first time.  Ch Digelsa De Ja Vu JW ShCM was placed third in the Terrier Group too, which must have made up for a horrible drive home that took about 7 hours.  There was bad weather and at least two accidents on the motorways.

Ella Eva
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English bred dogs have done wonderfully well at the World Show in Budapest.  Sarah Leigh’s Ch Sophyla Sorcerer at Mansiya JW ShCM was BOB, handled by Ruud Bergstrom.  He was also short listed in the Group.  The Balogh’s Swiss Ch Mansiya Breaking the Rules was Reserve Best Dog.  Ruud also handled Grete Bertlesens Tess van de Posthoorwieke to the Bitch CC.  Sorcerer was also BOB at the European Seiger Zuchtsehau in Dortmund. 

At SKC with an excellent entry for this show of 23 dogs our Judge was Lesley Brander of the Menfreya Manchester Terriers.  The dog ticket was won once again by the Dunford/Akrigg Ch Quixol Alexander[Ch Brookstream Marcus Banks X Ch Quixol Betony] with the RCC going to Jane and Georgie Ferguson’s Felfree Rocket [Ch Brookstream Marcus Banks JW ShCM X Ch Mansiya Casting Circles with Felfree] and he was  Best Puppy  The Bitch CCs were won by the Knight’s Talanors Taylor Made Treat [Ch Newtonian Slim Shady JW ShCM  X Ch T Trick n Treat] and the RCC by the Dale/Saxton Rattustrap Top Totty [Digelsa Diamond Geezer at Lizelms X Egloshayle Sea Sprite of R]

Lydia Parker and her Mansiya Magnetic Man [Ch Sophyla Sorcerer at M JW ShCM X M Wiccan Moon over Afilador] went to Sutton show and swept all before them.  They went BOB, Terrier Group 1 and Best In Show.  The Judges were Andy Dodsworth and Peter Jeffery, the BIS Judge.  Lydia says that the BIS cup is huge, bigger than MiniMan. Then the Palmers Egloshayle went BOB and Terrier Group 1 at the Devon & Cornwall show.  The breed is getting some very nice wins these days and not before time!
Carol Wicker had a week at the sea side with her dogs doing Agility.  She says it was bliss with walks everyday on the beach and among the sand dunes, coming home with a bundle of rosettes.  At another show her Solo [Mimbre Solo] entered his first Grade 3 and won it, so goes up to Grade 4 in one stride so to speak.

Liz Stedman took her Perry [Mansiya Dare to be Different] to an Alpaca show and entered him in the terrier racing.  She was pleased with him keeping up with the ‘professionals’, coming out of the traps with the best of them.  Most of the races were won by an American Rat Terrier; which Liz says was infuriatingly calm, unlike the noisy Jacks and with its longer stride was difficult to beat.
This Agility is infectious.  Lydia Parker was at the International Horse Trials at Chatsworth house; there was some fun agility classes so she entered her MiniMan [Mansiya Magnetic Man].  He has only had 6 lessons and to her delight went round faultlessly, totally focused despite all the distractions around the ring.  He won himself a bag of dog treats; which were probably more to his liking than the big cup he won at Sutton.

The Norris’s are having a bad time with their dogs.  First their Brookstream Becharmed had to be put to sleep and now her son Ch B Bowmore came to the end of his life.  I am sure that we all send our sympathy at such a bad time for them.

Ella Eva
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The breed has had some good wins at Open shows.  The Dales and Estella Saxton’s Rattustrap Top Totty was BAVNSC Terrier Puppy at the Newark Agricultural show and then was BAVNSC Terrier and Puppy Group 2.  She could not win Group 1 as the RBIS was a puppy.  Then at The North West Red Rose Special show Val Savilles Izzy, Querceti Isadora for Dobermatian, was BAVNSC Terrier Puppy and TPG2 as well.  This pup is out of the first litter of Manchester Terrier that Fiona Steele has bred.

At Chelmsford show my Sam, Sophyla Sam Brown JW ShCM, was BAVNSC Terrier and then won the Terrier Group and went on to be Best in Show.  He was handled as ever by Jane Ferguson.  I was sitting with our other dogs not taking any real interest as the Judge was a Gundog lady and we never do get placed among all those other big, hairy dogs and suddenly saw Jane’s green jacket being called forward.  Her face was a study; she could not believe that she and Sam had won.

The weather for the Bank holiday was all that dog showing can ask for with wall to wall sunshine.  It was all change for Birmingham National with gales, heavy rain and weekday traffic to contend with.  The cap it all we were once again shoved into the Annex which is cold and draughty; not the sort of conditions for showing Manchesters.  To make it worse the Cairns before us had peed liberally in the ring and it had not been mopped up. But there were some happy people who did not mind the conditions.  Alan Small judged us and his winners were the Dunford’s Ch Quixol Alexander BOB, the bitch ticket went to Ch Digelsa De Ja Vu JW ShCM.  The Reserves were the Dunford/Akrigg Ch Quixol Pandora and the Crawley’s Victor James Montague to a round of applause.  He had a great day winning a 2nd in the YKC Members Stakes and 3rd in the YKC Handling class, Bethany handling.  He went on to win a 2nd in the Special Beginners Stakes too out of an entry of 32 dogs.  He certainly earned his corn that day.
BP was the Dale/Saxton Rattustrap Top Totty and she was 1st in the Terrier Puppy Group.   I don’t know how many Best Puppy Groups Manchester Terriers have won, but it cannot even be in double figures; a sensational win.   The Judge was Mrs Pat Munro.
Arthur Spencer came to the Manchester Terrier benches, his grandparents had owned a Manchester before the war that he remembered with affection.  He wondered if we could find out something about him.  His name was Jack the Professor of Inglis.  I have looked him up both on my card index and on the Pedwins program; but can’t find a trace of him or of the affix Inglis.  I have contacted Samantha Avenell in Australia to see if she can find something.  Mr Spencer says that Jack had to be destroyed during the war as so many other dogs were.

Allan Derek Small [Tilmoray] wishes to say that it was not him that judged the breed at Birmingham.  He has had quite a few unfavourable remarks made as he judged the breed at Bodmin show a few days before the Birmingham show; where he made Amanda Carter’s Mansiya Witches Familiar at Afilador BOB.  It was the other Alan Small that judged at Birmingham.

Ella Eva
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The Judge for Crufts next year is Kay Aspin and the Club show was graded Excellent by the Kennel Club Field Officer.  Well done to everyone involved.

I had sent in the Breed Notes with the results of WELKS before I heard that two Manchesters had been short listed, the Oxley’s De Ja Vu in the Terrier Group and Jane Ferguson’s Finn in a big Puppy Stakes.  In addition the Norris’s Ch Brookstream Marcus Banks JW ShCM has in fact sired puppies that have won 5 BPIS.

Ann Hebb writes about the problems of doing agility with an entire Manchester Terrier      “Oliver and I  ( two veterans) have been doing a bit of agility indoors, only a small village hall with only low jumps and all very enclosed;  so no A frame.   Anyway a small show was organised at Bardney playing fields on Sunday for Grade 1 and veteran. No idea what that means. It was our first time on grass.  It was blowing a gale and a bit nippy, thermals required.   Ollie was rather high, spring is in the air.   We got to have a two minute practice in the ring as no practice ring was available.    It was a very large ring with a lot of open green spaces.    We managed the first jump then he was off round the ring completely out of control deaf to everything.       After that I walked him round the perimeter of the field a couple of times.   We went in to the first class   With a  few  obedience commands we did the first half of the course then he saw a couple of terriers playing outside the ring and off he went again; another walk round the perimeter before the next class. Which was a jumps speed for the first half then agility the second half.   This time we completed the jumps without a fault and did all but the A frame in the second half.       There was another just jumps class after this but unfortunately my transport had to leave early. For those who compete on a regular basis, I put Ollie in medium instead of veteran to see how he coped with higher jumps.   I wished after the practice round that I had a nice little bitch.  Then I thought well they can be very stubborn.   I did wonder if those using a dog seriously have them castrated. Anyway it can be great fun so I will stick with Ollie.” Ann did add that he was so naughty.  I can remember watching Chrissie Bynam with her Norman competing in one of the parks in Slough.  Norman regularly went out of the ring to say hello to the girls he fancied or to visit the burgher van to see if there was anything that he could scrounge.
Sandra Stringer also does agility with an entire Manchester Terrier.
 “I do agility with my entire Manchester, Turpin, and he is KC grade 6 (which is reasonably serious). I don't find there is too much of a problem when he is actually running the course as he has to concentrate, but he has been known to leave the ring while waiting for permission to start and visit an interesting bitch he has met in the queue. He also frequently runs through the finishing timer then carries on out of the ring to stick his nose up some dog’s bottom. One of the problems, particularly at Kennel Club events, is that people seem to want to stand as close to you as possible in the queue and then let their dogs stick its nose in various part of your dog anatomy. Although you are not allowed to take food into the ring I usually queue with a hand full of cheese and sausage to try and keep Turpin's attention on me then let him eat the food when he is at the front of the line. If he starts to get too interested in a dog near him, or the owner won't give me space, I just step out of the queue, try to regain his focus and then queue again.
There tend to be more distractions out side than inside. This Saturday I was at an event where an Owl landed on the dog walk when one dog was running! I also once saw a deer run through the ring and there is frequently a burger seller next to the ring and I have seen dogs end up in the burger van or pet food stalls. I'm not surprised your dog was distracted if it was his first time outside. Until he gets more used to it you could try and find events that let you run not for competition using a toy in the ring to help keep him focused on you.  It should get better with practice and I hope you had fun anyway.”

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The Norris’s have had to put their Bez to sleep.  “Our Brookstream Becharmed  [Ch Digelsa Don the One  X Ch Brookstream Babycham] has been given sleep, at nearly 14 years. She won an RCC & was a lovely specimen of the breed.  She didn't really like showing, but proved her worth as a Mum.   She leaves   two champions sons Ch Brookstream Marcus Banks JW SHCM & Ch Brookstream Bowmore and grandson Ch Brookstream Louis De Blue.  She was known at home as Beryl the Peryl.     R. I. P. Bez.”

The American Manchester Terrier Club is going to put pictures of breeds that are commonly mistaken for Manchester Terriers on their web site.  These are of course the Doberman, the Miniature Pinscher and occasionally the ETT.  I don’t know whether it would help identify our breed, but it would be fun and give even more life to our already excellent site. Why is it that two foreign breeds, with relatively complicated names are so well known and out bog standard breed is unrecognised?
Sheila Mitchell’s Terri was to her first agility event yesterday and surprised her by winning Class 1 agility, the only dog to go clear.  She was also very please how she went in the 2 spring classes. Libby also qualified for the 3rd time in agility, so now has to move up to the next class. Sheila says that Libby's problem often is that she gets clear rounds (has even won the class) but is just a second or two over the time, but she managed it yesterday.

