Kerry Blue Darlington 2008 Judge's Critique

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Crufts 2008

National Terrier 2008

KBTA CH Show 2008

KBTA CH 2008 Judge

Birmingham National 200
Birmingham National Judge 08

The Scottish Kennel Club 2008
The Scottish Kennel Club Judge 08

Bath 2008
Bath 2008 Judge

Southern Counties 2008

KBTC Of England Ch Show 2008

Three Counties 2008
Three Counties 2008 Judge

Blackpool 2008

South Wales 2008
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Paignton 2008

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Welsh Kennel Club 2008
Welsh Kennel Club 2008 Judge

Richmond 2008

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Belfast 2008
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NKBTC Ch Show 2008

KBTC Of E Open Show Nov 08
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LKA 2008
LKA 2008 Judge


Judge: Mrs Jill Peak

Best Dog : RAMSAY Mr R Torum's Lemracdream Rainbow George
Res Best Dog : DALE, Miss M & COOPER Mr S SU Ch DK Ch Rollick's Fool For Fame (shcm)
Best Bitch : AVERIS, Mr J & SCAWTHORN Mr D Int Ch Sharp N Shocking Of Irisblu
Res Best Bitch : PEACOCK Mr L & Mrs S Cranmoss Millie
Best Puppy : DAVANI Ms C Stanstead Shakin Stevens At Kebulak
Best Veteran :
BEST OF BREED : AVERIS, Mr J & SCAWTHORN Mr D Int Ch Sharp N Shocking Of Irisblu


BOB Int Ch Sharp N Shocking Of Irisblu
BOB Int Ch Sharp N Shocking Of Irisblu



V (0).

PD (1)

1 Davani’s Stanstead Shakin Stevens at Kebulak, 8 months male, up to size, nice type, pleasing head & expression, good underjaw, clean neck, good shoulders, nice bone, good body, went well. BP.

JD (0).

PGD (1) A.

OD (4)

1 Ramsay’s Torum’s Lemracdream Rainbow George, good type, in good coat & condition, nice head proportions, good expression, lovely neck, body & outline, good topline & quarters, moved soundly. BD;

2 Dale & Cooper’s Su/Dan Ch Rollick’s Fool For Fame, pleasing head & expression, nice dark eye, good bone, nice body. A touch long in loin. Good quarters & went well. RBD;

3 Wilkinson’s Cranmoss Fergal.

PB (2)

1 Netherwood & Main’s Nedavir Caitlin, 9 months, pleasing head, lovely small eye, good neck & front assembly, nice tight elbows, strong body, good outline, went soundly;

2 Ford & McMurray’s Arigna Anything Goes at Kanjuley, 10 months, nice eye, good pigment. Bit straight in shoulder. Nice body, good ribbing. Moved touch close behind.

JB (2,1)

1 Davani’s Edbrios Vanity Fair, pleasing type, good head proportions, nice eye & pigment, good neck & front assembly, nice bone, legs & feet, good body & topline, went well.

PGB (2)

1 Peacock’s Cranmoss Millie, very nice type, in good coat & condition, good head & eye, nice neck, good body & balance, strong quarters, good set-on, moved soundly. RBB;

2 Connolly & Donnelly’s Arkama No Angel, would like a longer leaner head & better front assembly. Good ribbing & quarters, good topline held on the move.

OB (3,2)

1 Averis & Scawthorn’s Int Ch Sharp N Shocking of Irisblu, excels in quality & type, lovely head, well balanced, good reachy neck, excellent shoulders & front assembly, good bone, legs & feet, good body & outline, strong quarters, moved soundly, in excellent coat & condition. BOB.




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