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Judge: Mrs G A Ford

Dog CC : 298 RAMSAY Mr R Torum's Lemracdream Rainbow George
Res Dog CC : 301 WALTERS Ms C Kenmileven First Class For Kamaghan
Bitch CC : 276 AVERIS, Mr J & SCAWTHORN Mr D Int Ch Sharp n' Shocking Of Irisblu
Res Bitch CC : 294 O'BRIEN, Mr P & O'BRIEN, Mr E & POULOVA Ms J Dalstar Boney M By Edbrios
Best Puppy : 303 WALTERS Ms C Kamaghan Diva
Best Veteran :
BEST OF BREED : 276 AVERIS, Mr J & SCAWTHORN Mr D Int Ch Sharp n' Shocking Of Irisblu


Puppy dog (4) (0)

1. Dale & Cooper’s Kamaghan Ace Lynnsto. 71/2 month pup – mature for age. Nice head, neck and shoulder, well sprung rib and short loin. Good topline and tailset – moved well.
2. Lister’s Maebryn Blue Fir. Smaller dog but well balanced and constructed. Good head and good coat. Moved soundly.
3. Davani’s Maximillian at Kebulak.

Junior dog (1) (0)

1. Pinfold’s Cyres Master Craftsman. Well made young dog of good size. Nice neck, shoulder, topline and tailset. Head could be a fraction leaner but balanced and masculine. Excellent coat texture. Movement a bit erratic on the day but basically sound.

Post Graduate Dog (1) (0)

1. Deen's Kamaghan King of Swing at Maebryn. Good head neck and shoulder, well sprung ribs and well ribbed back so short coupled. Very nice coat and colour. A sound honest dog.

Limit dog (2) (0)

1. Walter’s Kenmilleven First Class for Kamaghan. Very well balanced and constructed. Lean head, good neck into well laid back shoulder, level topline and good tailset. Excellent coat and colour. Moved well. Res CC.
2. Netherwood & Main’s Nedavir Notorious. A very impressive dog, a size bigger than the first. Good head, well sprung ribs and a super back end which he used well but did not hold his topline on the move. Still very dark though colour starting to come through.

Open dog (5) (0)

1. Ramsey’s Torum’s Lemracdream Rainbow George. Balanced head, good neck, well laid shoulder. Good topline and excellent tailset with plenty of dog behind it. His excellent drive at the back was matched by extension at the front. Nice size and a good colour. A pleasure to award him the CC
2. Cusack, O’Brien & Poulova’s Ir Ch Edbrios Marco Polo. Another lovely dog – a size bigger than first but well balanced and well made throughout. Lovely colour and moved well but not with quite the drive of the winner.
3. Carvey & Davani’s Arkama Pinball Wizard at Philwyre

Puppy bitch (2) (0)

1. Walter’s Kamaghan Diva. Very promising pup with lovely head, neck, shoulder and topline. Good quarters and straight front. Moved nicely BPIB.
2. Deen’s Maebryn Silver Fir. Another promising pup. Very similar to 1 and most of the same comments apply – just preferred the topline of the winner.

Junior bitch (3) (0)

1. O’Brien, O’Brien & Poulova’s Dalstar Boney M by Edbrios. Lovely young bitch with the best of heads. Reachy neck into well laid back shoulder and good spring and depth of rib. Short coupled and excellent tailset and rear end. Does not need to grow any more but very feminine. Moved well. Coat texture good and colour coming. Res CC.
2. Pinfold’s Cyres Glamorous. Sound and balanced throughout. Plenty of bone and substance without coarseness. Moved well when she settled.

3. Davani’s Kerrydom Court Keeley at Kebulak.

Postgraduate bitch (5) (1)

1. Lindsell’s Lunabrook Pennylane. Feminine head, good neck, shoulder, topline and tailset. Good colour and moved well. Very pretty and typical.
2. Somer’s & Reynold’s Dogazzas Modus Operandi. Good head, neck shoulders and topline. Well sprung ribs and well developed quarters used to good effect on the move – the best mover in the class. Lovely coat texture. Just slightly long in the loin at present.
3. Innes’s Lunabrook Lucky Penny

Limit bitch (4) (1)

1. Walter’s Kamaghan Mighty Aphrodite. Well balanced, short coupled bitch with feminine head and good neck and shoulder. Good body and topline. Would prefer a little more behind the tail.
2. Deen’s Kamaghan Good Looker at Maebryn Another feminine bitch very similar in type to 1. Nice coat and colour. A little wide in front coming towards.
3. Wilkinson’s Cranmoss Bronty

Open bitch (2) (0)

1. Averis & Scawthorn’s Int Ch Sharp n’Shocking at Irisblu Judged this girl as a pup and loved her then and she has certainly lived up to expectations. Well made all through and her structure is reflected in her excellent movement and the whole topped off by a beautiful silky blue coat. CC BOB and Group 1 Congratulations.
2. Salmons Windygap Blue Moon. Different type but still feminine. Good head, shoulders and body. Well muscled quarters and good topline and tailset. Carrying a lot of coat which did not help her outline. Moved soundly.

Gill Ford (Judge)


Judge: Mrs G A Ford

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