WELKS was sunny, with well mown rings, but there was a biting wind and our judge Richard Pyne chose to judge inside.  His winners were the Oxley’s Ch Digelsa De Ja Vu JW ShCM winning BOB and Christianne Beardows Int Ch & Ch Talanors Hellova Treat for Sipowitz winning the dog CC.  The RCCs went to the Charlton’s Digelsa Diamond Geezer and the Dale/Saxton Rattustrap Top Totty who was also BP.
Richard used to breed Manchester Terriers under his Affix Arachne.  His first dog’s pet name was Spider and that is the Latin name for spider.  He now has a kennel name Spinnkop, which I understand is the Afrikaans name for spider.
Ken Broxup is waiting to go into hospital for a heart operation and we all wish him well and hope to see him soon restored to health. 

Beryl B Becharmed
Beryl B Becharmed

Ella Eva
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First of all an apology to the Hemsells for my mistake in reporting that they had come third in the Terrier Breeders competition at National Terrier.  They came second.  I carefully looked up the competition on the Fosse Data site and then put in the result incorrectly.  Sorry Terry and Delia, a stupid mistake.  We all make mistakes, in a critique in this weeks paper, my Sam was called a Cairn.
What an amazing weekend for Manchester Terriers, there was the St Georges Day Parade through the streets of Manchester and then some stunning wins in the show ring.

Jane Ferguson and a group of friends took their annual outing to the seaside to attend the Isle of Wight show.  Her Finn, Felfree Rocket, won AVNSC Terrier and Puppy too and then went onto win both the Terrier Group and the Puppy Group.  He then was Best Puppy in show.  I don’t know the judge’s name, but he was a Gundog man.  The next day we had classes at Camberley show and he was BOB, Terrier Group 2 and Terrier Puppy Group 1 and again was Best Puppy in Show.  The BIS Judge was Liz Stanard, who said that she had never ever given the award to a Terrier before, but he had all the right conformation and moved so well.  Our Breed judge was Nigel Merrick.  Finn’s sire is the Norris’s Marcus Banks.  Banksie has sired puppies who between them have won four BPIS.  What a record and what a weekend for such a young dog and for a new Manchester Terrier owner.
Cheerful news from Cornwall, Mandy Carter’s Mansiya Witches Familiar at Afilador ShCM was Group 2 at Exonian show with Tan Nagreca judging.  He then went BOB and Terrier Group 1 at Bodmin show with Allan Small as the judge.  This qualifies him for the Top Dog Cornwall competition later in the year.

This is Ann Harrison’s account of the St Georges Day Parade.  Thank you to Ann for organising the day for us and for all those who went along with their dogs to help.  “Well it was a good one!  I think we had a record number of people and dogs - 16 Manchester Terriers paraded through Piccadilly Gardens, all dressed for the occasion.
Mandy was interviewed by the Manchester Evening News, not only has her photo got into the Gallery, but we are at the very end of the first video, Chris and Martin C are the stalwart banner boys at this point. 
 Dennis and Martin K were nearly arrested by a plain clothes WPC who had her posterior 'felt' by a gentle pair of paws.  Both blamed Billy the dog........and they got away with it. Hmmmm.

 Lovely young Izzy did a sterling job despite her youthfulness, Val quite the dapper in Victorian tweeds, carrying her when she decided she needed a rest.  Darcy, in his purpose made St Georges coat we were all envious of, had told his MT 'friend from the park' Ernie about the Parade, and Ernie brought his mum Emma along with her partner and they joined us en route.  Barry and his family had emptied the red and white face painting tins, Celia ever the glamorous Victorian lady with Paul who had a fake (I think) rat slung over his shoulder - Madge was sporting her St Georges Cross flag on her back, Wilson was resplendent in his red and white football shirt and Poppy, Sid and Sophie had flowing red and white ribbons tied from their collars.
 I did not take any pictures because others did, so some of them will hopefully find their way onto the Chatgroup.  A great many other people took photos of us too, not connected to the Manchester Terrier folk - amazing how a bunch of good looking dogs attract the paparazzi!!
New friends made and old ones caught up with........a reet good day, but oh boy was I stiff when I got out of the car at home.....3 miles slowly on the tarmac is not like walking briskly over the fields!!
 Huge thanks to Barry and Family, Celia and Paul, Emma and Partner, Janet, Lesley and Mum, Mandy and Martin, Martin and Dennis, Michelle, Michelle, Val and Val.

 Also all the dogs, bless them: Jazz, Troy, Annie, Bentley, Ernie, Madge, Darcy, Poppy, Sid, Tiggy, Billy, Wilson, Archie, Bodie, Izzy and Sophie.  I bet they sleep well tonight!”

I was talking to Paul Keevil about the disappointing lack of support from the Kennel Club now for the endangered native breeds.  This sort of occasion and airing for the breed must help enormously in getting the breed better known.  Thanks again to everyone, it sounds as though you all had fun.

Ella Eva
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Mandy Churms went to see Enid Teague Knight after the Club’s AGM.  “Just to let you all know that Enid would like to say thank you to everybody for her flowers and certificate of appreciation. 
I went to see her after the AGM and she is looking well.  She was so pleased to see me.  Her mobility isn't good, but today was one of the few days she managed to get downstairs.
I have promised her pictures and stories from next weeks St Georges Day parade.
I am sure she would love to hear from anybody wishing to put pen to paper.
We reminisced a little and she promises that as soon as the weather gets better she will try and get out.
A truly lovely experience today, one I will remember.”

Over the past year the breed has been judged at open and championship shows by a range of Allrounders.  Some of them have handled the dogs without any regard for the breed characteristics.  They have handled roughly, slapping the dog around.    They have picked up the feet.  Why do they do this?  The Manchester Terrier is short coated without any feathering on it’s feet.  We have no history of foot problems and you can see immediately whether the feet are correctly made and with good strong pads.  They have been spanned; why?  The breed is not required to go to ground and never has been.  One judge even held the tail over the back and then wondered why the poor dog sat down.  It must have hurt.  They have picked up the dog and then lowered it to the floor.  Again why do they do this, we do not have a weight clause in our Standard?
Even some of the Group judges at Championship shows have handled unsympathetically.  You would have thought that by the time they are qualified to judge Groups they would have read the Standard and found the word ‘Discerning’ among the characteristics of the breed.      

The word ‘discerning’ in the Manchester Terrier Standard is there to try to alert the judge of the day to the very special temperament of the breed.  This is not a lolloping, in your face, gundog.  It is a breed with a very long history.  It was bred out of street dogs that lived a hard life making a living where they could.  It eventually came into the home as a ratting terrier to keep vermin under control.  But the home was a town home, a working home, as poor as the streets in which it had live.  Also its primary prey was caught and killed in confined spaces.  It needed supremely quick reactions, hearing, sense of smell and eye sight. That makes for a dog with heightened senses and reactions.  Its history also makes it a dog with reserve towards those it meets.  Its past taught it that it could receive a kick as often as a friendly greeting.  It also makes it a supreme guard dog, the stranger who comes to your property or who approaches your child is treated as a threat until it is told otherwise.
It is not merely discerning in its reaction to people, it is discerning about what it takes into its mouth and what it puts its feet on. It is an opportunist and will eat pretty well anything, but it does not eat golf balls, tennis balls, toys etc.  Manchester Terriers mostly do not end up at the vet having ‘foreign objects’ taken out of its guts.  It is cat like about where it treads too, it would rather not get its feet wet, without good cause and it treads lightly where ever it goes.
Every inch and every hair and instinct of this breed is ‘discerning’.  Those of us who love the breed love this aspect of its character too and do not want to change it.
The Standard was changed in the 1980’s and the word ‘discerning’ put in then to best describe the special Manchester Terrier temperament.  I think that it was the word put forward by George Sterland of the Cappoquin Manchester Terriers and we thought that it was apt.

Ella Eva
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What a day we had at National Terrier, the sun came out; it was dry and almost warm.  The dreadful winter seemed to be over for one day at least.  We even had a ring in the main hall so that the dogs were in the warm and could show themselves off properly.  

Bev O’Neill of the Megellan MTs was our Judge with a super entry.  She made the Oxley Ch Digelsa De Ja Vu JW ShCM BOB winning her tenth ticket.  The DCC was won out of the Novice and PG classes by   Jill Buxton’s Millacombe Made in Heaven [Ch & Int Ch Talanors Hellova Treat for Sipowitz X Talanors Magic Moments for M].  This was his second Ch show; he won the RCC at the first, Crufts, and now the CC.  The RCCs went to the Hituri/Virta Rattustrap Englands Own and the bitch RCC was won by another Rattustrap, Top Totty, who was also BP.   The Hemsell’s team won the Breeders class and were second in the overall Terrier Breeders competition.
It was lovely to see Lesley Brander and Lawrence Boggis showing again.  Lawrence tells me that his Grandson, Gareth, who used to handle his dogs for him has a new daughter, making him a Great Grandfather.

The Judge for WKC this year is to be Martin Phillips. 

My dogs are enjoying this warmer, sunny weather.  Sam is digging holes in the lawn and breaking off twigs from the shrubs and tossing them round the garden and Minn is sunbathing up against the wall of the house.  Sam’s gardening activities are all very well, but I am supposed to be selling this house and people don’t seem to appreciate his efforts and my excuses.

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There is good news from Eaglespur.  Enid is up and about.  A stair lift has been installed and she is able to get around in the house on a frame.   She is feeling much better and is looking forward to maybe seeing us all again. 

In Denmark Sheila Mitchell’s Terri has been really clever at her first go in rally-O "expert" class.  She worked so well, she won her first certificate. Sheila still can’t believe Qit and has to keep looking in her result book to see it in writing.

At a local show we entered NSC Terrier classes with a gundog judge going over most of the Terriers.  We were not very hopeful and wondered what he really knew about terriers.  The day started badly with one judge taking an hour and a half to judge 11 dogs, but the show was close to home and a lot of local dog friends were there.    When we eventually got into the ring it was wonderful, here was a judge who handled the dogs with great sympathy, his decisions were crisp and I think that I can say pretty well everyone agreed with his decisions.  It turns out that he had attended a Manchester Terrier seminar.  Well done to all who give the seminars on behalf of the Club, it certainly showed in this judge’s handling of our breed. 

