Romsey And District CS 03-05-08

Irish Terrier Association Open show 2008

Treharris & District Canine Society 2008

Manchester & District Sporting Terrier Club Nov 08

The North Midlands Scottish Terrier Club Open Nov 08



Border Terriers

Special Yearling (3, 0 abs)
1 Freivokh's Dugaden Dilemma at Artwork, built on racier lines, well proportioned, deep and narrow through body, with ribs carried well back. Good mouth. Shown in decent harsh jacket. Well angulated front and rear, producing free, active movement. Still needs to strengthen a little across the loin. PB and RBOB, a pity she didn't stay for the Group.
2 Smith's Ottaswell Rigoletto
3 Stone's Groomwell Bluestar

Post Grad (1,0)
1 Butler's Arizcrow Sergeant at Arms, Nice head, with good dark eye and correct mouth. Straight front, well boned right down to his feet, standing on good thick pads. Decent length of body, but tail a little low set, making his topline appear slightly roached and his quarters a little over-angulated for me. BOS

Open (2,0)
1 Harris' Penlumeg Pendant, Nice for size, in good coat and thick-skinned. Feminine head without being weak, nice balance and with strong muzzle. Well ribbed up, holding a good topline standing and on the move. Moved true from all directions, was BOB on her overall balance, and G3.
2 Arizcrow Sergeant at Arms

Norfolk Terriers

I was a little disconcerted to discover that incorrect mouths seemed to be the norm, rather than the exception, in this entry. I do hope this isn't representative of the breed as a whole, as there were small teeth, misaligned incisors, level bites, and in one case, undershot.

Spec Y'ling (5.1)
1 Smith's Hatchwoods Smokescreen, compact, well proportioned, with short back and level topline. Well laid shoulder and muscled quarters, good driving movement. Well ribbed up. Shown in decent hard coat.
2 Inman's Southpoint Free Spirit
3 Stones' Cerasus Super Trooper, BP and PG3.

Post Grad ((1.0)
1 Howard's Hatchwoods Fireworks, good for size and of balanced proportions. Feminine head with keen expression. Cobby and compact, holding a good topline standing and on the move. Moved with drive. RBOB

Open (6,2)
1 Inman's Hoathnor Henry James Bean, a veteran, but other than missing incisors, this lad wasn't showing his age. Well made, short strong back, good lay-back of shoulder and well muscled quarters. In hard coat. Free, driving movement, keeping a level topline. BOB and G4
2 Smith's Richell Cognac Diamond
3 Howard's Hatchwoods Flash Gordon

AV Terrier NSC

Spec Y'ling (5,3)
1 Chapman's Foxwarren Boy Otto (PRT) Sound honest dog, balanced, with good head proportions, well set ears and keen expression. Free active mover.
2 Dobell's Kelticbright Bluebelle, (Scottish T) BPNSC and PG1

Post Grad (2,1)
1 Dobell's Charlie at Kelticbright (ScottishT) carrying a bit too much condition for me, and not at his most co-operative today. Good level topline, with strength through loin, when he settled, moved OK

Open (5,1)
1 Miller's Feorlig Something Wicked (Skye) beautifully proportioned with powerful but feminine head, strong jaw, good mouth. Lovely length of neck, leading into well laid shoulder. Long,level back, ribs carried well back, and powerful quarters. Free, effortless mover, but in the Group challenge, just lost her topline a fraction, G2
2 Walker's Beaureveur Firecracker (Scottish T)
3 Chapman's Foxwarren Tomass (PRT)

AV Terrier

Spec Y'Ling (1,0)
1 H Smokescreen (Norfolk)

Post Grad (1,0)
1 A. Sergeant at Arms (Border)

Open (4,2)
1 A Sergeant at arms (Border)
2 R Cognac Diamond (Norfolk)

Terrier Group

1 Collier's Mollora Little Rosie (Bedlington) beautifully made, in first-class coat and condition, moved well
2 Feorlig Something Wicked (Skye)
3 Penlumeg Pendant (Border)
4 Hoathnor Henry James Bean (Norfolk)

Puppy Group

1 Kelticbright Bluebelle (Scottish) lovely head, good length of neck and well-proportioned body. Kept a level topline and moved true
2 Fielding's Seaofiron Here It Comes (Bedlington) good make and shape, but movement rather erratic, going a little close behind
3 Cerasus Super Trooper (Norfolk)

Viv Rainsbury (Judge)