Kerry Blue Welsh KC 2008 Judge's Critique

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Crufts 2008

National Terrier 2008

KBTA CH Show 2008

KBTA CH 2008 Judge

Birmingham National 200
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The Scottish Kennel Club 2008
The Scottish Kennel Club Judge 08

Bath 2008
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Southern Counties 2008

KBTC Of England Ch Show 2008

Three Counties 2008
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Blackpool 2008

South Wales 2008
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KBTC Of E Open Show Nov 08
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LKA 2008
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Welsh Kennel Club 2008

Kerry Blue Terrier

Judge: Mr B Browne-Cole

Dog CC : MUNRO Ms P It Ch Arkama True Grit
Res Dog CC : NETHERWOOD, Mr P J & MAIN Miss J K Nedavir Notorious
Bitch CC : DAVIES Mr P R Perrisblu Kennislains Chelsey
Res Bitch CC : WALKER Mr P J Naughty But Nice At Kopykats
Best Puppy : DAVIES Mr P R Perrisblu Kennislains Chelsey
Best Veteran :
BEST OF BREED : DAVIES Mr P R Perrisblu Kennislains Chelsey


DCC It Ch Arkama True Grit-----------------------BCC & BOB Perrisblu Kennislains Chelsey
DCC It Ch Arkama True Grit-----------------------BCC & BOB Perrisblu Kennislains Chelsey




MPD (0).

PD (1)

1 Pinfold’s Cyres Master Craftsman, quality puppy, excellent bite, lovely dark eye, level back, should do very well.

JD (0).

PGD (1) A.

LD (4,1a)

1 Netherwood & Main’s Nedavir Notorious, stunning dog who I have had the pleasure of judging before. Gorgeous head & eye. Did not move so well. RCC;

2 Ward’s Rimbert Phantom Menace, pleasing head, good depth to body, moved freely;

3 Davies’ Galwaydream Silver Star.

OD (7,2)

1 Munro’s Ch Arkama True Grit, excellent head shape, long & clean, small dark eye, well placed ears, reachy neck. Far too much hair left over withers. Best of toplines, great legs & feet, covered ground so well. CC;

2 Dale & Cooper’s Sw/Dan Ch Rollick’s Fool For Fame, very good body shape, sound mover. Didn’t put all in;

3 Clarke-O’Neill’s Lemracdream Banaek.

MPB (1)

1 Ford & McMurray’s Arigna Anything Goes at Kanjuley, very promising youngster, good body shape. Ears need to settle.

PB (2)

1 Davies’ Perrisblu Kennislains Chelsey, quality bitch, destined for the top. Lovely head & eye, well placed ears, correct bite, good lay of shoulder, short level back, pleasure to watch her move. BP, CC & BOB;

2 Pinfold’s Cyres Glamorous, balanced head. Ears need to settle. Good front & rear, moved with drive.

JB (1) 1

Laing’s Kennislains India, long clean head, dark eye, ample neck, short level back. Just needs to settle to do well.

PGB (5,1)

1 Peacock’s Cranmoss Millie, pleasing head, super body shape, level topline, plenty behind tail, moved freely;

2 Innes’ Lunabrook Lucky Penny, typy head. Would prefer more lift in ears. Well sprung ribs, moved steadily;

3 Linsdell’s Lunabrook Pennylane.

LB (2)

1 Salmon’s Windygap Blue Moon, good length to head, excellent neck & shoulders, good bone, legs & feet, moved true;

2 Dale & Cooper’s Kamaghan Ona Mission for Lynnsto, small dark eye. Not head of 1. Level topline, moved very well.

OB (5,2)

1 Walker’s Naughty But Nice at Kopykats, quality bitch, excelled in reach & drive. RCC;

2 Whitehead & Davani’s Stanstead Mai Tai at Kebulak, quality bitch, in superb coat & condition. Just lost out in reach to 1;

3 Wilkinson’s Cranmoss Fizzy Lizzy.


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