Agility In Denmark

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There has been what was called “A technical hitch” in the distribution of the BMTC Year Book.  Ann Harrison gives the details: -  “Just to let everyone know that Carol Wicker has now posted out the 2013 Yearbook to all Full Members who had not already collected one in person at the Club Show or Crufts.  Unfortunately there appears to be a gremlin in Norwich Mail Centre who does not like Manchester Terriers, as I received yesterday a package of 6 Yearbooks in a plastic bag with a note to say:  "The enclosed items were found loose in the mail at Norwich Mail Centre.  We hope this does not cause you too much inconvenience.  We handle large volumes of mail every day and try to keep these occurrences to a minimum."  Presumably I got them because my address is on the inside cover.

Unfortunately the gremlin must have eaten the envelopes as there was no sign of them.  So, if any FULL MEMBER does not receive a yearbook over the next week/10 days (2nd class post is notoriously slow!) please let me know (not Carol) as I now have the supply of Yearbooks.

A few members who do not have a computer have said that they feel very left out of things connected with the Club and their only contact is the Year Book.

The Club held a very successful Seminar on the breed last week at Shenstone Village Hall.  Weren’t we lucky with the weather?  A terrier show due to be held at the hall this weekend 23/24th has had to be cancelled because there was so much snow.  Here it has not been too bad, but so cold with biting easterly winds.  The young dog does not mind, but my poor old Minn hates it.  My niece’s Weimaraner is telling her that he needs a bed made up on the sofa, in front of the fire and a duvet to cover him.  If she ignores him he shivers and groans.  It is not only MTs that are suffering!

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Crufts had a big entry for Trevor Gore [Jabeldy] to sort out.  His eventual winners were the Morris’s Ch Calastoa Amber Nectar [Ch Brookstream Marcus Banks JW ShCM X Brookstream Flower at C] going BOB and winning his fourth consecutive CC at Crufts and his second BOB.  For those of you who collect wins and statistics, I am fairly sure that no other dog has won so many at consecutive shows.  That is his 10th CC.  The bitch CC went to the Oxley’s Ch Digelsa De Ja Vu JW ShCM.  BP was Jill Buxton’s dog Millacome Made in Heaven [Ch & Int Ch Talanors Hellova Treat for Sipowitz X Talanors Magic Moment for M] and he won the dog RCC as well.  His litter sister, M Maid of Magic, was Best Bitch Puppy; a lovely win for someone so new to the breed.  The Bitch RCC went to the Knight’s Talanors Taylor Made Treat [Ch Newtonian Slim Shady JW ShCM X Ch T Trick N Treat].

The Leibelt’s came over from Germany for Crufts and incorporated a weeks travels round GB before the show.  Their Cool Murphy Vom Babelsberg won a creditable VHC out of a big Limit class.

Leo St Clair organised some nice publicity on More 4’s coverage of the show; with an interview with Gill Knight and her Taylor at the Discover Dog’s stand.  This is Gill’s description of several days manning the stand; “It's been a long five days, but well worth it.  To hear the number of people say things like “Oh aren't they smart little dogs, we have never seen a Manchester Terrier before and it's nice to see one in the flesh.”  This year we had quite a few interesting stories.  A young woman told us the person whose house she purchased used to have Manchesters, as they had lots of Manchester pictures, so she called by to see us; this turned out to be Arthur and Dorrie Richmond.

A couple called again for their yearly contact with Manchesters, they had one before but he is too disabled to have one now.  So many people called to see the MT, as seen on TV both from the Group and from the piece Claire Balding did.  They loved it when they could actually hug and stroke Taylor.

A massive thanks to people and dogs who helped man the stand this year;  Phil Doughty with Willow, Jackie from Scotland with her little Princess, Mick Oxley with Rio on Thursday.  Then Mandy Churms with Poppy and Woody, Sue Pinkham and our own little stars Taylor and Travis with me and Clive everyday.  A newby called Denise was learning the ropes on Friday and hopes to take her puppy next year.
 The woman who judged the stands this year, called round today to say a thank you for our efforts and that we had been a very strong contender for the best stand but she had a few very strong ones and said it could have been any of them.  She said she had been keeping an eye on us over the four days.  She was good at her job, as this year we had not even guessed who it was.  Never mind, we'll try again next year.  Hope everyone had a lovely show day.”

H had a busy Crufts too; “I have just unpacked from Crufts.  I had a busy few days and was glad to hear that the MT flag was flying.
Chris Dunning showed people that MTs can do heel work to music as she was in the demo in the good citizen ring.
Also our Trevor’s photo was promoting the Gold GCDS test in the official show guide, the GCDS leaflet that is produced to promote the scheme and in the Examiners/Club booklet.”

The Manchester Terrier Crufts did not stop there; Bethany Crawley and her Marvin were performing in the YKC ring. “At Bournemouth champ show Marvin won a YKC terrier stakes qualifier class. This put him through to the YKC terrier stakes final at Crufts.  It all clashed with the breed so I had to make a quick dash over to the YKC ring.  He was a little star and came 2nd out of 8 dogs. I was very proud of him to be the runner up.”


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Sheila Mitchell in Denmark has had some lovely wins with her Manchester Terrier Terri.   On Saturday she was entered in rally-o in the "experience" class which is the 2nd class in rally here and she passed with 95 points out of a 100 and came 3rd in the class. As it’s the 3rd time she has qualified she is now a master in that class.  Then on Sunday she had her first go at obedience and much to Sheila’s surprise she worked really well and qualified and came 2nd. in the class.

In the UK Chrissie Bynam’s Didge [Lacinka Liquid Gold at Ceebee] has won her Gold Good Citizens award.  Many congratulations from all of us.  What a good name to for a ‘gold’ winner.

At Swindon show after a long, long wait when most of us had lost the will to live let alone show and the rest of the rings were empty and the trade stand holders were packing up to go home, Jill Buxton’s home bred Millacome Maid of Magic won BPIB and BOB.  Her litter brother Millacome Made in Heaven was handled very well indeed for the first time by her rather reluctant son to a second to his sister in the Junior class. The judge was Joan Guvercin.  She judged the Group too and Maid of Magic won Terrier Puppy Group 2.  Well worth the wait.

At Oxford CS show Jane Fergusons’s Felfree Rocket was BOB and BPIB and went onto win Terrier Puppy Group .  The Judge was Joe Ashe.

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The BMTC held its Open show on the 23rd February with an entry of 64 for our Judge Felicity Freer of the Felfree Manchester Terriers.  The BIS winner out of the Limit class was Paucelin Armana by Quixol [Ch Brookstream Marcus Banks JW ShCM X Q Black Bryonia], bred by the Sandrings and owned by the Dunfords, Clare Akrigg and Rose Walton. RBIS was the Oxley’s Ch Digelsa De Ja Vu JW ShCM and BOS Hituri & Virta’s Rattustrap England’s Own, handled as ever by Estella Saxton.   The Dale/Saxon team won BPIS too with Rattustrap Top Totty [Digelsa Diamond Geezer at Lizelms X Egloshayle Sea Sprite of R].  Best Veteran was Nerolie de Lavis Trafford’s Ch Tyburn Faedra [Eaglespur Faithful Edward X Ch T Berenice].

There was a great atmosphere at the show, so many people new to the breed brought along their puppies who all were playing with each other and with the big dogs, not a cross word to be heard all round the show ring.  Lesley Howard Smith and her daughter Charlotte said that their Monty had a wonderful time, as did Carole and Barry with Daisy and Dave Chapman with his Troy.  It was heartening to see them all.  My Sam fell in love several times over. 

There were many new to the breed showing, many new Affixes too.  That is what we need to keep going as so many older members are retiring.  I hope that some of them stay with the breed for the future.

The Field Officer visited and gave the show a gold star.  The only grumble was that the place was freezing.  Our dogs had their padded coats on and were bundled up in blankets; when they came out to show or go outside their ears and feet were very cold.  The owners of the venue had changed the heating arrangements and despite the Treasurer shovelling coins into the meter hourly it was very cold indeed.  I dislike the venue and this was the last straw.  There are other venues out there, central, warm and not too expensive surely we can find another.  We have a single coated breed; it is perfectly hardy but starts to shiver when asked to stand in the cold for any length of time and that means in the show ring.

On a personal note, the sound equipment was new to the show.   It had been bought by Peter Eva for Slough & DCS, when that folded it sat in a cupboard in our garage for several years.  I found it when clearing out the garage prior to moving and donated it to the Club in his name.

Thank you from all of us to Carol Wicker and the Harrisons and all those Committee Members who put on a well run, friendly show.  We do appreciate it.  Ken Broxup was Steward for the day; thanks to him too.

The Forshaw’s Calastoa’s Lucky Star qualified for her Junior Warrant at the show; congratulations to them and to her.


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Because she is so ill the Eaglespur kennel of Enid Teague Knight has had to be closed and the dogs dispersed around the UK.  This is the end of a lot of Manchester Terrier history.  Enid did not actually save the breed after the war; she was one of several people, Kenneth Cassells [Sorisdale], Miss Snelgrove [Evorglens], Miss Mankin, Billy Hardwick [Oldlane], Miss Samuel [Sajoka] and Miss Keefe [Hallgarth]; but she is the only one surviving who has continued to breed and show her Manchesters.  There is probably no Manchester Terrier in the world that does not have an Eaglespur dog in its pedigree.  Kenneth Cassells remembers going to her home in Shatterford, Worcester on the way down to shows from his home in Scotland; staying the night and literally talking the night away about the breed.  They discussed all aspects of the breed, who to mate to who, temperament and health.  These talks were vital at the time as there were precious few  Manchester Terriers left after the war and they wanted to avoid the problems that could arise from inbreeding.

Her kennel continued even after the death of her husband, Richard Knight.   He introduced Enid to the breed and a puppy bought from Miss Bell, Jasmine of Enterkine, as a birthday present for him started the whole history of the Eaglespurs.
Tributes have come in from all over the world; people remembering their treasured Eaglespur dogs, the Eaglespur dogs that started their kennels and of Enid herself. Patricia Brenciani from Italy says that she has the good fortune to know Enid. 

Eaglespur Kiwi Flower arrived in Italy in 2001; her Manchester Terrier kennel started with Eaglespur dogs.  Their great Ayrton has Eaglespur Prince Hal in his pedigree.  She sends affectionate greeting from Italy.  Mandy Churms remembers her Eaglespur Primrose as the most faithful, devoted Manchester that she has ever owned.  Gill Knight says that she fostered Eaglespur Faithful Edward to train him for the show ring and what a delight he was.  Joan Hobbs consulted Enid about her first Manchester Terrier and was put in touch with Stella Munday of the Eastknoyle kennel, from whom she bought Ch Texanger Eastknoyle St Simon.  Rosa Peralto Servantes from Spain remembers her sweet Lyli, Eaglespur Spanish Kerrygold, who she bought from Enid in 1993.   Sandy Cuniff [Moonshadows] bought Eaglespur Marquis Son in 2000.  He was not shown much, but has bred many champions for her with exceptional temperaments.  Currently Kirsti Khars who has the Xpected Dynamites kennel in Norway bought No DK CH NORDW10 Eaglespur Nelson and Monty from Enid.  She says that they are great ambassadors for the breed and are being used at stud to great effect.

