Irish Terrier Association Open Show 2008

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Irish Terrier Association Open show 2008

Treharris & District Canine Society 2008

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The North Midlands Scottish Terrier Club Open Nov 08


Roade, 14th September 2008

The Irish Terrier Association held a very enjoyable and well supported Open Show, with lots of new exhibitors and keen enthusiasm which should augur well for the ongoing success of the breed. I was particularly satisfied with the sporting ways each of my decisions were accepted, and in some cases there was a very fine margin between exhibits, which I am certain could change on another day.

Spec. Newcomers D (3.1)

1. Rowlands Holbam Aoife. Nice headed young dog, good shape and outline, coat coming on well, outgoing and active sort and full of confidence.

2. Thomson & Herbert’s Big Red. Needs more attention to trimming and presentation, but when found the right pace to move out, strode out well and with good drive.

MPD (2.1)

1. Big Red.

PD (2.1)

1. Symonds Gabledown Quinten. Nice size and pleasing body shape, well proportioned, head coming on well, just needs body to fill out with maturity, still a little loose in front movement. BPD.

JD (2)

1. Seabridge’s Kerrykeel Wounded Knee at Sujoncia. Well bodied and of nice size for age, strong head with dark well set eye, neat ears, moved freely.

2. Dunseith’s Kerrykeel Michael at Hoohah. Top size, good head with good bite, well set ears, good expression, clean front and outline.

ND (2.1)

1. G Quinten.

PGD (6)

1. Hodson’s Collingham Ciaren. Nice type and good overall balance, but not always helping handler, tended to fly ears at times, which tended to spoil expression, but did settle to task, moved with purpose.

2. Symonds’ Gabledown Rustler. Carrying too much weight for me, but in excellent coat.

3. Attwell’s Montelle Mr Sandman at Xanwill.

LD (6)

1. Anderson’s Kerrykeel Ronan. Appealing young dog, lively and wiry in appearance, high ear carriage, strong head, well laid shoulders, racy outline, keen on the move. Res Best Dog.

2. Seabridge’s Sujoncia Sinte Galeshka. One I have judged and admired previously, impressed with coat and condition, but preferred head of 1 today.

3. Bradley’s Brilliant Mr Sirius at Montelle.

OD (3.1)

1. Seabridge’s Ch Balengro Tben Tainte at Sujoncia. Worthy champion, up to size but all in balance and proportion, pleasing to go over, in super coat, handled and moved well. Best Dog, RBIS.

2. Lovelace’s Brazan Slippery Jack. Good type throughout, would prefer stronger rear angulation to improve balance.

Spec Newcomers B (3.1)

1. Wellings Allatsea Pure Gold. Nice body shape, expression marred by one erect ear, moved free.

2. George’s Balirolyat Pretty in Pink. Heavier type all over, and need more trimming to present better outline.

MPB (3)

1. Brown’s Sujoncia Ochinee. Handler new to showing and did not let his charge down, although had to work hard at times, nice type.

2. Rhodes’ Ghyllslap Sunshine. Strong head, powerful jaw, well set ears, neck sloping well into good body.

3. Symonds’ Gabledown Forget Me Not.

PB (4.1)

1. Wooding’s Woodraith Golden Buttercup. Would prefer cleaner head with more trimming on cheeks to balance head better, but type could not be denied, free and true mover. Best Puppy.

2. Ruffles’ Rufmar Bronzed Ballerina. Nice type developing, just not the outline and shape of 1 as yet.

3. A Pure Gold.

JB (3.1)

1. Bower’s Wishes in the Wind. One for the future, really nice size and shape, feminine in appearance yet with good muscle, well angulated, with well set tail, just needed to believe in herself more to get the best out of her.

2. Dunseith’s Kerrykeel Caoimhe. Larger type throughout, in good jacket and condition.

NB (1)

1. B Pretty in Pink.

PGB (4.2)

1. Rhodes’ Kilcavan Peaseblossom at Ghyllsllap. Won class on better coat and colour and overall balance, tended to fly ears.

2. Looker’s Frostrow First Light. Good expression, moving a little close behind.

LB (5.1)

1. Bradley’s Montelle She’s a Lady. Good clean front, typical head, well placed shoulders, sound throughout, but bit of a handful at times.

2. Wooding’s Sujoncia White Horse. In good coat, head trimming could be improved slightly to improve expression and appearance, strode out well.

3. Nevill’s Myscharrma Lady Roseinna.

OB (3)

1. Lovelace’s Brazan Segfield. Nicely balance presenting very attractive picture, grace and strength combination, super balance, correct coat texture, moved true. Best Bitch and BIS.

2. Barker’s Irvonhill Mojito. Pretty bitch but would prefer more all round, in good coat. Res Best Bitch.

3. Anderson’s Kerrykeel Orlaith.

VB (4)

1. Nevill’s M Lady Roseinna. 8.1/2 years and appears to be in good condition, active and wiry, good feet, moved free.

2. Looker’s Edbrios Bernies Love. 8 years, showing signs of age with a little too much weight.

3. Marper’s Pinley Green May Lady.

AV Stakes. (22.9)

1. Wishes in the Wind.

Max King (Judge)