Treharris & District Canine Society 2008

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Irish Terrier Association Open show 2008

Treharris & District Canine Society 2008

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Treharris & District Canine Society
Abercynon, 177 Class Open Show, 20th September 2008

A well supported and well run 177 Class Open Show with 489 Entries with some top exhibits on show. A very good line for the BIS resulted in a win for Powell, Medcraft & Samuels’ Ch Veltuds Conspiracy, a really outgoing and sound :Pomeranian with excellent double coat and free movement, Res BIS went to Stephens’ Lewemma New Yorker at Brightmeadow, GSD. I awarded BPIS to Cowton’s Lawleymoon Yogo Saphire at Aamurusko, clean cut young Whippet with that right blend of grace and power developing, RBPIS went to Marlow’s Cathjabull Jerico Junior, Bulldog.


P (3.1)

1. Bac & Holmes’ Egloshayle Black Carlyn. Manchester, 10mths. Good basic shape, clean outline, straight front, still a bit playful at this age, hope he does not grow any more.

2. Bradley’s Robonajakona Dyshadow. Norfolk.

O (2)

1. Salmon’s Windygap Blue Moon. Kerry. Striking in appearance, stood confident and four square, short coupled and deep chested, in best of coats, smart dog throughout.

2. Mason’s Glehnafod Red Dragon. Norwich.

AV Terr:

P (6.2)

1. Clark’s Pendevour Pheeltherythm. Cesky. 10mths, Good head developing on strong neck, yet retaining grace and balance, lots of potential, free movement, should do well.

2. Jones’ Neelan Whizz Bang. PRT.

3. Shaw’s Early Valentine. Border.

O (6.2)

1. Jones’ Tommarv Scarlet Ribbons. Sealyham. Good body shape, nice size, good head with well set ears, positive overall virtues.

2. Antonio’s Blaze Yer Lad at Antoniostaff. SBT.

3. Jones’ Tommarv Just Joseph. Sealyham.

Terr Group:

1. Bradley’s Aman G I Jane. Welsh. Very smart appearance, nice size, in super coat and first class presentation.

2. W Blue Moon, Kerry.

3. Evan’s Dancing Diva of Pendevour. Cesky.

4. Jones’ Tommarv Ruby Sunday. Sealyham.

Terr Puppy Group:

1. Jones & Whelan’s Maxsta Hot Shot. SBT. Excelled in head for one so young.

2. P Pheeltherythm. Cesky. 3. Nixon’s Gonetoground Lady Hamilton. PRT. 4. Phillips’ Aurgwen Alyth. Border.

AV Puppy Stakes (24.12)

1. Skivington’s Roqfolly Cha Cha at Ajatiaza. English Springer Spaniel.

2. P Pheeltherythm. Cesky.

3. Williams’ Clentview Cariad Sancana.

CKCS. O Stakes (34.16)

1. Hollifield’s Westavon Gwyn the Cwm at Richearon. Pug.

2. Dovey & Pentland’s Karabas Likande Letta at Sturtmoor. Estrella.

3.Jones’ Tommarv Ruby Sunday. Sealyham.

Vet Stakes (14.3)

1. Hole’s Catsun Queens English. Puli.

2. Douglas & Banks’ Torrabbi Hint of Magic. Golden Ret.

3. T Scarlet Ribbons. Sealyham.

Max King (Judge)