It is not possible to do justice to the influence that Enid has had on the breed in these Notes.  Highlight magazine celebrated 40 years of the kennel in our October 2001 edition.  This has articles about Enid, her life and her life in dogs.  There must be some way of reproducing the articles for a small pamphlet in time for the next Club show as a tribute.  I will investigate.
Everyone in the breed wishes Enid well and hopes she recovers soon.  We miss you Enid.  The Manchester Terrier show ring has not been the same without you for some years.

There is nice news of wins at agility and the show ring, but they will have to wait another week.

Judge's Critique: Too Long In The Leg?

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The Finnish dog, Rattustrap England’s Own JW, bred and shown in the UK by Estella Saxton qualified for the POTY awards.  He is the first Manchester Terrier to do so.   Estella says that it was an honour to represent the breed among the cream of young dogs.  She says that Onni did us proud and went like a dream.  They had lovely, positive comments about him.  She and Phil would like to thank everyone for all the kind messages on Facebook, emails, phone calls and cards.    Onni won BOB at West Midland Terrier Show and was short listed in the Group too.  Our Judge was Bethany Crawley, judging the breed for the first time.

Jane Ferguson’s Finn, Felfree Rocket, is doing a lot of winning out of AVNSC classes.  He won B AVNSC Terrier Puppy and the Terrier Puppy Group at Rugby show under Vanessa Cox and then did it again at Portsmouth and Southsea, when the judge was Julian Barney.  The show was held in the worst of weather, inches of unending rain and threatened snow.  Having to wait for literally hours for the BIS judging as the weather worsened outside did make one wonder why we do it!  Never mind it is a super venue, clean and spacious with masses of parking. 

Dave Chapman has bought a luminous collar for his Troy so that she can be seen in the dark!  He was amazed to see a similar collar for sale with a Manchester Terrier as the model.  Peter bought my dogs two, but they were collar tags and a bit clumsy.  You really cannot see your Manchester Terrier in the dark.

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The Norris’s are arranging the Super Pups competition on the 20th April 2013 at the Hemswoth Miner’s Welfare Club in Pontefract, West Yorkshire. The closing date for entries is the 6th April. You can get all details of the event and entry forms from Nigel on 07714957733. The puppies must be between 6 months and 14 months of age on the day of the competition. The Dales went last year and said what a good evening it was. I hope that we get a few MTs entered this year.

Val Saville has a pair of rubber boots which were sold to her as ‘indestructible’. Just to keep them out of the reach of her Manchester Terriers she puts them behind the dog gate. She came down this morning to find no boots, just a lot of black rubber fragments all over the kitchen floor and her two Manchesters, Bodie and Izzy, with innocent faces. They of course had nothing to do with the accident. It must have been a rubber boot fairy.

Jane Ferguson took her Finn, Felfree Rocket, to Rugby show. There were no classes, but he needs the practise as his attitude to showing varies from perfect showmanship to complete hooliganism. He must have shown well because he won Best AVNSC Terrier Puppy and the Terrier Puppy Group. The judge was Vanessa Cox of the Pettypaws Australians and ETTS.

Ella Eva
01628 634955


I was reading the critiques in Dog World to find that the Pynes new puppy had a wonderful win at Exonian show at the beginning of December last year. There was one class for the breed, with eight entries and the Judge, Robert Greaves, made their Brockenella’s Chancer at Budleigh BOB, Best Puppy and he won both the Terrier Puppy Group and the Group. Not mentioning the win is too modest of the Pynes. It is a pleasure to put this sort of news in Breed Notes.

Sandra Stringer has been looking up a Google site that analyses the use of words in books and finding out that mention of the Black & Tan terrier starts in written accounts in 1820, it peaks in about 1850, after that coming down to bump along the bottom of the chart. Mention of the Manchester Terrier starts in 1875 running along more or less steadily, but well below the B&T, to reach some sort of a peak in 1950 and another in 1995. Mention of black and Tans started to recover in the years since 2000 onwards. The Manchester never reached the heights of the B&T.

I am still clearing up before I move house and as usual all ones good intentions get way laid. This time it is old Stud Books. It is horrifying to see so many judges giving tickets in the breed 10 or so years ago who are no longer with us or who have retired. Then there are those that gave tickets and bred Manchester Terriers who have left the breed, but are still on our judging list. None of them seem to have judged either our breed or any other since then. The BMTC has a policy of only allowing Specialist judges to judge our Club shows, both Open and Champion so it was a bit of a surprise to see that some have judged the Championship show twice. At the Judges Sub Committee we appreciate how difficult it is now to progress up the ladder towards giving tickets. Perhaps those of us giving tickets and having judged the Championship show should politely refuse if asked to put our names forward to judge the show. What is wrong with voting for a judge who is qualified to give tickets, but has not done so and start them on their way to becoming Championship show judges? The Kennel Club can only refuse, but in my experience will not do so on the grounds that they have been selected and voted for by the Club and are therefore deemed ready to give tickets.

Schllenberg Manchester Terriers  In The Snow
Schllenberg Manchester Terriers At Play In The Snow

Ella Eva
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Barbara Simpson of the Leircote Manchester Terriers has died after a very brave battle with cancer. Barbara came into Manchester Terriers after a long association with Belgian Shepherd dogs and Chows. She wanted a dog that was smaller and easier to maintain. She bought Sophyla Shotgun Affair from Peter and me in 2005. By the time these Notes are published the funeral will have taken place in Leicester. On behalf of all her friends in Manchester Terriers, I would like to send much sympathy to her family.

Ann Harrison reminds us that the annual St. George’s Day parade will again take place through the streets of Manchester and that we have been asked to take part. It will be on Sunday 21st April and involves a couple of hours gentle walking (or dancing with the Morris Dancers, or reeling to the Bagpipe Band!) through the streets of Manchester as part of a very traditional carnival parade. Ann would like to gather together as many Manchesters and their owners as possible to show off our breed to the crowds, who are very appreciative and give the dogs huge cheers. This is the perfect opportunity to come along in a relaxed and informal atmosphere to meet other Manchesters and their owners whilst helping to promote the breed. The dogs just LOVE being part of such a vibrant occasion! If you are interested to find out more please drop Ann an email and she will give you the details. The organisers have promised sunshine this year.

Ella Eva
01628 634955


I see from Dog World that the American import, Am Ch Oakwoods Special Edition was the Top Brood Bitch for 2012. I don’t usually comment on this type of win as they smack of pot-hunting, but this time it is special as I think that she is the only import since the 1940’s that has had such an effect on the breed; the other being the American dog, Gwinny Willows Thunderstorm, imported by Enid Teague Knight. He, like Shelby, was not able to be shown as he had cropped ears. She was imported in 2008 from Kimberley Schiff and is out of a bitch with English lines behind her, Keyline and Sophyla. On her sire’s side she has Gary Anderson’s Scooter behind him who also has Keyline in his pedigree. Shelby has had two litters - one to Ch Calastoa Amber Nectar producing Ch Mansiya Word to the Wise at Calastoa and a litter to Ch Sophyla Sorcerer of Mansiya producing Ch Mansiya Casting Circles at Felfree. Children and grandchildren have been exported to America, Canada, Switzerland, The Netherlands and Australia where Aus. Ch Mansiya's Yurrugar By Design has been crowned top Manchester Terrier and best Rising Star for 2012. There are many grandchildren in the ring here and most have gained their studbook number. Her latest grandson to enter the ring, Felfree Rocket, went BPIS at his very first show.

Chris Garrett has had an explosive start to her New Year. She was walking her dogs in the local open space near where they live and Inka found a deer leg. This is Chris’s account of what happened. “Never has the term "drowned rat" been more appropriate. I have just spent more than an hour in the pouring rain and failing light trying to get a small black sh*t (Inka) to come back with a scavenged deer's leg she was eating. She thought it was great fun to keep running towards the field gate and the busy road, I really thought she was trying to take it home! It's so weird how one part of you can keep calm and think logically while the other part is totally freaking out! Poor Gordon was at home and took a shrieking phone call from me to get across the road fast and guard the gate. He rushed out into the deluge without doing up the laces on his boots and ran through the mud leaving them behind (which is quite funny now we are warm and dry). Once the gate was manned, I was able to be a bit calmer and herd her around until she finally gave up her booty. Yes, I have trained her to "give" and swap things etc. and no she wouldn't grrr!!! I am so brave, once we had got home and she was safe, I burst into tears. Happy new year everyone!”

There was a good entry for Andrew Westwood at Taunton show. There was only one class, so nine of us crammed into the Open class. The Buxton’s puppy, Millacome Maid of Magic, went BOB and then went onto be 3rd in the Terrier Group and won the Terrier Puppy Group. I haven’t managed to contact the Buxtons to hear how they did in the BIS ring with the pup. This litter of theirs has been wonderfully successful. Their dog puppy Millacome Made in Heaven was RBPIS at Bristol show if you remember.

Ella Eva
01628 634955

Manchester Terrier Breed Notes 10th February 2012

Well, 2012 is here at last. This is a very special year for the British Manchester Terrier Club as it is our 75th anniversary. We will be having special rosettes at both our Open and Championship shows and we are involved in two very prestigious events.

The first of these opened this week at the Kennel Club Art Gallery – an exhibition called “A Terrier`s Tale The Manchester Terrier through History” – and the official launch was well attended by Officers, Committee and members and of course Trevor the Manchester Terrier, who behaved impeccably The launch was opened by Helen Dorey, the Deputy Director and Inspectress of the Soane Museum. I understand from a reliable source that the KC were very impressed by her as well as the painting of Mrs Soane, because it has such a great story behind it. Few breeds can claim to have an early example of their breed treated by 18th century vet, William Youatt while he was also attending to Lord Byron's dog.

Sir John Soane was a famous London architect in the 1800`s and his wife owned a Manchester Terrier called Fanny. The Soane museum kindly loaned some paintings to the Exhibition, including one of Fanny painted by Antonio van Assen and another of Mrs Soane with Fanny on her lap painted by John Jackson. The Soane have recently produced a delightful book ( intended for children really )recording some of Fanny`s adventures and the Club are hoping to obtain some of these for sale to members. I can guarantee that it is an enchanting read.

Another auspicious contributor to the Exhibition was the Museum of London who loaned an oil on canvas of Rat Catching at the Blue Anchor Tavern, Bunhill Row, Finsbury, painted in the manner of the British School 1850 -18523. This painting features Jemmy Shaw`s Black and Tan Terrier Tiny the Wonder (who also features in Henry Mayhew`s `London Labour and the London Poor`). We were also very honoured to have on display a copy of the original silk handkerchief featuring Tiny (also from the Museum of London`s collection) which was on display on the wall in Jemmy Shaw`s tavern.

Many of the members contributed items to the display and it was wonderful to see modern prints of today`s dogs on the walls next to more historical portraits. The dog itself has not changed much in features over the centuries.
The majority of the exhibits are paintings and portraits but there are other items just as interesting. One of Pauline Smith`s beautiful sculptures sits regally on a display table and there are several drawers full of smaller items, such as postcards, medals, small ornamental dogs, memorabilia from past Happenings including an embroidered waistcoat – I can just picture one of our members who favours the waistcoat as part of his attire sporting that in the showring!!!

Huge thanks must go to H Hockley, Leo St Clair and Nerolie de Lavis Trafford who have been the driving force behind getting the exhibition together. And of course to the Kennel Club staff for displaying it so well and making the launch a memorable occasion.

Some of the Club`s trophies are also on display so anyone who wins one of those will have to wait to get it home until after the Exhibition finishes. By all accounts, the Kennel Club are as pleased with this exhibition as we are..... It is on until 29th June and if you are going to London then it is well worth a visit. You do need to contact the Kennel Club in advance.

The second special event is the 21st European Manchester Terrier Happening which is being held at Witney RFC in Oxfordshire on 8th – 10th June 2012. This will be the first time that the Happening has been held in the native home of the breed – possible only thro the relaxation of the rabies and quarantine rules. English dogs have been attending the Happenings in Europe since 2004 when the pet passport was first introduced so now it is our turn to hold this event. We hope that all members and owners will support the event and make it a success. More about that later.

Carol Wicker
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Manchester Terrier Breed Notes Monday 15th August 2011

Well, It`s been a very busy summer, what with holidays, agility shows, promoting the breed at various events and also trying to train a puppy.

On the agility front, Chloe is back in the running and on her first outing after having the pups qualified for the First Contact Final with UKA which takes place at the Hand Arena near Bath in December. Solo has qualified for the BAA agility finals at the end of August and will be promoted to the next level for the following year. He has also been promoted to Novice at UKA in both Agility and Steeplechase.

Judy Thurlow and I went to Dogs Unleashed at Bakewell again this year to promote the Breed and also to take part in the Agility. We also took Ollie, Solo and Chloe for their Silver Good Citizen Tests and they passed with flying colours despite having no special training. Ollie went back on the Sunday and passed his Gold.

July was particularly busy as I was away in Switzerland for the first week or so attending the 20th Manchester Terrier Happening which was very well organised and the scenery was fantastic. The Club is very busy with the plans for 2012 when it will be held for the first time ever in the native home of the breed. We need lots of helpers and volunteers with all sorts of skills so don’t be shy and please let us know if you can assist in any way. The date is 8th to 10th June 2012 and it will be held at Witney RFC, the current venue for the Fun Weekend.

Mid July I was away again at the CLA Game Fair, promoting the breed with lots of other committed MT people. We had lots of helpers on all the days and on Sunday we had a rather famous visitor. David Cameron visited the stand and asked what the breed was used for – when I replied that they were bred for ratting he confirmed that there were plenty of those at No 10!

From there a handful of us went straight on to the Rugby Club at Witney in readiness for the Fun Weekend. One day we all went to the Cotswold Wildlife Country Park where we became one of the main attractions – we did have 9 MT`s with us and 1 labrador! Lots of people asked about the breed and one lady used to own one and was delighted to see so many.

We did not have as many people present at the Fun Weekend as in previous years but the weather was kind to us and we all had a good time. We were unable to use the main pitch as it has been reseeded so we just had to move everything back along the field – the only drawback was the long walk to the bar and the toilets/showers.

There were several new people attending who all said they would definitely come again. The companion show was a success again and the Fancy Dress gets better and better. Estella Saxton had a good entry for the Limit show and the strongest class of the day was Puppy Bitch from whence came BIS . Well done to all the winners there and also to those at Paignton and Bournemouth .

I have received some calls regarding comments made in Dog World Breed Notes relating to the choice of judge for the Limit Show.

The committee have asked me to reply as follows:-

Firstly there are no club rules regarding the choice of judge for the Limit Show therefore there can be no "breach of the rules". It is solely at the discretion of the committee, and at the last Judges Sub Committee it was agreed that this should remain so for the foreseeable future

Secondly, this is not the first time that someone from the Non Specialist List has judged the Limit Show - in 2010 the judges were Keith Baldwin and Barbara Simpson who, at the time, were both on the Non Specialist List. Barbara has now qualified for the Specialist List and has been transferred over and this year`s judge Estella Saxton had to go on the Non Specialist List as she was short of a month or two`s ownership to qualify for the Specialist List. At least these people own a Manchester Terrier and have a genuine interest in the breed - unlike the majority of the JDP judges we keep seeing at General Champ shows who are just using us as a stepping ladder to the top.

With regard to the rules regarding the appointment of judges for the Open and Championship shows, which must come from the Specialist Lists, when a motion to change this to include Non Specialists was put to the AGM, it was voted out by the membership by a large majority. It is erroneous,therefore, to state that the position "is fiercely defended by the committee" -"fiercely defended by the membership" would be more accurate.

For those of you who are interested the latest BRS for the period from April to June shows 10 litters registered with a total of 36 puppies.

Nice to see that there were 9 different stud dogs used this quarter and for 7 of the bitches it was their first litter.

There were 8 Stud Book entries, 1 Champion certificate and 1 Junior Warrant awarded
Just a reminder to all that the Club is holding a judging seminar on Sat 24th Sept at Shenstone. Places are limited so if you fancy learning how to judge MT`s then get in touch.

if you come across any judges at Open shows who look as if they need to learn about the breed then don't be shy and tell them about it too. They can always contact me for details.

Also, Mandy is in need of articles for Highlights so get your pen and paper out and tell us about something interesting that you have done with your MT.

I`m off to Wales later this week, for WKC and also an Agility show there on the Sunday and then on to Melton Mowbray for the BAA finals, so there will be no new notes for a week or so.

If you have any news you would like to be included in these notes then please contact me by phone or email – details below.

Carol Wicker
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Manchester Terrier Breed Notes April 12 2011

Well, once again my apologies for the lateness of these notes - I just don’t know where the time goes. All the puppies went to their new homes at 8 to 9 weeks and have all settled in well. I have kept a girl and one is just as difficult to care for as six. She needs entertainment and training although I must say she is really very good. She just does what the adults do, most of the time.

I have had various disasters, the first of which was a leaking pipe in the kitchen. It had obviously been leaking for a while before it became noticeable and has damaged some of the new kitchen fittings.

Then I went to National Terrier and had a very nice win, but in my excitement I left my show jacket on the bench. I made several enquiries but no-one seemed to know what had happened to it so I was resigned to the fact that I had lost it and all my Manchester Terrier badges. However, the nice people at Our Dogs had it and placed a notice in the paper so I am collecting it from them at Birmingham National as I am not going to Welks.

Last week I disturbed a burglar in my house at about 3am – the dogs slept right through it – some guard dogs they are!!! Anyway, he made off with my laptop and my briefcase with all my French evening class stuff in it. Very inconvenient – all my hard work for most of the year just gone. Sacre bleu!!!

Anyway, on to Club news. We had a reasonably well attended AGM last Saturday with some lively discussions but everyone went home intact with a smile on their face . The post of Assistant Secretary went to Carole Dunford – we wish her well at finding her feet in this role. At the same time thanks must go to Vince Edwards the retiring Asst. Sec for all his hard work over the years. He was presented with a framed photo of his beloved dog Charlie, whom he lost very recently.

There was one change on the Committee – we said goodbye to Pam Stubbington and her place is taken by Judy Thurlow. Once again, thanks to Pam for all her contributions to the Club particularly with agility and Discover Dogs. Hopefully she will continue with the Discover Dogs organisation – being on the Committee is not a requirement for helping promote the breed.

I have received the following news about the Dutch National Terrier Show held every two years from Wilma and Theo van Vessem:-

Dogs: Youth Class:
Corduroy's Knight of Angel (Sire: Bullet v.d. Posthoornwieke Dame: Corduroy's Born to Win)
Owner: P. van Dongen
1 Excellent CAC Best Dog

Dogs: Champion Class:
Brady vom Wolfsgarden (Sire: Kevin Smart Lover vom Lärchenbruch Dame: Dark Dana Duchess von Mainhattan)
Owner: D. Borovnik
1 Excellent reserve CAC

Bitches: Open Class:
Toffy Fee vom Vorgebirge (Sire: But's Charming Ruffians Nobody is Perfect Dame: Olympia vom Vorgebirge)
Owner: C. Kaufer
1 Excellent reserve CAC

Bitches: Youth Class:
X-pected Dine Mites Gladdys (Sire: X-pected Dine Mites Remember Alvin Dame: X-pected Dine Mites O'Samba)
Owner: D. Borovnik
2 Excellent

Corduroy's Kiss of Angel (Sire: Bullet v.d.Posthoornwieke Dame: Corduroy's Born to Win)
Owner: Th. and W. van Vessem
1 excellent CAC Best Bitch BOB

This weekend Ann Harrison and a band of helpers are once again taking part in the St Georges Day parade through the streets of Manchester City centre – they had a brilliant welcome last year and are hoping for a repeat experience this year. If you live in the North West and can get to Manchester contact Ann if you wish to take part or alternatively just turn up to cheer them on their way along the route.

Well, that`s about all for now. If you have any news you would like me to mention in these notes then please get in touch.

Carol Wicker

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Manchester Terrier Breed Notes Sunday 13th February 2011

Hello everyone,

Well, once again my apologies for the lateness of these notes – perhaps a monthly update will have to do for now as I never seem to have any time to spare what with puppies, club paperwork and agility training etc.

Two of our longstanding members have been unwell lately. I spoke to Margaret Clowes recently who is now on the mend having moved house and then suffered a serious bout of the flu. Brenda Beales has just been in hospital to have an operation to have a cyst removed from her brain. The operation went well and she is hoping to go home soon to recover. We all send our best wishes to both of them.

Congratulations to Peter & Ella Eva. Their boy Sophyla Sam Brown was awarded BPIS this weekend at West Mids Terrier. The judge was Steve Dean and the breed Judge was Peter Forshaw.
Janet Palmer had a good day today at Central Cornwall Dog Show. Her Egloshayle Sea Lily got Best of Breed and then Terrier Group 3.

Nicola Jeynes Dodger is coming on with his Agility and has now moved up to Novice level. My Solo did this a couple of weeks ago in Agility, he has been doing Novice at Steeplechase since before Christmas. Sandra Stringer with Turpin (a Rattustrap dog) had some good places at the BAA show last weekend.

Phil Dale has asked me to include the following piece about the virtual dog show being hosted by the Americans
As you are aware the e-black&tan magazine are running a virtual dog show to raise monies for our various charities/worthy causes. I have been asked by the BMTC to be the UK coordinator for the venture. Entries are now open and it is hoped that most payments will be made directly by paypal at the time of entry. However the facility exists for payment to be made by cheque/cash to myself if entrants so wish.

Payments can be made in person at shows etc or sent to me, please no cash by post.
Phil Dale
22, Summercourt Drive
NG15 9FT

Not long now until the Club OpenShow on 26th February where our judge will be Chris Harrison. There is a decent entry and I look forward to seeing you all there. We will have the usual raffle and refreshments provided by Tomlinsons kitchen.

Then it will be Crufts – Terrier Day on Saturday March 12th. I don’t think I will be able to make it this year but wish all of you who are attending Good Luck.

If you have any news you would like to be included in these notes then please contact me by phone or email – details below.

Carol Wicker
01603 449383

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Manchester Terrier Breed Notes Friday 14th January 2011

Hello everyone,

Firstly I would like to apologise for the lateness of these notes but I have not been well, and my bitch gave birth to her first litter of pups a few days early so everything got put to one side. I am pleased to say that she is doing well, but she made my life hell for a few days as she kept me up all night every night for four nights in a row. You can’t imagine how exhausted I felt.

Most of the show results over the Christmas/New Year period will be familiar to you, having been reported elsewhere on the web but there was one result which I did not see mentioned and that was Luton Canine Society Open show in the week after Christmas. I understand that Ella Eva`s new puppy Sophyla Sam Brown not only won best Puppy in Breed but also Best of Breed. He then went on to be placed Puppy Group 2. The breed judge was David Guy but I do not know if he judged the Group or if it was another judge. Reserve Best of Breed was Fitch & Reeve`s Westwych Calico Cadeau.

Some sad news to report – Gill Reeve lost Mimbre Marauder with Harkeats ShCM at the age of just over 10 years – he had been having problems eating for a while and had lost quite a bit of weight but suddenly went downhill and had to be given sleep. Mrs Grant also lost her faithful companion Tyburn Zante at the age of 14 years. Our thoughts are with both of them.

Some dates for your diary in 2011 -Manchester Terriers have been invited to join the St Georges Day Parade in Manchester again. This year it is on Sunday 17th April, and involves a couple of hours walking through the streets of Manchester showing off our dogs to cheering crowds. Victorian Dress is optional - you can always just dress in red and white. We had a great time last year, and would love even more dogs and walkers to take part this year.

We have also had our invitation to the CLA Game Fair which is at Blenheim this year and runs from 22nd - 24th July. We run a Breed Stand in the Terrier Pavilion and have daily 'presentations' in the KC ring. Last year we had about 11 Manchesters of all ages running loose together around the ring without any incidents and all rounded up back to their owners very quickly at the end of the session. A great advert for the breed and temperament generally.

Ann Harrison is the Co-ordinator for both these events and can be contacted at:

Mandy Churms is looking for articles for inclusion in the next edition of Highlights – these must be with her by 21st January at the latest.

Well, I think that`s all for this week except to wish you all a Happy and successful New Year.

Carol Wicker

Manchester Terrier Breed Notes Thursday 23rd December 2010

Hello everyone,

Well, the Arctic weather is still with us but at least there are some show results to report this time.

Starting with LKA, Bitch CC and Best of Breed went to Steel`s Brookstream Blue Lady out of the Junior class. Fiona is a newbie to Manchester Terriers having had Dobermans previously. She was, in her own words, “gobsmacked”. Res Bitch CC was Knight`s Talanors Tomorrows Dreams. Dog CC was Brander`s Ch Churnet Concerto at Menfreya and Res Dog CC Dunford, Akrigg, & Walton `s Quixol Alexander. Best Puppy was Eva `s Sophyla Sam Brown. The judge was Eileen Needham.

At Lincoln Open show Saxton & Dale`s Egloshayle Sea Lily at Rattustrap won BOB and TG1, BPIB and TPG2 was Geraghty`s Mojero Bowmore – the breed judge was Felicity Freer and the Group judge Dr Geoffrey Curr. At Chepstow and District Open show the Hammetts won BPIS with their Digelsa Double Take for Bryedal coming up from the AVNSC classes. They are also newcomers to the breed. The judge was Tony Allcock (Sleepyhollow)
Very sad to learn that Pam Stubbington has lost her Tag, Ch Galchris Princess Leia at Calot who was a multi CC winner – our thoughts are with you and your Mum.

Several mishaps seem to have befallen some of our members lately. Chrissie Bynam has fallen on the ice and fractured her wrist so is unable to write her Christmas cards as she had left them until the last minute but she sends everyone her best wishes. Ella Eva lost her handbag at LKA and has not had it returned and her central heating broke down in this freezing weather as some of the pipes are on the outside of the house. Gladly it has been fixed so they are nice and warm again.

On a good news note, Roger Sjolstad reports that Akira, his MT, is still doing a great job of being foster mum to the Great Dane puppies. He lost the Great Dane bitch just after she whelped and the humans in the family took on the feeding role whilst Akira took over all the other maternal duties. He sent us some photos and a short video.

The pups are nearly as big as Akira now as they are 5 weeks old but she still keeps them in order. What a lovely story for Christmas time – there is a moral there somewhere.

Just a reminder about schedules for the Club Open show if you have not obtained one yet. They were available at the Club show in October, at Midland Counties and at LKA and it is also available online at Fosse Data. If you require a paper copy then please request one from me. The closing date for entries is Thursday 27th January 2011

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Please keep me up to date with all your Manchester news as without your stories there is nothing for me to write.

Carol Wicker

Manchester Terrier Breed Notes  Friday 10th December 2010

Hello everyone, I hope you are all coping ok with this Arctic weather we are having.  Here in the East it has not been too bad, most of the main roads are passable although it is a slippery affair on the side roads.

I would like to thank Beverley O`Neill and her daughter Megan for their contribution to these Notes for the past few months.  Megan now has a new baby girl and has her own flat and Bev, by her own admission, is a complete novice where the computer is concerned, so I have taken over for a while.  I hope you will all send me your news, as without your input, I will have nothing to report.

On the show front, there have not been many results, as the weather has led to the cancellation of many shows, including the Northern Super Pup competition where we were to have been represented by Phil Dale and Estella Saxton with their Egloshayle Sea Sprite at Rattustrap.  I understand it has been postponed until the New Year and any puppies slightly over age will still be allowed to compete.

The Palmers had a good day at Exonian Canine Association Show on 4th December, Rose went BOB & Lily Reserve BOB (sorry but haven`t got their registered names).

Over in Norway, Eaglespur Nelson, the latest addition to Kirsti Kahrs family, won Best of Breed with CC and CACIB at his very first show - The Nordic Winner Show . He also got the title Nordic Winner 2010. There was an entry of 25 Manchesters.

On the Agility front, I have been doing well with my MT`s – I had two shows last weekend with 11 runs and came home with 10 rosettes. In fact Solo (Mimbre Mister Solo) is currently top of the British Agility leagues for Dog of the Year Intro` Medium and Intro` Agility.

There was some negative publicity for the breed in the USA last week when it was claimed that an American Airways flight had to be diverted en route because a “12lb Manchester Terrier escaped from it`s crate and ran amok on the plane biting a stewardess and a passenger”.  At 12lb it is unlikely to be a Standard MT- most probably a Toy or even a Min Pin but the news report had a background photo of a beautiful Standard MT with button ears. Just the sort of thing we don`t need.

Also in the USA last weekend was the Eukanuba 2010 National Championships  and in Standard MTs the Best of Variety was - CH Medley's Muy Caliente At Jetcity RN owned by Lisa Nonog and Best of Opposite was  - CH Augustine's Gin Dew It BNDs belonging to Farrah Wines.

Some sad news from Lesley Norris that her mother died recently. She had been in hospital and they thought she was getting better when she took a turn for the worse.  Our condolences  to Lesley and her family .
Terry Hemsell would like to remind everyone that completed points forms for the annual trophies should be sent to him as soon as possible and before the end of December.

Well, that`s all I have for you this week – good luck to everyone at LKA on Sunday and please drive carefully.

Carol Wicker

Manchester Terrier - Breed Notes 23rd September 2010

AGILITY NEWS.  The UKA had a 3 day show last weekend at Thatcham and MT’s had a very successful time. Chris Garretts Lacinka Liquid Silk (Bee) won, on both consecutive days, the beginners steeplechase and on the last day Chrissie Bynams Lacinka Liquid Gold (Didge) won the steeple chase.  Carol Wicker and Solo won the points needed in the steeple chase to move up to novice.  We also have a new enthusiast who has a Rattustrap dog, Turpin, who did 2 runs in the steeple chase and got 4 very respectable clear rounds giving him 3rd and 2nd places.  Judy Thurlows Gypsy got 3 clear rounds and 2 4th places in the steeple chase and jumping.  While her Ollie also got 2 clear rounds.  Well done to all of you.

Sandra Boards Lacinka Liquid Fire (Flame) came 2nd in the Cani-x race Paws in the Park show handled by her brother as Sandra had hurt her back.  I hadn’t heard of this kind of event before – you have your dog attached to you with a lead and have to get from one point to another in the fastest time to win.  So they must have gone like the clappers!

SHOW NEWS   Christianne Beardrow and Stui went to France, I don’t have the name of the show but he won CAC, CACIB, BOB and was short listed in the terrier group.  Chritanne said she was made very welcome despite not speaking very good French.

Darlington champ show (no CC’s for us) was judged by Paul Eardley and made Mick Oxleys Ch. Digelsa Double Entendre BOB.  BD was the Norris’s Brookstream Louis De Blue with the RBD Leighs Ch. Sophyla Sorcerer of Mansiya and RBB and BP was Dale and Saxtons Egloshayle Sea Sprite of Rattustrap.   The Hemsells Tetani Princess of Darkness was best veteran and made the final cut in the group under Brenda Banbury.  A vunerable breeds parade took place as well with Frank Kane giving a small bit of info on the breeds.  Thanks to those that gave their time for this.

Trevor (Harkeats Intrepid Icon at Gwenkaz) passed his silver KC good citizen award and was handled by Denise.  H was even more pleased because the Luton Dog Wardens received the GOLD award fo the 3rd year running for their stray dog procedures – I know how much hard work you all do so well deserved.

Keith Irwin from Austrailia updated us on the case of Teena the MT.  A court case had been brought against her owner, who’d owned her for 8 years, for cruelty.  He said she’d attacked him but was proved wrong.  Keith would like to thank all those who wrote about the MT’s  chracture in her defence – it paid off and she free of him and living with a new family and he was found guilty and fined $3000 plus court costs. 

The James Wellbeloved magazine featured MT’s this month and is very good I’m told.  I’m looking forward to seeing a copy.

Sad news.  Janet Benton has lost Buffy (Megellan Equinox) a few weeks ago.  Janet is very upset as Buffy was her constant companion.  They did sponsored walks and agility together and were a great team.  I’m very greatful to Janet that she gave Buffy such a loving home as she didn’t have a great start in life and needing a new home.  Thank you again Janet.

Bev O’Neill -

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Manchester Terrier - Breed Notes13th September 2010

Birmingham Ch Show, Winners were:

• BOB – Palmer’s Egloshayle Black Rosewyn Sh Cm
• RBCC – O’Neill’s (My own) Megellan Thunderbird
• DCC – Braybrook’s Gloryline Sir Thomas More
• RDCC – Goodwin’s Digelsa Dionysis
• BP – Dale’s & Saxton’s Egloshayle Sea Sprite at Rattustrap
• The Breeder’s – Dunford’s Quixol’s

Richmond Ch Show, Judged by Alan Small (Bethane)

• BOB – Oxley’s Ch. Digelsa Double Entendre
• DCC – Brander’s Churnet Concerto at Menfreya (Which made him up, well done!)
• RDCC – Leigh’s Ch Sophyla Sorcerer at Mansiya JW Sh. CM
• RBCC – Knight’s Talanors Special Treat
• BP – Palmer’s Egloshayle Sea Lily
• The Breeder’s – Wicker’s Mimbre’s who also went on to win the breeders terrier group, well done!
• Bobby Dale won the junior handling semi-finals – well done Bobby, will keep our fingers crossed for the finals!

The clubs general meeting was held outside, at Birmingham Ch Show, the main item was the K.C exhibition which is to be held in 2012. The Kennel Club is footing almost everything and will be a once in a lifetime chance to see lots of Manchester Terrier items under one roof. Leoni St Claire and ‘H’ have worked extremely hard to make all this possible. There will be two items of real interest which will be loaned from the London Museum. One is an original oil painting at the rat pit in The Blue Anchor Tavern, and the other is a handkerchief that once hung in The Blue Anchor Tavern with details of ‘Tiny the Wonder’ and his rat catching feats. There have been some wonderful items loaned, and will surely be a must see!

It was also decided that the GM should stay at Birmingham and not rotated as in previous years.

There have been two new trophies presented, one is for the K.C Breeder class at the Club Champ Show, and the other is for wins in the breeder class at general champ shows. Val Hart would like to donate a trophy for agility wins, with a points system to be worked out. Maybe the club should look at more as so many members now do agility and are doing extremely well.

In any other business Judy Thurlow wishes to pass the appointment of Cup Steward on for champ shows. It was decided that the cups would be awarded at the AGM exept for Crufts & the Club Show, as it’s so hard to keep track of them.

The Club Seminar will soon be upon us (25th September) if anyone would be interested in attending the morning session, please let Mandy Churms know, as spaces are limited. All places for the judge’s assessment are now filled.

Manchester’s really are getting places frequently and are winning at all kinds of shows in agility. Well done to you all, it’s really good for the breed.

Bev O’Neill –

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Manchester Terrier - Breed Notes1st September 2010

A few things which I left out last time are the wins for the Hemsell dogs. At Alfreton open show on July 11th under Roger Crooks, Tetani Spirit Vision won best AVNS Terrier and Tetani Wizard of Dreams won best AVNC Terrier Puppy and puppy group 1. At Bakewell Show on 3rd August, Tetani Wizard of Dreams won Best Puppy in Breed & PG2. What a great start for the young chap!

At the Welsh K.C Champ Show Peter Bakewell judged and made the Morris’s Ch. Calastoa Ruby Tuesday BOB. RBCC was won by Gill Knights Talanors Special Treat, The DCC was won by Lesley Branders Churnet Concerto at Menfreya and the RDCC was won by Stuart Morris’s Mansiya Word To The Wise at Calastoa. Best Puppy was won by Mr. Tyrell’s bitch pup Larkswing Grand Glider. There’s a few now sitting on 2CC’s, I hope they get their titles very soon!

On 25th August at Mansfield & Dist C S Limit Show, the Hemsell’s Tetani Kesseny Dhu won Best Veteran In Show.

Monmouth Show was held on 26th August, there were no classes for MT’s but Mrs. Foy judged the AV Terrier classes and made Liz Hammetts new puppy bitch, Digelsa Take for Brydel was Best AVNC Terrier Puppy & PG2

Good news, Flump from the Golden Oldie’s website has now got a new home and is doing really well.

Thank you Nicola for sending me information on how the agility shows work!

If anyone has any news please contact me on:

Beverly O’Neill

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Manchester Terrier - Breed Notes August 2010

A very busy month indeed, so I’ll only write a skeleton report.

The fun weekend was held at Witney Rugby Club on 31st July – 1st August. The terrier racing was won by Friday Fitch owned by Fay Fitch.

Pet dog show main winners were:

• BIS – Cocker Spaniel, Abbie
• Res BIS – Afghan Hound, Shaesha
• BP – Norfolk Terrier, Tod
• Best Vet – Lurcher, Bramble
• Best Cross Breed – Jack Russell Cross, Soxx

There was a get-together in the club house in the evening with a quiz, auction and games (see club site for photos).

Sunday was the limit show with Keith Baldwin judging dogs and Barbara Simpson judging bitches.

Limit show winners were:

• BIS & BPIS – Dale and Saxton’s Egloshayle Sea Spute of Rattustrap
• BD & RBIS – Jeynes’s Browdel Black Musketeer
• BVIS – O’Neill’s Alvediston Eclipse at Megellan (5th Year Running)

A huge thank you to everyone who helped make the fun weekend such a success.

Paignton Show Judged by Lesley Brander

• Sh.Cm BOB Palmers Egloshayle Black Rosewyn,
• DCC was Beardow’s Talamors Hellova Treat for Spitowitz.
• RDCC was Cliffton’s Gloryline Henry The Seventh.
• RBCC was Knight’s Talanors Tomorrows Dreams.
• BP was Norris’s Brookstream Louis De Blue

Leeds was judged by Melissa Clifton and her winners were:

• BOB – Norris’s Ch. Brookstream Marcus Banks JW Sh.Cm
• RDCC – Brander’s Churnet Concerto at Menfreya
• BCC – Morris’s Ch. Calastoa Ruby Tuesday
• RBCC – Oxley’s Ch. Digelsa Double Entendre JW Sh.Cm
• BP – Braybrook’s Tudorbrook New Approach
• Best Breeder – Palmer’s Egloshayle’s

Bournemouth was judged by Mrs. C Cartledge and her winners were:

• BOB – Oxley’s Ch. Digelsa Double Entendre JW Sh.Cm
• DCC – Beardow’s Talanors Hellova Treat for Spitowitz
• RBCC – Churms’s Digelsa Dream Maker of Wystry JW Sh.Cm
• RDCC – Morris’s Ch. Calastoa Amber Nectar
• BP – Saxton & Dale’s Egloshayle Sea Spute of Rattustrap

Megan O’Neill –

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30th November 2009

Mansiya Word to the Wise owned by Sarah Leigh,Stewart and Carol Morris won Best Puppy in Breed, best of breed and Reserve Best Puppy In Show today at Manchester Sporting Terrier. The judge was Max King
I went to Sedgley & Gornal Open show, winning best of breed and terrier group 4. Breed judge was Anthony Arundel and Group Judge was Dave Scawthorn standing in for Maureen Broadstock. This is an excellent show, well organised with some lovely rosettes and the famous Gwen Small raffle.

We have news of another Manchester joining the agility circuit. Vicky and Paul Bundys "Sara" is doing well with her first couple of UKagility shows. Her first show was on the 5th September she won 3rd for the beginners steeplechase and a clear round. On the 28th November she won 1st at the beginners steeplechase and a clear round at the nursery agility. Paul and Vicky tell me she is very focused and quick and they have only been training since the beginning of the summer. Vicky and Paul supported the breed at this years Midland Game Fair and are proud owners of their two MT's.

We are still short of announced judges for 2010 championship shows so lets hope we have more announced before the year book cut off date.

Sad news of a 4 year old Manchester Terrier in Shropshire whose owner has died. We are looking for a new home for him.


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15th November 2009

Good news has come in from Bolsover Show today, Gill, Alex & Vicky Reeves new puppy came out for her first show and won best Manchester Terrier Puppy and Best of Breed. Gill tells me Harkeats Imperial Imp went on to win best AV terrier puppy and then went onto win reserve Best Puppy in Show. The judge was Rodney Oldham. Its so good to hear that Gill is back in the show ring again and that the long journey to Newark was worth the trip.

I myself went to the West Midland Terrier Show on Saturday 14th November, where I am an active committee member. We like to pick breed specialists for this show and this year Claire Akrigg gave Best of Breed to Beth Holmes Egloshayle Black Carlin and Best Puppy to Janet and Peter Forshaws Janzin Rock Star. Schedules are out for the February show and entries are available online at Fosse data. Our judge for February 2010 will be Janet Palmer.

A quick reminder that our club magazine Highlights is now available and we have some Calendars left.
I have agreed to produce the Year book for the BMTC for 2010. If you notice any errors in the current book or have had address or phone changes then please let me know.

please forward information for these pages to myself at

Mandy Churms.

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Notes 12th August 2009


It been a busy time of year in the show calendar and Manchesters have continued to be consistent at all levels.

News has come in that Ann Hebb with "Oliver" AKA - CH Sophyla Serling Silver From Bellbrock JW SCM had a smashing Terrier G1 at Bakewell Premier show.

And then came Bournemouth Ch Show with our breed judge Judy Averis A Big Congratulations to Christianna for winning Best Puppy with Stui - Talanors Hellova Treat For Sipowitz, then going into the Puppy group and winning Terrier Puppy G1. Seeing the smile on breeder Gill Knights face was making going to Bournemouth Show even more rewarding.

Congratulations to Sarah Leigh for her first CC in Manchesters with "Darchy” aka Sophyla Sorcerer at Mansiya, which is a very proud and memorable moment for any of us and of course to Mandy Carter for handling him.
A proud moment for Mandy as it was at Bournemouth show 12 months ago that she handled Darchy for the first time.

A big well done to Mick Oxley and “Roxy” aka Ch Digelsa Double Entendre for getting TG4, another great achievement. Nicola Jeynes and Dodger also got a fabulous 2nd place in the Beginners Stakes.

Valerie Hart who owns Izzy (Digelsa Deep Purple) went to their first agility show at the weekend. It was the Orchard Agility Show, held at Littleport. They entered in the grade 1-7 agility and finished overall winner.
As you can imagine, Val is over the moon, they won a huge rosette and a silver plate on a stand.
Congratulations to Val and Izzy.

On a sad note my Primrose (Eaglespur Primrose) got knocked over and killed on Sunday.
As you can imagine we are all very sad here but I would like to thank all those that have sent their thoughts at this time.

Mandy Churms

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Notes 23rd July 2009


The Manchester Terrier world was saddened this week to hear of the passing of Muriel Paulger of the Scarlac affix. All our thoughts go to her family at this time.

I am looking for articles for the Autumn Highlights, please forward any items to me at .

I am particularly keen to have stories about Muriel and any stories about rehoming.

Remember to get your fancy dress costumes ready for the fun weekend on Saturday 1st August.
Let's hope the weather improves for us.

Mandy Churms

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Notes 7th July 2009

Preparations are continuing for the the BMTC fun weekend (1st and 2nd August).

If you still havn't booked in then download the forms from the BMTC website and get them sent off asap.
Janet Palmer is running the raffle and has asked for donations for prizes for both days.

Carol Wicker, our BMTC Secretary, has had two successful Agility weekends, the first at Melton Mowbray with her Solo getting 3 clear rounds and a placing of 22nd out of 111.

Then last weekend at Newark he got 3 clear rounds again and placed 17th out of 83.
Carol tells us that her youngster Chloe is following in his footsteps and showing great promise.

News from Tucker in South Africa, he has won his Canine Good Citizen Award - only one level in SA at present. Well done to him. His story from going out of the country as a young puppy can be read on the BMTC website, and is updated as he sends his news in.

Results from Windsor are in and can be seen on the results section of Terrier World. Well done to all the winners.

We have Leeds to look forward to next, hope to see you all there, come and say hello.

Mandy Churms

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Notes 26th June 2009

Blackpool Championship Show was held today, 26th June 2009.

Best of Breed went to Stuart Morris and his Calastoa Ruby Tuesday.

Judging was consistent with all but one of the first place winners being sired by similair lines.
Our judge for the day was Nigel Norris. He had an entry of 10 dogs and 13 bitches to make his choice.

Online entries are now available for the West Midland Terrier Society open show on the 14th November 2009.

Our judge is Breed Specialist - Claire Akrigg

Bev O'Neill tells me that she currently has three male dogs in need of rehoming.
2 are five years and one is 7 years.

Mandy Churms

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Notes 7th June 2009

West Midland Terrier Society held a Breed Specific Seminar & assessment on the Manchester Terrier. It was run in association with The British Manchester Terrier Club. The whole event went really well and feedback was very positive.

Both Committees would like to thank all those that helped out and supported the event.

Mandy Churms

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Notes 7th April 2009

National Terrier saw Mrs Kay Aspin judge the Breed. She made Ch Brookstream Marcus Banks JW ShCM Best of Breed
and Mick & Stacey Oxleys Ch Digelsa Double Entendre JW ShCM the bitch CC winner.

The Res dog CC went to Ken & Ella Broxups Ch Digelsa Dig Deep at Brockenella JW ShCM and the Res Bitch CC
went to Pam Stubbingtons Ch Calot Haja. Pam stated that She had not shown her for a good while and was pleased with her win.

It was great to see Lesley Brander with her New Puppy Churnet Concerto at Menfreya, going on to get Best MT Puppy.

National Terrier held the TERRIER OPEN SHOW OF THE YEAR. This year being judged by Roger Wright. This is when every Best in Show winner at a Group Terrier Show gets an invite to attend the prestigious event. Mick had won his BIS at Sporting Terrier of Yorkshire in February 2008, under the late Bryn Cadogan, I am sure he would have been suitably touched by Mick and Roxys win.

Janet Palmer told us that at St Agnes Canine Association Tan (Egoshayle Tangleberry) went BPIB & Terrier Puppy Group 2, she is only just 6 months and it was oly her 2nd show. Amanda Carter also went BOB & Group 2 with Sophyla Sorcerer at Mansiya.

Mandy Churms

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Notes 24th March 2009

The British Manchester Terrier Health survey has now been sent out. Please return your replies as soon as possible, we are promoting a 100 percent reply.

I would also like to remind people to support the West Midland Terrier Society seminar on Manchester Terriers. It is a chance to learn about the breed and get up and close to the dogs.

Details are available on the wmts website.


Shenstone Village Hall Shenstone, Lichfield Staffordshire WS14 0LT

Sunday 29th March 2009 10.30am

Mandy Churms

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Notes 9th March 2009

Discover dogs at Crufts proved a great hit for all that came to see. Gil Knight and myself spent a healthy 3 hours on Wednesday afternoon getting the booth ready.

We would like to thank all those that spent time supporting the booth. Handlers, dogs, owners and supporters alike.

The full crufts critque can be read on the results section of Terrier World but what a fantastic day for the winners. Our Judge Mike West deliberated thoughtfully over the dogs. Even changing his mind after the line up was chosen. This is a judges perogative after all, and keeps the stewards on their toes.

The breed stand by the ring side was fairly quiet compared to previous years.

Just a reminder that Spring Highlights is now available, please e mail me for a copy also remember to book your place on the West Midland Terrier Society breed seminar.

Sue Pinkham has schedules available for Coventry & District Kennel Association (17th May 2009), Mr H Hockley will be the breed judge and Mrs G Reeve is doing the Terrrier Group. Please try to support Sue as she is a keen supporter of the breed and a BMTC member.

Mandy Churms

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Notes 22nd February 2009

The BMTC held it Open show on the 21st February 2009 at Markfield in Leicestershire. Our judge for the day was Mrs DELIA HEMSELL. She had a very respectable entry from which her principle winners were:

BOB - Ch Digelsa Double Entendre

Reserve BOB - Ch Brookstream Marcus Banks

Best Puppy - Harkeats Her Highness

The Spring edition of Highlights is now available so please book your copy early, we sold out this time last year.
Gil Knight informs us that all months for next years calendar have been booked.

Hope you are all looking forward to Crufts 2009

Mandy Churms
Manchester Terriers

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Notes 5th February 2009

I Will try and keep news running more prompt this year.

1) Gil Knight is putting the 2010 calendar together and has asked BMTC members to thnk about sponsoring a month. Please send any requests to her directly. She has 9 months already booked so interest is keen.

2) I still have a few 2009 calendars for sale. I will take them to the club show if you wish to purchase one, alternatively please send a cheque for £6.00.

3) West Midland Terrier Society is hosting a Manchester Terrier Breed Seminar in Association with the BMTC. It will take place at Shenstone Village Hall on the Sunday 7th June. More details will be available soon, please check out the WMTS website.

4) There are still a few test kits for vWD (Type 1) available from Ray Dunford at a price of £55 this price will only be for a short time.
The BMTC is encouraging DNA testing at this time.

5) Keep a look out for the forthcoming Manchester Terrier health survey, the breed needs a good response to prove we are a healthy breed.

6) the BMTC fun weekend has been confirmed as the first weekend in August. Again check out the BMTC website for more details as they come available.

7) The BMTC club open show will be having its Open show 21st February. If you are interested in seeing the breed you will be made welcome.

8) BMTC Membership is now due, no reminders are sent , if you have not paid please contact Ann Harrison.

9) Please remember to look at your recent newsletter and try and attendthis years AGM.

Mandy (now Mandy Churms)

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NOTES 7th July 2008

Results from the world show are hot off the press, it looks like we have the first British home bred International Champion to congratulate, in Gill andClive Knights CH/INT CH. Talanors Trick N Treat. She has 6 CC's here plus 2 equivalent CACIB's in Belgium and has gained her Crown today in Sweden with another one.Winning the Champions class on Wednesday at the speciality and then the Champions class again today with Best of Breed at the World Show proper. Fantastic news and congratulations to Gill and Clive and of course Tia.
Congratulations also go out to Tucker and Barbara Simpson in South Africa, he has also become a champion this week. .

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NOTES 30th JUNE 2008

The Manchester Terrier Breed rescue will now be co ordinated by by Mrs Ella Eva.
There are also regional support workers but initial contact should be made with Mrs Eva.
She can be contacted on 01628 634955

Final days are looming for entries to the BMTC limit show in August. Entry forms can be downloaded from the BMTC website. .

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NOTES 6 MAY 2008

The British Manchester Terrier club have anounced that the new breed rescue
member is Chris Bynam in Southampton.
She can be contacted on 02380 233146. She will be supported by members from
around the UK with close proximity to the dog/rehomer involved.
Good news from Germany, Steffi Tiemann and her MT bitch Black Bandits
Chilly) grabbed 2nd place at the finals of the national agility trials in
Dortmund. They have secured themselves a place in the German national
agility team as one of three medium teams. ( other two are Shetlands).
Chilly was bred by Andrea Barkowski
They will be running for Germany in Helsinki, Finland in September this year
for titles at the World agility championship.
The BMTC is also keen to hear from Manchester Terrier owners around the
world to launch the new international news page. Please email

News from a recently rehomed Manchester by the name of Dodger. He is three
years old and his owner is keen to train him for agility. Watch this space
for his progress.

There is a booking form available on the BMTC website for the forthcoming
funday on the 2nd and 3rd August, all are welcome and a schedule of events
will follow. .

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The British Manchester Terrier Club held its AGM on Saturday 23rd March.

A fond farewell was said to Mrs Janet Benton our secretary. She is replaced
by Ms Carol Wicker.

The British Manchester Terrier Club held its AGM on Saturday 23rd March.

After the meeting the membership sat down and had an informal chat about
breeding in general and was well received. Mrs Enid Teague Knight was in
attendance and made many members giggle with some of her stories.
Discussion around feeding and breed numbers were some of the topics

The BMTC funday has been confirmed for the weekend of 2/3rd August 2008.

At The Great Yarmouth, Gorlston and District Canine Society held on 24th
March 2008 Mrs Faye Fitch won Best of Breed with Wystwytch Calico Cadeau.
The judge was Elenor Bothwell. She went on to win terrier group 4 under
Mr Alan Small.

Manchester & District Sporting Terrier Club are putting on three classes
for Manchester Terriers. 27th April 2008. The judge is Rebecca Barber.

Mandy McFadden


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